Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 67


Chapter 67: The Ling Realm Boils Over, Yin Wind Mountain Range!


The next moment, Ning Tian’s silhouette soared into the sky.

“Luo Wuqing, I wish upon the stars for you. If it’s not meant to be, why kick me?!”

“Damn it!”

“I have a fear of heights!”

Upon seeing Ning Tian flying out, a group of disciples from the Demon Sect couldn’t help but sigh.

The relationship between the Ancestral Master and the Empress is really too good.

Every time, the Ancestral Master flies happily into the sky.


Ning Tian naturally did not get to enjoy the meat he had been longing for.

Not only that, Luo Wuqing even drove him out when it was time to sleep.

He couldn’t help but lament that a woman’s heart is as elusive as a needle at the bottom of the sea.

However, what he was completely unaware of was that Luo Wuqing had driven him out entirely because Ning Tian had worn her out during their time in the Yaochi Holy Land, so she simply couldn’t be bothered with him anymore.


Ning Tian had no choice but to go to Moonlight Cliff to cultivate.

Moonlight Cliff.

With the bright moon high in the sky, the Grand Elder was leading a group of disciples in their cultivation.

Although the Ancestral Master hadn’t been at the Demon Sect for the past few days, cultivating at Moonlight Cliff at night had gradually become a habit for everyone.


“The Ancestral Master, it’s the Ancestral Master!”

Suddenly, a disciple seemed to spot a figure approaching on Moonlight Cliff and was instantly excited!

“The Ancestral Master?”

The Grand Elder and the surrounding disciples were taken aback and then all looked up.

It was indeed the Ancestral Master!

“Greetings, Ancestral Master!”

The Grand Elder led the greeting.

“Greetings, Ancestral Master!”

Behind him, a group of disciples excitedly greeted as well.


Ning Tian made a silencing gesture and said with a faint smile, “It’s so late, everyone is asleep, let’s keep our voices down.”


The group of disciples spoke in hushed tones, nodding their heads.

All eyes were fixed on Ning Tian.

Under the attention of the crowd, Ning Tian slowly sat down cross-legged under Moonlight Cliff and began his devotional cultivation.

【Devotional Cultivation is now activating!】

【Activation Successful!】

As the system’s voice sounded, a golden light array, visible only to Ning Tian, enveloped the entire Moonlight Cliff.


“My spiritual energy absorption?”

“Holy crap! When the Ancestral Master arrived, my spiritual energy absorption and cultivation speed doubled!”

“That’s divine! Truly divine!”

As the golden light array emerged and devotional cultivation began, this group of Ning Mo’s followers instantly felt a change in their spiritual energy absorption and cultivation speed.

One by one, they became incredibly excited and their breathing quickened.

This was the feeling they craved!

“Indeed, there’s something I’m not sure whether I should say,” the Grand Elder said stroking his white beard, his eyes burning with passion as he looked at Ning Tian, who was entering a state of cultivation on Moonlight Cliff.

“And that’s”

“The Ancestral Master is awesome!”

Upon hearing this, a group of disciples was thrilled.

“The Ancestral Master really is awesome!”

After shouting this, they even felt that the spiritual energy inside them accelerated even more!

They marveled at the Ancestral Master’s miraculous abilities.

At this moment, a continuous stream of system notifications filled Ning Tian’s mind.

【Faith Energy Absorption +1!】

【Faith Energy Absorption +2!】

【Faith Energy Absorption +1!】



【Faith Energy Absorption +3!】

【Current Faith Energy Storage: 100/1000!】


“It’s gone up to a thousand now?”

Seeing the maximum limit of faith energy storage increase from one hundred to one thousand, Ning Tian’s eyes flashed with excitement.

At the same time, he became curious about the might of a thousand points of faith energy.

Just the day before, one hundred points of faith energy were enough to destroy an unguarded hand of the Sky Vault Saint Lord, a divine emperor realm powerhouse.

If one hundred points of faith energy were already so effective, how strong would a thousand points of faith energy be?

With growing anticipation, Ning Tian did not waste any more time, took out the Soul Yuan Bead, and began to cultivate.

Soon, his body was enveloped in a pale white spiritual energy.

He appeared as if clad in silver radiance, extremely sacred, attracting quite a bit of attention from below.

“The Ancestral Master’s strength seems to have improved quite a bit,” the Grand Elder remarked, his gaze fixed on Ning Tian, and he couldn’t help but sigh.

Then suddenly, he frowned and his expression changed.

“What the?”

“The Ancestral Master, has he broken through to the Earthly King Realm?”

At that moment, the Grand Elder was stunned.

He vaguely remembered that just a few days ago, before the Ancestral Master left, he was only around the level of a three-star Spiritual Enlightenment Realm.

But now…

Soaring straight up ninety thousand miles, he had directly reached the Earthly King Realm?

He suddenly recalled Ning Tian’s muttering about whether he could break through to the Earthly King Realm in two months, and his mouth twitched violently.

My Ancestral Master, oh Ancestral Master, you need hardly two months?

You broke through in just a few days!

Reflecting on his own painstaking progress, the Grand Elder deeply felt the meaning of disparity.

This was a huge disparity!

“The Ancestral Master has reached the Earthly King Realm?”

Hearing the Grand Elder’s words, a group of disciples were stunned, then their eyes lit up with fervor!

To them, Ning Tian was an awe-inspiring figure, almost regarded as a divine being!

With such a speed of cultivation, there was no one in the entire Ling Realm, not just the Demon Sect, who could match it!

【For astonishing the Grand Elder and a group of disciples, you are rewarded with five hundred points of spiritual cultivation!】

Feeling the sudden influx of spiritual energy into his body, Ning Tian just smiled faintly, didn’t take it to heart, and continued to cultivate.

In the blink of an eye, several days passed.

When the news of the deaths of the two divine emperor realm powerhouses, Shadow Demon Elder and the Sky Vault Saint Lord, spread throughout the entire Ling Realm, the entire realm instantly boiled over!

Two divine emperor realm powerhouses had died at the same time?

But as witnesses came forward, claiming to have seen the Shadow Demon Elder and the Sky Vault Saint Lord pursuing the legendary Ancestral Master of the Demon Sect, everyone’s expressions became strangely complicated.

Two divine emperor realm powerhouses pursuing a Spiritual Enlightenment Realm cultivator?

The situation soon proved to be true.

However, when people learned that the pursued legendary Ancestral Master of the Demon Sect was still within the sect, as carefree as could be, the strong of the entire Ling Realm felt as though ten million alpacas were stampeding through their hearts!

Can this be serious?

A young man in the Spiritual Enlightenment Realm managed to escape from the hands of two divine emperor realm powerhouses?

At that moment, the entire realm fell silent.

They didn’t need to think any further.

Troubling the legendary Ancestral Master meant that the Shadow Demon Elder and the Sky Vault Saint Lord obviously died at the hands of the Empress.

Inside the Demon Sect, when the group of disciples learned of this, they became even more reverent towards Ning Tian, reaching the pinnacle of their adoration!

This also allowed Ning Tian to absorb a significant amount of faith energy.

Yin Wind Mountain Range, Sky Wind City.

This is a city where the Demon Sect’s external forces are based, but at this moment, it has welcomed some uninvited guests.


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