Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 61


Chapter 61: The Emperor’s Phantom, Thunder of the Heavenly Gods!


At this moment, the sky and earth seemed to rumble with the sound of thunder!

Dark clouds obscured the sun.


Suddenly, a golden bolt of lightning struck heavily behind Ning Tian, and a figure that was a hundred meters tall, shimmering with the lightning of tribulation, suddenly stood erect!

Its body was shimmering with golden light and lightning, and waves of imperial might swept in!

“The Emperor’s Phantom!”

“Has it appeared again?!”

Watching the Emperor’s Phantom that was close at hand, Luo Wuqing furrowed her brow, and a touch of astonishment flashed in her beautiful eyes.

Ning Tian had summoned the Emperor’s Phantom again.

Could it be that behind him there were many emperors?

However, if there were really emperors, with her strength she should have been able to detect them.

Luo Wuqing turned to look at Ning Tian beside her. His pupils were shimmering with golden light, and although his well-defined face was covered in blood, she could still see Ning Tian’s resolve.

A glimmer of light flashed in her beautiful eyes.

While she felt sorry for Ning Tian, she also found him becoming more and more mysterious.

High above, the Western Queen Mother, feeling the celestial phenomenon, was stunned for a moment before abruptly turning back to see the Emperor’s Phantom rising behind Ning Tian, and she was momentarily startled.

“What is this?”

She removed the bamboo flute from beside her red lips, squinted her beautiful eyes, and looked over.

In an instant, her pupils contracted sharply.

“The Emperor’s Phantom!?”

The Western Queen Mother was shocked. Luo Wuqing was right there, so the Emperor’s Phantom could not possibly be hers.


Whose Emperor’s Phantom was it?

Could it be that not only Luo Wuqing was an emperor beside Ning Tian?

“This guy is getting more and more mysterious.”

The Western Queen Mother looked at Ning Tian, licked her red lips, and her eyes were filled with a desire to explore.

“The Emperor’s Phantom.”

“This kid has come again.”

Seeing the hundred-meter-tall Emperor’s Phantom, the Shadow Demon Elder and the Sky Vault Holy Master trembled violently, their eyes filled with despair.

In the face of the Emperor’s Phantom, they couldn’t muster the slightest will to fight.

Although they were Divine Emperor realm experts, even a one-star gap between Divine Emperor realms was huge!

Not to mention, they were just Divine Emperors, and behind Ning Tian were phantoms of emperors!

“I said. You must die!”

Ning Tian’s voice was somewhat hoarse, blood still streaming down, and he looked at Luo Wuqing with deep concern.

His gaze, firmly on the Shadow Demon Elder and the Sky Vault Holy Master, his eyes flashing with golden light, and the Emperor’s Phantom, following Ning Tian’s movements, looked towards the two people as well.

In that moment, the Shadow Demon Elder and the Sky Vault Holy Master trembled violently, sweating profusely.

They only felt that before them was not Ning Tian, but an emperor, a majestic and divine emperor!

“How is this possible? Isn’t he at the Spirit Communication realm?”

The Shadow Demon Elder swallowed with difficulty, his body trembling due to fear.

He couldn’t understand why a mere Spirit Communication realm youngster could summon the Emperor’s Phantom in the blink of an eye?


It was simply too bizarre!


Suddenly, the sky darkened with clouds, and lightning struck!

Only to see Ning Tian looking indifferently at the two men, his eyes full of murderous intent, and with a sudden lift of his hand, thunder and lightning roared!

“Wind and Thunder Tribulation!”

Ning Tian uttered a low shout, and with the fall of his raised hand, wind and thunder surged!

At this moment, what the system provided him was the phantom of a Heavenly God Emperor!

It was the phantom of an emperor with a Heavenly God physique, and by the time of reaching the emperor realm, a Heavenly God physique could control the external wind and thunder!


Wind and thunder crashed down.

“Quick, dodge!”

The Shadow Demon Elder roared, and his body exploded into a mist of blood, dodging the wind and thunder falling from the sky!

“Thinking of escaping?”


“Ridiculously laughable!”

Ning Tian clenched his teeth, his breath shook violently, and the imperial aura swept around in an instant!


The imperial pressure instantly enveloped the two!

The blood mist that the Shadow Demon Elder had transformed back into was directly forced back into its original form!

The two’s faces changed drastically, their eyes filled with despair, their bodies already immobile!

And the wind and thunder from the sky became a circling dragon, towering above the firmament, plunging down!

Thunderous roar!


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