Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 68


Chapter 68: Monster Attacks in Tianfeng City!

Tianfeng City.

On the city wall, a group of young men and women dressed in the Sky Demon Cult’s attire approached.

“Brother Li, we’ve finished patrolling,” a vibrant girl with twin ponytails approached, speaking to the young man standing at the highest point on the city wall.


Hearing this, the Brother Li leapt down from the high point of the city wall.

“How did the patrol go?”

“It’s getting dark, we must be careful not to let the nearby monsters attack and harm the civilians.”

Brother Li spoke to the group with a serious face.

“Don’t worry, we’ve patrolled thoroughly,” the young girl giggled, “we’ve spread Demon-Repelling Powder nearby, these monsters dare not come over.”

“Good, that’s more like it.”

Brother Li nodded. His real name was Li Changde, the younger brother of the Grand Elder’s chief disciple Li Changsheng.

“Sister Tao.”

Li Changde looked at the young girl and instructed, “Recently, the Yin Feng Mountain Range has been restless, and monsters have run out of there, injuring many civilians under our Sky Demon Cult’s jurisdiction.”

“The elders take this matter very seriously, so these medicines for saving people must be distributed to every individual.”

Sister Tao nodded, patted her chest, and laughingly assured, “Brother, rest assured! I will definitely handle this matter well!”

“Alright, go ahead.”

Li Changde smiled in satisfaction, waved his hand to let them proceed, and only after checking around and finding no monsters did he relax.

Monsters at night are the most formidable.

If they formed a beast tide, that could be powerful enough to destroy a city overnight!

However, at night, they would sprinkle some Demon-Repelling Powder outside the city. This powder is concocted from some unique herbs, and most monsters will stay away after smelling it.

Li Changde stood on the city wall, watching the forest disappear into the darkness, his brow furrowed slightly.

There was a sense of unease in his heart.

“Recently, this Yin Feng Mountain Range is somewhat unsettled.”

He sighed, descended from the city wall, and headed towards the inner city.

Inside the city, many civilians injured by monsters were lying on the ground, waiting for the Sky Demon Cult disciples to distribute medicine.

“This is for you, old sir.”

Sister Tao handed a small jade bottle to an old man with a severed hand.

“Miss, thank you so much,” the old man said gratefully as he took the small jade bottle, looking at Sister Tao.

“It’s nothing, it’s what we should do. After all, you are under the Sky Demon Cult’s influence, we are all one family.”

Sister Tao’s face was adorned with a close smile as she spoke to the old man.

“One family.”

Hearing these words, the old man almost cried.

When he was younger, this city was also controlled by other demonic cult forces, but their treatment was entirely different.

Those demonic cult forces completely used them as tools, indifferent to life or death, only occasionally checking to see if there was any fresh bloodline with unique talent.

In fact, all the major forces in the Sky Spirit Domain basically have their own cities, and the people in these cities undoubtedly serve as a supply pool for selecting fresh bloodlines.

Only the Sky Demon Cult made them feel like they were part of it.


“Old sir, please don’t cry.”

Seeing the old man cry out, Sister Tao was startled.

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” the old man wiped away his tears, waved his hand, “these are tears of happiness.”


Sister Tao pouted, not understanding his thoughts, “Old man, remember to use the medicine, I’m going to distribute to others now.”

“Sure, go ahead.”

Sister Tao got up and immediately walked towards other injured people.

Several hours later, it was dark.

The entire Tianfeng City lit up torches and lanterns, adding a bit of brightness to the city.


After distributing the last of the medicine, Sister Tao stretched lazily, feeling satisfied.

“Sister Tao, good work,” Li Changde approached, smiling at Sister Tao.

“Hehe, it’s nothing, not tiring at all.”

Sister Tao giggled, “Didn’t our ancestor say that? Doing things for the Sky Demon Cult is never tiring.”

“The ancestor, huh?”

Li Changde smiled, “Once we settle things in Tianfeng City, I’ll sneak you out to Moonlight Cliff to train with the ancestor!”


Hearing this, Sister Tao’s eyes lit up.

She had long heard that the ancestor trained at Moonlight Cliff at night, and anyone who went there would enjoy the ancestor’s blessing.

Some people even made breakthroughs after training there for just one night.

She had longed for it, but her sect was very strict, not allowing her to go out at night.

Upon hearing Li Changde’s words, she became extremely excited.

“Brother Li, you said it! Once we solve the issues in Tianfeng City, you have to take me to Moonlight Cliff to train with the ancestor~”

Sister Tao’s eyes, full of anticipation, were fixed on Li Changde.

“Yes, of course.”

Li Changde smiled and nodded, “Alright, it’s late, time to rest.”


Sister Tao nodded. Just then, a roar suddenly came from outside the city.



“What’s that sound?”

Hearing this sound, the two were stunned for a moment, exchanged a look, and their faces both changed!

“That’s… the sound of a monster!”

“Let’s go!”

“To the city wall!”

The two immediately rushed towards the city wall.

At this moment, when the sound of the monster rang out, the entire Tianfeng City was on alert, all the disciples of the Sky Demon Cult sprang into action.

If it had been during the day, just a monster’s cry wouldn’t be taken seriously.

But now, it was night!

Night was a time when beast tides existed!

Please, please don’t let it be a beast tide!

With anxious hearts, Li Changde and Sister Tao both climbed to the city wall, where many Sky Demon Cult disciples had already gathered.

“What’s going on?”

Li Changde approached, furrowing his brow, asking the group.

“Brother Li!”

“Brother Li, you’re here!”

The disciples of the Sky Demon Cult quickly saluted, then they bitterly smiled and pointed to a place not far outside the city, where there was a large dark shadow, “Brother Li, it should be the roar coming from that monster.”


Li Changde and Sister Tao looked over.

It was a huge dark shadow, as high as several tens of meters. It was only clear under the light of the fire what that monster looked like.

It was a giant black bear, clad in thick armor!

“A third-order monster!”

“Ironclad Black Bear!”

One of the disciples recognized it and immediately took a sharp breath!

“A third-order monster? Isn’t that equivalent to a powerhouse in the Earth King Realm!” Hearing this, the group of disciples was anxious.

What exactly does this Ironclad Black Bear want to do?

At this moment, in Tianfeng City, countless pairs of eyes were anxiously watching that monster.

Suddenly, the next action of the Ironclad Black Bear shocked them!

No good!


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