Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 76


Chapter 76: Dark Clouds Obscuring the Moon, The Deadly Enchanting Shadow!

In the midst of the night, Ning Tian found refuge atop a tree.

He circulated the Heavenly Divine Record, isolating all traces of his presence, such that even Ye Leng couldn’t sense his existence!

His gaze was fixed on the group of people around a fire not far away.

Among this group, besides Ye Leng, there were two disciples with the strength of one-star Earth King Realm.

As for Ye Leng, Ning Tian estimated that his strength was probably between four to five stars of the Earth King Realm!

To kill all these people, he couldn’t confront them head-on; he must take advantage of the night and deal with them one by one!

Before dealing with Ye Leng, he had to take care of the two Earth King Realm disciples!

He gazed slowly toward the sky where the bright moon shone, faintly providing a glimmer of light, but Ning Tian was waiting, waiting for the dark clouds to cover the moon!

That would be the moment to strike!

None of the Beast Mastery Sect people had realized that their disciple had not returned.

“By the way, Brother Ye, we have already killed so many disciples of the Demon Sect, enough to exchange for quite a few treasures. Is there still a need to venture into this Yinwind Mountain Range?” one of the Beast Mastery Sect disciples asked Ye Leng.

“Of course there is.”

Ye Leng snorted heavily and pushed the female disciple in his arms away.

“The Yinwind Mountain Range has been in turmoil due to the rampaging beasts recently. Surely, there must be some treasures involved.” He had a greedy gleam in his eyes.

“A few disciples of the Demon Sect are nothing.”

“The treasures in the Yinwind Mountain Range are what I really want!”

Saying this, a cold look flashed in Ye Leng’s eyes, “What, you’re not willing to go with me?”

Upon hearing this, the group of disciples froze, their faces changed dramatically, a flicker of fear in their eyes.

“No, no, no.”

Everyone shook their heads repeatedly.

“Even if Brother Ye asks us to climb a mountain of swords or descend into a sea of flames, we won’t even frown!”

“Right. Absolutely.”


Ye Leng snorted coldly and pulled the repelled female disciple back to him as if playing with a toy.

This female disciple did not dare to show the slightest grievance and continued to serve Ye Leng with dedication.

Brother Ye Leng was infamously cruel and cold-blooded; no one dared to provoke him, not even their own sect members!

Some time passed, and finally, a disciple noticed that the disciple who had gone to relieve himself still had not returned.

“Where is that guy Goudan? Could it be that he has been carried off by a beast since he hasn’t come back yet?”

“A few of you, go check.”

Ye Leng frowned and pointed to a few disciples.


“Understood, Brother Ye.”

A few got up to check when suddenly, the dark clouds covered the moon.


Suddenly, a cold wind blew through, and following that, the blazing bonfire was abruptly extinguished.


“What happened?”

The disciples of the Beast Mastery Sect were startled; with the dark clouds covering the moon and now without the bonfire, everything was pitch black, and they couldn’t see their own hands in front of them.

“Don’t panic.”

In the darkness, Ye Leng’s displeased voice sounded, “What’s there to be afraid of in the dark, just look at how cowardly you all are!”

No one noticed that a shadow had swept across their vision.

Silent and deadly, it moved like a grim reaper, turning into a spectral haunting.

In the air, a faint scent of blood spread.

“Do you smell something?”

Someone asked.

“It seems like… the smell of blood!”

Suddenly, a scream pierced the silence.


“What is happening?”

“Who the hell is screaming, it’s really scaring people!”

The Beast Mastery Sect disciples were panic-stricken.

At that moment, the clouds dissipated, and moonlight once again shone down, while a shadowy figure instantly flashed back into the forest.

Everything happened in an eerily silent manner.

With the moonlight, the people of the Beast Mastery Sect finally saw what had actually happened.

They saw the bodies of dozens of Beast Mastery Sect disciples lying in pools of blood!



The female disciples screamed non-stop.

The other disciples were filled with dread.

What… what exactly is going on?

Ye Leng’s brow furrowed as he calmly said, “Don’t panic, there must be some beast causing trouble in the night!”

“Everyone stick together, and relight the fire.”

Hearing Ye Leng’s words, people hurriedly gathered in groups and tried to use the flame.

But at that moment, they realized the flames wouldn’t light!

The clouds once again covered the moon.

Everyone’s hearts tightened.

“Without the flame, stay close together and be on your guard with spiritual energy!” Ye Leng shouted, feeling extremely frustrated.

In this place without any light, he felt like a blind man.

All he could do was defend.

In the darkness, Ning Tian saw the group of people huddling together, and the corners of his mouth lifted slightly.

Would sticking together be of any use?

【Flash Movement, Shadow Strike!】

In an instant, Ning Tian transformed repeatedly into a specter, rushing into the crowd of Beast Mastery Sect disciples.

With the Flash Movement, this martial technique allowed him to strike with experts even if he couldn’t see, as he could lock onto his enemies with their aura.

What followed was a nightmare for the Beast Mastery Sect disciples.

With every dark cloud covering the moon, a disciple would be silently killed in the darkness.

When they regained sight and tried to counterattack, they found no one around, not even sensing anyone’s presence.

This left Ye Leng feeling extremely frustrated.

Despite his strength, he couldn’t make use of it.

The Beast Mastery Sect disciples, under absolute terror, began to think that the ghosts of the Demon Sect disciples they had slaughtered yesterday were seeking revenge.

One after another was terrified, some even so frightened that they wet themselves.

No one knew who would be next to die.

With each attack, Ning Tian silently noted the number of people.

The Beast Mastery Sect disciples were becoming fewer and fewer.

“The twenty-eighth.”


“The hundred and ninth!”

In the dark, Ning Tian struck again and again. When he reached the hundred and thirtieth person, he stopped.

Because he had counted before, there were a total of one hundred and thirty-one people from the Beast Mastery Sect!

And the last one was Ye Leng!

When the clouds dissipated, and Ye Leng regained sight, cold sweat poured down uncontrollably.

Around him, the Beast Mastery Sect disciples’ corpses were everywhere!

“Damn it.”

“What… what exactly is going on!”

Ye Leng clenched his teeth tightly and swallowed hard.

At this moment, even the proud genius of the Beast Mastery Sect felt an overwhelming sense of fear!

It was too eerie!

Far too eerie!

With every cloud cover, disciples died, and he was powerless to stop it!


“Would the genius of the Beast Mastery Sect actually be afraid?”

At that moment, a mocking laugh sounded.


Like a startled bird, Ye Leng turned around abruptly. Behind him, a shadow approached step by step, like the Grim Reaper.

“Who… who are you!”

Ye Leng swallowed his saliva and retreated several steps continuously.

Ning Tian lifted his head, a hint of murderous intent flashing in his eyes, “The one who will kill you!”


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