Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 65


Chapter 65: Precious Immortal Pill, Breakthrough to Earth King Realm!

Time passed, the duration indeterminate.

Suddenly, Ning Tian abruptly opened his eyes and sat up from the bed in an instant.


He looked around, the place somewhat familiar.

“Is this the Yao Pond Holy Land?”

“How did I return here again?”


Suddenly, a pain shot through his head, with fragments of memories flashing in his mind.

“So, it was my wife and the Queen Mother of the West who saved me.”

Ning Tian chuckled bitterly to himself, thinking of Luo Wuqing and her exquisite face, which somehow overlapped with the woman in his dreams.

“This is…”

The System’s voice rang out.

“Host, this is the remnant power of the Yao Pond Immortal Pill, which you can now absorb.”

“Yao Pond Immortal Pill? It was actually given to me?”

A flash of astonishment passed through Ning Tian’s eyes.

He had some understanding of the importance of the Yao Pond Immortal Pill. Otherwise, Luo Wuqing wouldn’t have agreed to Yao Pond’s request for a loan because of the pill.

And now, he had consumed the Yao Pond Immortal Pill.

This was definitely to save him by Luo Wuqing.

“Wife,” Ning Tian’s eyes flashed with warmth before he steeled his mind.

Since Luo Wuqing allowed him to consume the Yao Pond Immortal Pill, he couldn’t let it go to waste.

Bearing the soreness in his body, Ning Tian sat cross-legged and began to operate the Heavenly God Record.

Once the Heavenly God Record was activated, his body was immediately filled with familiar spiritual energy.

One hundred and ninety-nine Thunder Tribulation Spirit Veins and twenty Dao of Music Spirit Veins began to circulate.

At that moment,

Ning Tian truly saw the enormity of the medicinal power of the Yao Pond Immortal Pill!

The residual potency of the Yao Pond Immortal Pill within his body was much more powerful than the entire spiritual energy of his Spirit Sea!

“With this medicinal power, perhaps I can break through a major realm!”

Excitement shone in Ning Tian’s eyes.

The power of this Yao Pond Immortal Pill far exceeded his imagination!

After all, if a Divine Emperor realm powerhouse consumed the Yao Pond Immortal Pill, there was a very small chance to breakthrough to the Divine realm!

Although with Ning Tian’s strength, he certainly couldn’t absorb all of the medicinal power, even so, it could still allow him to break through realms!

Taking out the Soul Origin Pearl, Ning Tian began to absorb the spiritual energy in coordination with the medicinal power.

Soon, streams of radiance traversed his body, and he fell into a deep state of cultivation.

Not far from the wooden hut,

Luo Wuqing and Queen Mother of the West approached.

“It’s been over four hours, tsk tsk, the body of your husband, Luo Wuqing, is really strong.”

The Queen Mother of the West’s eyes twinkled mischievously as she glanced at Luo Wuqing with implied meaning.


Luo Wuqing remained silent, her ears faintly red, her entire presence radiant.

Seeing her not speaking, Queen Mother of the West continued to tease.

“I must say, my dress actually suits you quite well.”

The Queen Mother of the West sized up Luo Wuqing with her eyes.

At this moment, Luo Wuqing was clothed in a purple silk dress, outlining her perfect figure, standing next to the purple-clothed Queen Mother of the West, the two looked like a pair of stunningly beautiful sisters.

Soon, the two women reached the front of the hut, looked at the closed wooden door, and both frowned. Surely this fellow hasn’t awoken yet?

They pushed the door open.

Luo Wuqing and the Queen Mother of the West entered and immediately saw Ning Tian sitting cross-legged inside.

“He’s actually cultivating?”

Seeing this scene, Luo Wuqing was surprised, a hint of relief in her eyes.

“Luo Wuqing, it seems your husband has some substance,” the Queen Mother of the West commented while looking at Ning Tian gleamingly, “After being indefatigable for hours, he still has the energy to cultivate, impressive, truly impressive.”

“Shut up.”

Luo Wuqing said in a subdued tone before her gaze settled back on Ning Tian.

At this moment, Ning Tian was enveloped in spiritual energy, his aura climbing unstoppably like an unrestrained force!

“Is he about to break through?”

Seeing this scene, both Luo Wuqing and the Queen Mother of the West were somewhat surprised.

Unexpectedly, Ning Tian had turned misfortune into a blessing and was about to have a breakthrough.


Both women’s curious gazes remained tightly on Ning Tian.

Having turned misfortune into a blessing, to what realm could he break through?

Ning Tian was completely unaware of the arrival of Luo Wuqing and the Queen Mother. He was fully occupied with channeling the enormous spiritual energy within his body!

Suddenly, the Spirit Sea within his body roared violently!


“Is this the breakthrough?”

Ning Tian’s heart soared, not expecting the breakthrough to come so swiftly!


This, was the power of the Yao Pond Immortal Pill!

After all, this was something coveted even by Divine Emperor realm powerhouses!

Even with Ning Tian’s current strength, unable to absorb it all, the power it provided was still incredibly formidable!


Following that, the System’s voice continuously announced.

【Congratulations to the Host for advancing in strength to Six-Star Spirit Communication Realm!】

【Congratulations to the Host for advancing in strength to Seven-Star Spirit Communication Realm!】


【Congratulations to the Host for advancing in strength to Nine-Star Spirit Communication Realm!】

【The Host has made a breakthrough!】

【Congratulations to the Host for advancing to One-Star Earth King Realm!】


In an instant, dazzling golden light enveloped Ning Tian’s body, his aura rising step by step!

“He actually broke through directly to Earth King Realm!?”

The Queen Mother of the West took a sharp breath, astounded by the sight of Ning Tian.

“How did he manage it?”


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