Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 73


Chapter 73: Blazing Pursuit Wind – Vengeance Must Be Served!

A hint of murderous intent mixed with Ning Tian’s words caused the elders in the great hall to shudder.

One after another, they looked towards Ning Tian.

It seemed that the Ancestral Master was truly angry.

“Empress, how shall this matter be decided?” The Grand Elder hesitated for a moment and turned to Luo Wuqing to ask for her judgment.

“Let him go,” Luo Wuqing answered, merely looking at Ning Tian without any superfluous words.

Hearing this, the Grand Elder nodded, “As you wish, Empress.”

Then, he turned to Ning Tian, “Ancestral Master, please come with me. I shall select disciples to accompany you. There are hundreds of disciples from the Beast Taming Sect, and it might be difficult for you to cope alone.”

“Mhm,” Ning Tian did not refuse.

He was not clear on the true strength of Ye Leng and thought it wise to be cautious, so he didn’t arrogantly reject the offer.


Just then, another voice sounded in the great hall.

Everyone looked over.

Li Changsheng was clenching his fists tightly, his eyes bloodshot and veined with red, as he nearly hissed his words through clenched teeth.

“Empress, I implore you, please allow me to go too! I wish to avenge Changde!”

His own brother had been killed and insulted; this was an indignity he could not swallow!

“Hm, go,” Luo Wuqing permitted him without any hesitation upon hearing his request.

“Thank you, Empress!” Li Changsheng paid his respects.

“Ancestral Master, Changsheng, follow me,” sighed the Grand Elder, speaking up to Ning Tian and Li Changsheng, leading the two away from the Demon Palace.

Inside the Demon Palace, the group of elders all wore grim expressions.

“Empress, are you truly at ease with the Ancestral Master going?” Elder Huoyan furrowed his brow, “Ye Leng’s strength was already at the level of a Land King more than a year ago. Now, I fear…”


“We can’t afford to lose the Ancestral Master.”

The surrounding elders all nodded in agreement.

By now, Ning Tian’s importance in the hearts of the Demon Sect’s members was almost on par with the Empress.

The Empress was the symbol of strength, their stalwart shield.

And the Ancestral Master was the guide on their path of cultivation, continuously leading them forward, even becoming akin to a religion in the hearts of many disciples.

If Ning Tian were to also fall at the hands of the Beast Taming Sect, the entire Demon Sect might plunge into chaos.

“Don’t worry.”

Luo Wuqing’s expression was calm, a faint smile playing on her lips, “Believe in him. This guy always brings unexpected miracles.”

Luo Wuqing still remembered that day when two Sovereign Realm powerhouses had fallen by Ning Tian’s hand!

That mysterious Emperor’s phantom was enough to demonstrate that Ning Tian himself was a miracle!


Hearing this, the elders in the great hall thought of the shocks Ning Tian had brought to the Demon Sect in this period and couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

Their worries also dissipated at this moment.

Perhaps the Ancestral Master really could bring a miracle.

At the gates of the Demon Sect.

The Grand Elder had summoned nearly a hundred disciples, whose strength lingered around the Spirit Realm.

“Ancestral Master, Grand Elder, what are we doing?” The group of disciples gathered, still confused and puzzled, looking towards Ning Tian and the Grand Elder.

“Killing,” Ning Tian’s eyes flashed with a strict light as he spoke plainly.

“Killing?” The disciples were shocked at Ning Tian’s declaration.

Who were they going to kill?

“Quiet down.”

The Grand Elder gestured for silence and then explained the situation to the disciples.

After hearing it, the disciples were stunned.

Then, their eyes turned bloodshot, their teeth clenched, fists tightened.

“Damn it! These self-righteous ‘righteous’ sects dare to kill our Demon Sect’s disciples! We will annihilate them!”

“And that Ye Leng, I want to chop off his head and piss on it!”

“We must have vengeance!”

The hundred Demon Sect disciples all clenched their teeth, their eyes revealing deep anger!

Hearing they were about to battle, to kill, they did not shrink back; instead, their eyes were filled with a mad killing intent, as if they had gone insane!

If they did not avenge this, it would be too suffocating!

Seeing the mad killing intent in their eyes, the Grand Elder furrowed his brow slightly.

If the killing intent consumed them, they might do something reckless.

Just as the Grand Elder was about to speak and remind them, he saw Ning Tian step forward.


Ning Tian stood high above, and the disciples looked up at him.

A flash of coldness in Ning Tian’s eyes, he questioned, “Who can tell me what the price is for someone who dares to bully and kill the disciples of the Demon Sect?”


“Those who bully and kill the disciples of the Demon Sect deserve to die!”

The group of disciples roared eagerly, fists raised high, their murderous intent transforming into a deep battle will.

Ning Tian continued, “The blood of the disciples of the Demon Sect must not be spilled in vain!”

“Yes, the blood of our Demon Sect disciples must not be spilled in vain!”

Each disciple shouted loudly.

Their voices echoed throughout the entire mountain gate!


Seeing how Ning Tian’s few words turned the disciples’ murderous intent into a battle will, the Grand Elder admired him from the bottom of his heart.

“Ancestral Master, the Demon Sect is about a day’s distance from Tianfeng City. Wait here while I bring over some mount beasts to accelerate your journey.”

The Grand Elder approached Ning Tian, said a word and then turned to enter the Demon Sect.

Soon after, when the Grand Elder returned,

He was herding a number of beast mounts.

Those beast mounts were none other than noble steeds with flames blazing on their bodies as swift as the wind!

“Ancestral Master, these are second-grade Blazing Pursuit Wind Horses.”

The Grand Elder spoke, leading the most robust horse from the herd over to Ning Tian.


“A fine steed,” Ning Tian glanced at the Blazing Pursuit Wind Horse, revealing a hint of admiration.

“The Blazing Pursuit Wind Horse may not be strong in combat, but its speed is extremely fast. It should be able to take you to Tianfeng City in half a day,” the Grand Elder said.

“Half a day?” Ning Tian’s eyes slightly narrowed.

Without any further hesitation, he mounted the Blazing Pursuit Wind Horse.

Despite being covered in flames, the horse’s saddle was specially made, so there was no need to worry about a comical scenario where one’s seat would catch fire while riding.


A horse neigh resounded.

The Blazing Pursuit Wind Horse raised its front hooves and called out.

Taming the Blazing Pursuit Wind Horse, Ning Tian looked towards Li Changsheng and the other disciples, his eyes cold, “Mount up, follow me to Tianfeng City, for murder!”

“As commanded!”

“Yes, Ancestral Master!”

Li Changsheng and the group of disciples nodded, their eyes filled with killing intent as they mounted the horses.


The Blazing Pursuit Wind Horses all let out angry neighs.

“Let’s go!”

“Target, Tianfeng City!”

In an instant, following Ning Tian’s command,

The Blazing Pursuit Wind Horses took off, covering dozens of meters in a single leap, their flames burning fiercely as everyone followed suit.

From afar, it appeared as if a burst of flames blazed on!


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