Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 63


Chapter 63: Return to Yaochi, The Immortal Pill from Yaochi!

“Sovereign, I have arrived.”

The Holy Maiden of Yaochi entered the room and after announcing her presence, she immediately saw Ning Tian lying on the bed, covered in bloodstains.

Her face changed drastically, and she exclaimed in a moment of shock, “Ancestor Master, what… what happened?”

“He’s injured.”

In the room, the cold and pleasant voice of Luo Wuqing sounded.

At this time, the Holy Maiden of Yaochi finally realized that there was another person in the room.

With an instinctive look, her face changed slightly as she greeted, “Yaoxi pays her respects to the Empress.”

The Holy Maiden of Yaochi did not expect that even the Empress of the Demon Sect had personally come.

What exactly had happened?

Her puzzled eyes turned towards the Queen Mother of the West.

The Queen Mother of the West shook her head and sighed, “He was pursued by the Shadow Demon and the Holy Sovereign of the Firmament, severely wounded.”

She didn’t disclose Ning Tian’s summoning of the Emperor’s phantom, only briefly mentioned the pursuit.

The Shadow Demon? And the Holy Sovereign of the Firmament!?

A sudden shock ran through the Holy Maiden of Yaochi’s heart. These were two genuine God-Emperor realm powerhouses!

The Ancestor Master was merely severely injured after being pursued by two God-Emperor realm powerhouses?


The Holy Maiden of Yaochi gasped.

Looking at Ning Tian on the bed, she felt incredulous.

To escape from the hands of two God-Emperor realm powerhouses with the strength of the Spirit Communication realm —such a feat was unprecedented in the entire world of Tianxuan!

“Alright Yaoxi, this matter must not be spread.”

The Queen Mother of the West glanced at the Holy Maiden of Yaochi.

“Yaoxi understands.”

“Mm, go to Yaochi and pluck the Immortal Pill from Yaochi, and bring it here,” continued the Queen Mother of the West.


The Holy Maiden of Yaochi nodded, left the room, and headed towards Yaochi.

After the departure of the Holy Maiden of Yaochi, the room became quiet once again.

Luo Wuqing’s gaze stayed on Ning Tian, and suddenly, she spoke up, “It seems there is something beneath your Yaochi sacred land?”

Hearing this, the Queen Mother of the West’s body shook, her lips curving into a bitter smile, “It seems you have discovered it after all.”

Truly, an Emperor of such magnitude was terrifying indeed.

Even with myriad enchantments and seals, she was still perceived by Luo Wuqing.

“That is a true demon. Your Yaochi sacred land does not have the power to contain him,” Luo Wuqing stated indifferently while wiping the bloodstains off Ning Tian.

“What else can I do?”

The Queen Mother of the West’s lips curled bitterly as she shook her head helplessly, “Yaochi sacred land has sealed him for hundreds of years. Giving up now would be the destruction of my Yaochi; I have no choice but to continue alone.”


Hearing this, Luo Wuqing fell silent.

“Let’s leave this matter be. I hope you will not spread news of this situation.”

The Queen Mother of the West looked nervously at Luo Wuqing, and only relaxed after the latter nodded.

Immediately, she brought out a towel and placed it beside Luo Wuqing.


Luo Wuqing lifted her head, revealing a hint of confusion in her eyes.

“Strip him and clean the bloodstains off.”

The Queen Mother of the West teased with a laugh, “Don’t tell me you’re embarrassed?”

“If you are really embarrassed, I believe my disciples from Yaochi could help you with this task.”


Luo Wuqing was startled and bit her lip, pushing the Queen Mother of the West out of the room, “Such a trivial matter doesn’t require assistance from Yaochi.”

“Then be quick, the Immortal Pill from Yaochi will soon arrive.”

The Queen Mother of the West smiled as she closed the door.

In the room, looking at the unconscious Ning Tian, Luo Wuqing bit her red lips, her heart pounding unexpectedly fast.

“Forget it.”

She sighed.

“After all, I’ve helped this guy undress once before.”

Immediately, Luo Wuqing put the towel aside, carefully lifted Ning Tian’s body, began undressing him to clean the bloodstains off his body.

“How come this guy seems to have gotten better built?”

Observing Ning Tian’s robust physique, Luo Wuqing’s face blushed slightly, a hint of confusion flashed through her eyes.

This change was all due to the improvement of his physique after swimming in the Immortal Spring.

Soon, Luo Wuqing spotted the wounds on Ning Tian’s body; his chest was caved in, there wasn’t a single bone in his body that was intact, almost all were fractured, barely holding together.

“Ning Tian.”

Luo Wuqing murmured, her hand brushing over Ning Tian’s face, her eyes filled with affection.

Then, she took a deep breath, grabbed the towel, and walked towards the water bucket. She wet the towel with warm water and started to wipe off the blood from Ning Tian’s body.

Because Ning Tian was almost drenched in blood, Luo Wuqing had to clean his entire body.

During the cleaning process, Luo Wuqing specifically looked at a certain part of Ning Tian and found no reaction, which left her somewhat disappointed.

If only this guy were faking unconsciousness…

After a while, Luo Wuqing attentively finished wiping Ning Tian’s body clean, leaving no trace of blood behind.

Her tender demeanour, if known by the Demon Sect, or by the many powers of the Heavenly Spirit Domain, would surely be shocking!

An Empress, ruthless and merciless in her decisions, also had such an unknown tender side.

However, this touch of tenderness was reserved for Ning Tian alone.

Knock Knock.

At this moment, someone knocked on the door from outside.

Just then, Luo Wuqing had finished covering Ning Tian with a blanket.

“Come in,” she said looking towards the door.


Following the response, the Queen Mother of the West and the Holy Maiden of Yaochi slowly entered the room.

Seeing that the bucket of hot water had turned halfway into blood-stained water, the Queen Mother of the West grinned and said, “It looks like you’ve cleaned him up quite well.”


Luo Wuqing snorted coldly and turned to the Queen Mother of the West, “Where is the Immortal Pill from Yaochi?”

At this point, seeing Ning Tian’s grave injuries, Luo Wuqing did not want to delay any further.

“Yaoxi, give the Immortal Pill from Yaochi to the Empress,” the Queen Mother of the West told the Holy Maiden of Yaochi.

The Holy Maiden of Yaochi took a jade bottle from her arms, within which ethereal mists swirled around the round and lustrous Immortal Pill.

“Empress, here you go.”

The Holy Maiden of Yaochi handed over the jade bottle.


Luo Wuqing immediately took it, and before opening the jade bottle, she asked, “Queen Mother of the West, are you sure that taking the Immortal Pill from Yaochi can cure Ning Tian’s injuries?”

“Don’t worry, it definitely can,” the Queen Mother of the West assured with a nod.

Only then did Luo Wuqing feel relieved, opening the jade bottle. Instantly, the fragrance of the pill permeated the entire room!

“It really is the Immortal Pill from Yaochi!”

After validating its authenticity and smelling the rich fragrance of the pill, Luo Wuqing was full of hope, believing that Ning Tian would recover upon taking it.

Without hesitation, she moved Ning Tian’s mouth open and inserted the Immortal Pill from Yaochi.

Once she saw Ning Tian swallow the Immortal Pill from Yaochi, Luo Wuqing finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Watching this scene, the corner of the Queen Mother of the West’s mouth curled up slightly, and a cunning glint passed through her eyes.


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