Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 62


Chapter 62: Severely Injured, The Light of Life!


At this moment, a thunderous boom resonated between heaven and earth.

Luo Wuqing and the Western Queen Mother looked on, only to see the golden glow emanating from behind Ning Tian beginning to gradually dissipate.

The etheric shadow of the Heavenly Emperor, which could be used for five minutes, was about to expire.

Ning Tian’s body was clearly swaying, on the verge of collapsing. Biting his teeth, he forced himself to remain conscious.

The loss of blood, combined with bones near fracture, almost caused him to faint several times, but he persisted.

Biting his teeth.

Taking steps.

Following behind him, the gradually shattering shadow of the Emperor also mimicked his movements.

“Ning Tian.”

Seeing this, Luo Wuqing did not understand what he was planning to do, yet her heart was filled with compassion.

This guy is truly…

The Western Queen Mother remained silent, but Ning Tian’s resolution moved her deeply.

She had seen too many proud and talented figures, but Ning Tian was the only one to stir her emotions.

At this moment, both emperors fixed their gaze upon Ning Tian, observing his every move.

Ning Tian walked up to the corpse of the Spirit Feather Sparrow. The Emperor’s etheric shadow bent down to pick it up, and his gaze shifted to a distant mountain.

He raised his hand slightly, slicing the mountain in half as if it were made of nothing!


The entire mountain range trembled.

When the mountain split open, Ning Tian controlled the Emperor’s etheric shadow to use the last remnants of its power to bury the Spirit Feather Sparrow within, then closed the mountain again!


The sound of shattering resounded, and the Emperor’s etheric shadow behind Ning Tian turned into specks of golden light and disappeared.

Using the mountain as a tomb, this was the final resting place Ning Tian had envisioned for the Spirit Feather Sparrow.

Witnessing this, Luo Wuqing let out a deep sigh. The Spirit Feather Sparrow had died saving Ning Tian, a favor Ning Tian would engrave in his heart.

This also proved that she, Luo Wuqing, had not chosen the wrong person!

A person of affection and gratitude, who remembers kindnesses in their heart, often travels far on the path of cultivation!

With the disappearance of the Emperor’s etheric shadow, the suppressed excruciating pain and weakness within Ning Tian surged forth, and he could no longer maintain his stance and collapsed.


“Fainted again.”

Ning Tian’s mouth twisted bitterly, these were his last thoughts before losing consciousness.

But just as he was about to hit the ground, a whiff of fragrant breeze came, and he fell into a soft embrace.

“Ning Tian?”

Luo Wuqing held onto Ning Tian, her beautiful eyes flashing with anxiety.

“Place him on that rock over there.” The Western Queen Mother approached at that moment and, after a solemn glance at Ning Tian, directed Luo Wuqing.

Hearing this, Luo Wuqing was momentarily startled but then nodded.

“Don’t worry.”

The Western Queen Mother put away her bamboo flute and switched to a green jade flute, “I might not be as strong as you in battle, but I am confident in my medical skills.”


Luo Wuqing nodded, silent, as she carefully positioned Ning Tian on the flat surface of the stone.

Her beautiful eyes never left Ning Tian.

That look of concern was suddenly tender.

Unfortunately, this tenderness was something Ning Tian could only enjoy while he was unconscious.

Seeing her look, the Western Queen Mother couldn’t help but sigh; it seemed Ning Tian had genuinely made his way into Luo Wuqing’s heart.

Then, she let out a faint sigh and looked at the jade flute in her hand.

She had many flutes, but each one represented a different musical path, and thus a different effect.

Previously, she used a purple flute with a melody that trapped and ensnared!

And now, it was the green jade flute, the melody of which brings forth life!

The Western Queen Mother approached Ning Tian, and by then, Luo Wuqing was cleaning the blood off his face with a handkerchief.

“I am preparing to begin.”

The Western Queen Mother announced.

Luo Wuqing nodded and stood up, stepping back.

Yet her gaze remained firmly on Ning Tian.


The Western Queen Mother took a deep breath, then placed the green jade flute to her lips, and a melodious sound began to emerge.

Accompanied by the melody, Ning Tian’s body shimmered with streaks of green light.

That was the light of life, stemming from the music of life.

Wave after wave of dazzling green light fell upon Ning Tian, beginning to heal his wounds.

Watching this intently, Luo Wuqing’s palms were subtly covered in sweat.

She knew full well how severe Ning Tian’s injuries were.

Luo Wuqing felt a trace of guilt in her heart.

She had already hidden another array within the array controlling the Tianming Mirror for Ning Tian—an array for spatial transference!

As soon as Ning Tian’s life was in danger, she would sense it immediately!

Still, despite this precaution.

Ning Tian had been gravely injured.

The flute music was mournful, the nourishing light of life continued to pour into Ning Tian’s body.

After a long time.

The music stopped, and the Western Queen Mother set down the green jade flute, her eyebrows furrowed, a serious glint in her eyes.

“How is he?”

In Luo Wuqing’s voice there was a hint of urgency as she anxiously looked at the Western Queen Mother.

“The external injuries are nearly healed, but the internal ones…”

The Western Queen Mother shook her head and sighed, “My music of life cannot fully integrate into his body.”

Hearing this, Luo Wuqing fell silent, clutching her fist tightly, her eyes still on Ning Tian.

She had already made up her mind.

As long as it would heal Ning Tian, even if it meant traversing the Three Realms and enduring the trials of the Nine Spirit Realms, what was that to her?

“However, I do know of a way that might save him.”

At this moment, the Western Queen Mother, who had put away her jade flute, suddenly spoke again.

“What is it?”

Luo Wuqing’s gaze locked onto the Western Queen Mother.

“Use the Yaochi Immortal Elixir I originally promised to give you. Although it still needs two more months to mature, using it now can still be effective, just that there will be—”

Before the Western Queen Mother could finish, she was interrupted by Luo Wuqing’s cool voice.

“Use it on him.”


The Western Queen Mother paused, her eyes narrowing slightly, “Wait two more months, and the Yaochi Immortal Elixir will be matured. Consuming it, you may have the chance to breakthrough to the Divine Realm!”

“I said, use it on him.”

Luo Wuqing’s expression was indifferent, and she slowly approached the rock and picked up Ning Tian.

The consumption of the Yaochi Immortal Elixir merely offered a slim chance of breaking through to the Divine Realm; it was a gamble.

Naturally, Luo Wuqing would not risk Ning Tian’s life for it.

So, she did not hesitate.

“Alright then.”

Hearing this, the Western Queen Mother understood and nodded, “Come with me to Yaochi then.”

The two of them left with Ning Tian.

Here, two Divine Emperor realm powerhouses had fallen, yet nobody was aware.

Yaochi Holy Land.

Ning Tian was once again brought to the Yaochi Holy Land, but this time he was brought in unconscious, without alerting anyone.

Yaochi Palace.

The Western Queen Mother, together with Luo Wuqing, arranged for Ning Tian to be placed in a wooden house.

Inside the house, there was a large wooden bathtub filled with hot water.

“Knock, knock.”

A knock came from outside the door.

“Come in.”

The Western Queen Mother invited, and the door opened.

The Yaochi Saintess walked in.


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