Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 71


Chapter 71: The Joy of Healing, Flashing and Moving!

A day later.

Within the Celestial Demon Sect.

Ning Tian was on Moonlight Cliff, biting into an apple in his hand, watching the disciples below and occasionally offering guidance.

“Hey, you, you’re practicing in the wrong posture.”

“Your sword grip is not quite right, you can’t feel the sword qi that way.”

Suddenly, he detected a whiff of the scent of blood, and his brows immediately furrowed.


“You all continue to practice here.”

Sensing that something was amiss, Ning Tian instructed the disciples below Moonlight Cliff before activating his Roaming Dragon Step, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

By the time the disciples realized what had happened, Ning Tian was already gone.

Following the scent of blood, Ning Tian moved quickly, continuously changing his movement technique, Roaming Dragon Step, which evoked admiration from the many disciples who witnessed the scene.

The strength of their Patriarch is really getting stronger!

Soon, Ning Tian arrived beneath a cliff and saw Li Changsheng carrying a Celestial Demon Sect disciple who was covered in blood.

He executed Roaming Dragon Step and landed beside Li Changsheng.

“Changsheng, what happened?” Ning Tian asked, frowning.

“Is that you, Patriarch?”

Li Changsheng was startled by the sudden voice.

When he realized it was Ning Tian, he smiled wryly and said, “I don’t know either. When I was patrolling the mountain gate, I found this disciple lying there covered in blood.”


Hearing Li Changsheng’s words, Ning Tian’s brows tightened slightly, and he glanced at the disciple, feeling that there was something odd about the situation.

“Let’s go to the Celestial Demon Hall.”


Ning Tian felt it was necessary to inform Luo Wurong about this matter.

Celestial Demon Hall.

Luo Wurong was holding a meeting with a group of elders.

Midway through the conversation, Luo Wurong looked at Elder Huoyan and asked calmly, “Elder Huoyan, has your Fire Hall sent anyone to Tianfeng City recently?”

“Reporting to the Empress, we did send disciples to Tianfeng City recently.”

Elder Huoyan bowed to Luo Wurong and spoke slowly, “Recently, there has been a beast uprising in the Yin Wind Mountain Range, and many citizens of Tianfeng City have been injured. Thus, I sent disciples there to suppress the beasts.”

“I see.”

Luo Wurong nodded, a flash of insight in her eyes, “But why haven’t these disciples returned yet?”


Elder Huoyan hesitated for a moment, musing, “Perhaps there are too many beasts, so it has caused some delay.”

“Hmm, hopefully that’s the case,” Luo Wurong nodded, but before she could finish her sentence, she was interrupted.


The door to Celestial Demon Hall was pushed open.

The elders were shocked. Who had the audacity to interrupt the Empress?

But when they saw it was Ning Tian entering, everyone relaxed and closed their mouths.

The Patriarch?

Then there’s no problem.

“Why are you here?” Luo Wurong looked at Ning Tian in puzzlement. Although he had the credentials to attend the Celestial Demon Sect’s meetings, he had never shown interest.

Why did he suddenly show up today?

Without a word, Ning Tian gestured to someone behind him.

Soon, the elders saw Li Changsheng carrying in a disciple soaked in blood.

“Changsheng, what’s this?”

The grand elder looked at his disciple, puzzled.

“Greetings, Your Majesty, Patriarch, and esteemed elders.”

Li Changsheng saluted everyone and then gave a wry smile, recounting the events that had just occurred.

“What? Found outside the mountain gate?”

The elders all frowned slightly.


Li Changsheng nodded.

Elder Huoyan kept frowning, feeling that the person seemed somewhat familiar.

Suddenly, his expression changed, and he exclaimed.

“Isn’t this the disciple we from Fire Hall sent to Tianfeng City?!”


This is the disciple sent to Tianfeng City by Fire Hall?

At this revelation, all the elders, including Luo Wurong, frowned.

What is going on here?

“Let’s not worry about other things for now. We must save him quickly,” the grand elder said, furrowing his brows.

This disciple is severely injured, and if he isn’t treated, he’ll die!


“The grand elder is right; I’ll go and get the medicinal pills.”

Elder Huoyan nodded, then stood up, preparing to head towards the Alchemy Pavilion.


Suddenly, a voice echoed in the hall.

“There’s no need for Elder Huoyan to make the trip; I can save him.”


The elders were taken aback, then turned to look at where the voice had come from. The speaker was Ning Tian.

“Patriarch, this isn’t about cultivation. Without certain medical skills, he cannot be saved,” the grand elder said with a slight frown. Although Ning Tian’s competence in cultivation was formidable, this was not about cultivation.

It was about medical skill!


“Patriarch, your cultivation achievements are unquestionable, but this is about saving a life.”

“It would be better to have Elder Huoyan retrieve the medicinal pills.”

All of the elders shook their heads and spoke to Ning Tian.

They weren’t underestimating Ning Tian; they all had seen his cultivation achievements, which were indeed formidable.

But this was about saving a person.

The elders had never seen the Patriarch practice medicine.

“Don’t worry.”

Ning Tian wore a confident smile on his face and said to the elders, “Though I can’t revive the dead or mend broken bones, this degree of injury is still within my capabilities.”


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