Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 77


Chapter 77: The Sound of Beast Taming, High-rank Spiritual Weapon!

“Kill my people?”

Hearing Ning Tian’s indifferent words, a cold wind blew, making Ye Leng shiver.

He gritted his teeth, pointing to the corpses of the Beast Taming Gate disciples around him, and looked at Ning Tian coldly. “Did you kill all of them?”

“Don’t worry; you will soon follow them.”

Ning Tian spoke slowly, with an indifferent expression.


Ye Leng sneered with disdain. At this time, he also sensed Ning Tian’s strength—it couldn’t exceed the three-star level of the Earth King realm!

He, however, was at the five-star strength of the Earth King realm!

Ye Leng looked up at the sky, where the clouds had scattered and the full moon hung high.

Apparently, there would be a long time without the phenomenon of clouds covering the moon!

“Kid, even the heavens are not on your side now. Let’s see how you sneak around and kill in the dark!”

Without the clouds to cover the moon, Ye Leng suddenly felt much more confident.

He believed that this guy only managed to kill so many of them in such a short time by relying on the cover of darkness, launching surprise attacks while they couldn’t see clearly.

In a direct fight, Ye Leng was absolutely confident!

The next moment, not intending to give Ning Tian any chance, Ye Leng unleashed a powerful burst of spiritual qi from within his body.

Then, his body turned into a shadow and bolted towards Ning Tian.


“Kid, you can go to die now!”

The killing intent swirled in Ye Leng’s eyes as bursts of red light flickered on his fist, exuding the intent of a brutal strike!

High-grade Xuan-level martial art, Explosive Kill Fist!


With the sound of air being torn, the fist’s intent condensed and seemed to shred the very air!

Seeing this, Ning Tian just stood in place, as if he was deliberately waiting for him to come over, his eyes showed no fear, and he wore a confident smile on his lips.

At this sight, Ye Leng’s heart skipped a beat.

Why isn’t this kid dodging?

But at this time, with the punch already thrown, there was no reason to pull back!

“Who said I can only attack in the dark?”

Ning Tian’s faint voice rose.

Then, there was a mighty surge of spiritual qi within his body.

The vast spiritual sea emerged behind him, breaking through the heavens.

Although Ning Tian’s strength had only increased to the two-star level of the Earth King realm in these past few days, weaker than Ye Leng,

The richness of his spiritual qi was incomparable even to ten Ye Lengs!


Seeing the vast spiritual sea behind Ning Tian, Ye Leng’s eyes widened in shock, filled with deep astonishment!


Is this still the Earth King realm?

Even the spiritual qi of a Saint Emperor realm powerhouse wasn’t as vast as this spiritual sea!

“During a fight, you shouldn’t get distracted.”

Suddenly, a voice sounded beside his ear, and Ye Leng’s pupils shrank sharply. Ning Tian had already reached his side without him noticing!

Ning Tian’s feet flashed with a golden light of the Traveling Dragon, and demonic energy condensed in his hand, then he struck out with his palm!

Earth-level martial art, Demonic Palm!

In a flash, the black light flickered, and the huge demonic qi palm sent Ye Leng flying with one strike.


Ye Leng spat out a mouthful of blood, flying out like a broken kite, only stopping after crashing into several trees.

The red glow in his hand completely dissipated.

Although he had initiated his martial art, he was sent flying by Ning Tian’s palm before he could unleash it!

“Cough cough.”

Spitting blood, Ye Leng struggled to get up from the ground, while Ning Tian stepped with the Traveling Dragon stance once again, appearing in front of him.

“The Demonic Palm.”

“You… You are Ning Tian, the legendary founder of the Demonic Sect?!”

Shock flashed in Ye Leng’s eyes.

The technique Ning Tian had just used was undoubtedly the Demonic Sect’s Demonic Palm.

But the Demonic Palm is only known by three people in the entire Demonic Sect—the Empress and the Grand Elder!

And since the man before him was clearly neither of the former two, he could only be that one person—the legendary founder of the Demonic Sect, Ning Tian!


Ye Leng bit his teeth, his face turning incredibly grim.

Why was the legendary founder of the Demonic Sect so different from what he imagined?

Isn’t he supposed to be just a pretty boy who relies on women?

But why…

Why is he so strong?

[You shocked Ye Leng, reward Le Dao martial art, Sound of Beast Taming!]

[Sound of Beast Taming, mastering at tenfold speed!]

[Sound of Beast Taming, successfully mastered!]

The system’s melodious voice echoed in his mind.

“Sound of Beast Taming?”

Ning Tian was taken aback for a moment, with a slightly raised corner of his mouth, seeming a bit interested.

“What are you smiling about?”

Seeing Ning Tian’s smile, Ye Leng became cautious, involuntarily taking several steps back.

“I’m smiling because you are about to pay a heavy price for your actions.”

Ning Tian’s eyes grew colder as he looked at Ye Leng indifferently.

“Price? Actions?”

Ye Leng sneered with a righteous look: “You belong to the demonic path, and I am of the righteous path. Since ancient times, righteousness and evil do not coexist!”

“To extinguish evil is a matter of cosmic justice!”


Ning Tian shook his head slightly, his eyes cold and emotionless, indifferently saying: “The dichotomy of righteousness and evil is not set by the weak. Only the strong hold the real rules.”

“And right now, obviously, I am stronger than you, so you should die.”


Ye Leng snorted heavily, “You’re not necessarily stronger than me! Even if you have a Spirit Sea, so what? I also have a trump card!”

“Beast Gourd, come forth!”

With those words, Ye Leng’s hand flashed with a black glow, revealing a purple-gold gourd in his palm.

“High-rank spiritual weapon?”

A glint shone in Ning Tian’s eyes.

Then, from the Beast Gourd, a trembling vibration ensued, followed by numerous large and small light orbs emerging, charging out.

The light orbs landed on the ground.

In the blink of an eye, they transformed into numerous fierce beasts.

“So, that’s a spiritual weapon used for storing beasts. No wonder I didn’t find a single beast just now,” Ning Tian narrowed his eyes as he observed Ye Leng’s purple-gold gourd.

Just now, he intended to deal with the beasts of the Beast Taming Gate first before taking on the disciples.

But after a thorough search, not even a shadow of a beast could be found.

Turns out they were all hidden within this Beast Gourd.


Backed by nearly a hundred beasts, Ye Leng felt a surge of confidence.

Although he had just taken a punch from Ning Tian and his chest was still aching, he was wary of Ning Tian’s strength.

Now, with these beasts, his momentum returned instantly.

“Ning Tian, you must know that once we disciples of the Beast Taming Gate have our beasts, our combat power is completely different. Prepare, you’re going to die!”

Ye Leng let out a cold laugh.

Then, he took a vertical flute from his pocket, placed it to his lips, and started to play.

The most common approach within the Way of Beast Taming was to use music to control the thoughts of the beasts!

As the sound of the flute filled the air, the numerous beasts behind Ye Leng all flashed a red glint in their eyes, moving in uncannily unison.

Seeing this, Ye Leng smirked.

He put down the vertical flute and bellowed: “Attack, tear this kid to pieces!”




In an instant, the hundred beasts behind him, their eyes lit with red gleam, roared and charged towards Ning Tian!


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