Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 60


Chapter 60: Two Women Appear, Shocking the System!


Ning Tian kept spitting out the blood stasis from his chest, looking feeble. Ignoring the pain in his body, he ran towards the half-corpse of the Spiritual Feather Sparrow like a madman.

But it was already too late to save it!

“Youngster, you’re still not dead?”

“You really have good luck!”

The Shadow Fiend Elder and Tianqiong Holy Master slowly descended from the sky and stared mockingly at Ning Tian.

“However, your luck isn’t going to be that good anymore! I don’t see anyone willing to sacrifice their life to save you now!”

“Spiritual Feather Sparrow…”

Ning Tian’s lips were pale as he kept muttering.

Even though the Spiritual Feather Sparrow was just a demon beast, its act of sacrificing itself to protect him deeply moved Ning Tian!

“Kid, prepare to die!”

The Shadow Fiend Elder raised his hand.

In an instant, an immense demonic energy surged from his hand, and he could finally breathe a sigh of relief in his heart.

Although he had failed to kill this youngster three times, he would finally be able to do so!

“I will have you die!”

“I will definitely have you die!!”

Suddenly, Ning Tian looked up sharply, his eyes filled with bloodshot veins, staring fiercely at the two.


Even the Shadow Fiend Elder and Tianqiong Holy Master felt a shiver in their hearts at the sight of those crazed eyes; they seemed as if they came from hell itself.

“Just with you?”

Tianqiong Holy Master sneered disdainfully as he once again called upon the imperial might within his body!

“If he says you die, naturally you will die!”

Suddenly, a cold and murderous woman’s voice resounded through heaven and earth.

In Ning Tian’s palm, the array drawn by Luo Wuqing erupted with true golden light at this very moment.

Following that, the dazzling array enveloped the entire mountain range, and the spiritual energy of heaven and earth was mobilized at this moment!

“What is this…”

Seeing this scene, the Shadow Fiend Elder and Tianqiong Holy Master’s pupils shrank violently!

“This is a spatial transfer array!”

The Shadow Fiend Elder’s face changed dramatically, his voice almost panicking and trembling, “Quick, kill the kid! Don’t let the array in his hand absorb spiritual energy! Otherwise, Luo Wuqing can come through the spatial transfer array!”


In that moment, even the Tianqiong Holy Master started to panic.

Almost simultaneously, the two charged towards Ning Tian!

Just at that moment, a melodious sound of a flute filled the air, and time seemed to freeze!

The Shadow Fiend Elder and Tianqiong Holy Master were trapped where they stood!

“Trap Array Flute Sound!”

“This is… This is the signature skill of the Western Queen Mother!”

Both their faces turned pale as they saw a purple-clothed figure appear in the sky, playing a long flute!

“How come she… she came too?!”

The Shadow Fiend Elder and Tianqiong Holy Master were filled with panic, and their bodies trembled uncontrollably!

If Luo Wuqing had also arrived, joined by the Western Queen Mother, that would mean two great emperors were present!

“It’s over!”

At this moment, both of them felt almost desperate.


In an instant, the spiritual energy of heaven and earth vibrated!

The spatial transfer array mobilized the spiritual energy, and a blinding golden light flashed as a figure appeared beside Ning Tian.

Her cold eyes were emotionless, and her beautiful face was filled with icy killing intent.

It was indeed Luo Wuqing!

Seeing Ning Tian beside her, who had become a bloodied figure, Luo Wuqing’s heart clenched, and she felt immeasurable pain.

“You really should die, you all really should die!”

As her voice fell, Luo Wuqing’s imperial majesty swept across the surroundings fiercely.

The entire heaven and earth changed color as the sky brightened and darkened under the imperial authority, with the heavens trembling and the earth quaking!


Not far away in the sky, the Western Queen Mother began to laugh at their misfortune.

These two fellows had completely infuriated Luo Wuqing.

Who would dare to stand alone against this woman when she was enraged?


Seeing Ning Tian’s terrible state, a flash of anger crossed her eyes as well.

Two god-emperor realm powerhouses actually chased Ning Tian, who was only at the Communication Spirit Realm; they really had no shame!

“You two will disperse into nothingness in this world!”

Luo Wuqing looked coldly at the two, ready to make her move.


Just then, a hand suddenly grabbed Luo Wuqing’s jade hand, and a weak voice rang out.

“Wife, let me do it.”


Luo Wuqing was shocked, and seeing Ning Tian’s bloodied condition, her heart was overwhelmed with distress.

“You’re already like this, don’t move!”


Ning Tian shook his head and looked towards the Shadow Fiend Elder and Tianqiong Holy Master with eyes full of manic killing intent.

“Host, don’t move rashly. If you keep this up, you’ll ruin yourself. Not even the Revival Pill can save you!” The system’s anxious voice sounded in Ning Tian’s mind.


Ning Tian didn’t answer. He just clenched his teeth tightly, refusing to give up.

At this moment, he had only one thought in his mind!

He wanted to kill these two people himself!

“Host, you!”

“Is this what human emotions are like?”

Feeling his host’s stubbornness, the system was actually shocked.

[You have shocked the system!]

[You have obtained the Divine Emperor’s Shadow, with a duration of five minutes!]

[The Divine Emperor’s Shadow is being summoned!]

[Summoning successful!]


In an instant!

Ning Tian was enveloped in brilliant golden light, and a hundred-meter-tall golden shadow appeared behind him. The imperial might erupted at that moment!


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