Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 70


Chapter 70: Rivers of Blood, Paragon of Demons!

“Shut up!”

Ye Leng looked coldly at Junior Sister Tao with a disdainful expression. “The righteous faction handles things without needing pointers from your Demon Cult!”


At that moment, the elderly man from before stood up from the crowd and spat disdainfully, “You call yourselves the righteous faction? In my opinion, you’re the true demons!”

“Seeking death!”

A flicker of murderous intent shot through Ye Leng’s eyes, and a flying knife materialized in his hand, suddenly shooting towards the old man.


In an instant, the elder’s eyes widened in agony as he clutched his neck and fell to the ground, full of resentment.


Seeing this, Junior Sister Tao’s complexion drastically changed, and a trace of anger flashed in her eyes.

“Screams of terror filled the city as innocent people saw what had happened.

They looked at the group of so-called righteous cultivators as if they were looking at demons.

“Kill them all!”

At Ye Leng’s command, the disciples of the Beast Taming Sect began controlling their beasts, starting a massacre!

“Screams of agony filled the air as the city was soon filled with blood, turning into rivers of blood within the city.

“Nowadays, the righteous path isn’t righteous, and the demonic path isn’t demonic anymore!” Li Changde gritted his teeth in profound anger.


“Be it the right or the demonic path, the weak don’t deserve to live.”

Ye Leng sneered mockingly, his face showing a playful look.

“Kill! Wipe out the demon path followers, annihilate the disciples of the Demon Cult!”

With a wave of Ye Leng’s hand and murderous intent flashing in his eyes, the disciples of the Beast Taming Sect rushed towards the crowd with insanity in their eyes, shouting their intent to exterminate the members of the Demon Cult.

However, their hands were all stained with the blood of innocent people!

Seeing this, Li Changde clenched his teeth and roared, “Disciples of the Demon Cult, to battle!”

“Kill them!”

Swords and sabers clashed, and roars mixed with the energy erupted.

The entire city was engulfed in bloodshed.

The battle lasted until dawn.

As sunlight fell upon the earth, corpses littered the city, and blood flowed like rivers.

The bodies of demonic beasts and Demon Cult disciples were everywhere.

A scream echoed as another disciple of the Demon Cult was slaughtered.

Li Changde struggled to support himself with a sword amidst the pile of corpses, his body covered in blood-stained wounds.

He glared fiercely at Ye Leng, his teeth clenched in hatred.

All through the night, Ye Leng had not made a move.

It seemed he did not relish the joy of combat, but rather the thrill of slaughter and torment.

“Demon… You… You are the real demon… Cough, cough…”

Li Changde coughed dryly, a broken sword still embedded in his chest, bleeding profusely.


“I’m a demon?”

Ye Leng laughed heartily as if he had heard a joke, then walked up to Li Changde, grabbing his chin and lifting him.

At this moment, Li Changde was completely drained and powerless to resist.

“Hahaha, let me show you what a real demon looks like!” There was a sinister smile on Ye Leng’s face.

“Come, bring that little girl to me!”

At his command,

“Let me go!”

“Scoundrels, release me!”

A series of curses rang out.

Two Beast Taming Sect disciples were escorting a young girl over – it was Junior Sister Tao!

“What… what are you going to do!”

Seeing this, Li Changde’s face changed.

“Brother Li!”

Junior Sister Tao struggled as she saw Li Changde captured, trying to rush over.

“You bastards, let me go!”

The Beast Taming Sect disciples naturally did not release her.

“Let her go.”

Ye Leng slightly curved his mouth upward as he spoke indifferently.

“Yes, Brother Ye!”

As the two disciples let go of Junior Sister Tao, she immediately rushed towards Li Changde.

However, she collapsed uncontrollably halfway through.

Two streams of blood were visible on her ankle.

“This is…” Li Changde’s pupils shrank in shock, “You… You’ve broken the meridians in her legs!?”

“Brother Li…”

Even after a harsh fall, Junior Sister Tao kept crawling towards Li Changde.


“How touching.”

Ye Leng laughed again, then materialized a sword in his hand and nailed Li Changde directly to the city wall.


Blood sprayed forth.

“Cough, cough.”

Junior Sister Tao coughed up blood, bit her lip, and smiled at Li Changde, “Brother, even in death, I won’t let him have his way.”

With that, a resolute look flashed in her eyes.

Li Changde’s heart skipped a beat, but he couldn’t speak.

“How troublesome that she chose to bite her own tongue in suicide.” Seeing that Junior Sister Tao showed no signs of life, Ye Leng frowned and casually discarded the body, joining the mountain of corpses below.

“You… you will be punished!”

Li Changde’s teeth were already bloodied from biting too hard as he glared at Ye Leng.

“Our Demon Cult’s ancestor won’t let you off!”

“Oh? You mean that legendary ancestor?”

Ning Tian’s infamy had certainly spread far and wide throughout the Spirit Realm.

But in Ye Leng’s eyes, Ning Tian was nothing more than a waste who relied on a woman’s power.

His escape from two sovereign-level powerhouses was solely because the Empress had arrived.

“Hehe, you’ll know the terror of our ancestor. He won’t let you off!” Li Changde’s eyes were bloodshot as he glared deathly at Ye Leng.

“Annoying noise.”

Ye Leng snorted coldly, pulling out the sword from Li Changde’s body, then stabbing him once more, ending Li Changde’s life.


“Hang his and that woman’s corpses on the city gates of Tianfeng City. I want everyone to see how useless the disciples of the Demon Cult are!”

With two bodies hung on the city gates, the disciples of the Beast Taming Sect left triumphantly.

And Tianfeng City was left with rivers of blood and a sky filled with the stench of blood.

After some time, a body seemed to twitch. Terrified, he looked around, then ran for his life toward a certain direction – toward the Demon Cult!


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