Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 6


Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife

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Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 6: Ascending to Heaven in One Step, Damage to the Dao Heart!


Ning Tian gave a faint smile, tense anticipation building in the hearts of the people inside the great hall, all curious to see how he would respond.

But the next words out of his mouth made many faces within the great hall look rather strange.

“I indeed am waste.”


Was this… self-deprecation?

A group of powerful beings—including elders of the Sky Demon Sect—were all stunned.

Ning Tian’s lips curved into a smile as he said lightly, “If one cannot ascend to heaven in a single step, how dare they consider themselves a genius?”


The moment these words were uttered, deathly silence befell the great hall!

“If one cannot ascend to heaven in a single step, how dare they consider themselves a genius?” Many saints and princes muttered to themselves, their expressions souring to the extreme!

They considered themselves geniuses!


They couldn’t ascend to heaven in a single step!

Ning Tian’s words undeniably slapped the faces of all the saints and princes present with a resounding smack!

Since they couldn’t ascend to heaven in one step, they didn’t deserve to call themselves geniuses!

Similarly, they might as well be waste!

Click, click.

Many saints and princes clenched their teeth so hard they were nearly grinding them, unable to hide their fury as they stared at Ning Tian, who still wore a smiling face.

How angry they felt inside!

They couldn’t surpass Ning Tian’s handsomeness, so they could only label him as waste!

But now!

Damn it, these saints and princes had ended up being labeled as waste themselves!

“What… what a vicious approach!”

The Grand Elder of the Sky Demon Sect was taken aback for a moment, but then quickly realized the implication, a spark of admiration flashing in his eyes as he looked at Ning Tian with his smiling face.

This young man, with a single statement, brutally slapped the faces of all the “geniuses” present!

You can’t ascend to heaven in one step, so what gives you the right to call yourself a genius!


The Grand Elder gasped in shock, glancing at the Empress Luo Wuqing up high, his admiration for the Empress’s insight deepening!


At that moment, Ning Tian’s eyes carried a wave of amiability as he proceeded to speak slowly: “Luckily, I have recognized my status and didn’t become as arrogant and self-aggrandizing as you all, calling myself a genius.”

With these words, the hearts of the saints and princes in the great hall felt as though they had been struck by a heavy blow!

A surge of indignation was stuck in their chests!

They felt humiliated!

Was this openly flaunting, “I’m waste and proud of it”?


They had never seen someone so shameless!


Fresh blood sprayed out from the mouth of one of the saints, his eyes flashing with frustration, deeply infuriated by Ning Tian to the point of spitting blood!


Pfft! Pfft!

Following that, several more saints and princes spat out blood due to sheer anger!

Normally, they prided themselves on being geniuses, but now, Ning Tian’s words had effectively turned them into waste.

This caused damage to their Dao hearts, which were overwhelmed by rage and resulted in spitting blood!

“So cool!”

“One sentence and he’s defeated so many saints and princes!”

Meanwhile, inside the great hall, the saintesses and princesses watched Ning Tian with adoration, seemingly completely smitten by him.

If it weren’t for the presence of the Empress, they might have already been fighting over Ning Tian!

His already handsome appearance, coupled with the influence of his enchanting physique, left these princesses and saintesses utterly unable to resist Ning Tian’s charm!

“Genius? Waste… waste?”

Lin Xiaoyao’s heart shook violently, and at that moment, his pride was utterly shattered by Ning Tian!

“Cough cough…”

At this moment, the Grand Elder coughed a few times; if they allowed Ning Tian to continue, the Dao hearts of these saints and princes might completely shatter.

“Ning Tian… I ask you, where did you learn this Sky Demon Palm?”

The Grand Elder’s gaze rested on Ning Tian.

Countless eyes fell on Ning Tian. The Sky Demon Palm was known by only a select few within the Sky Demon Sect.

How did Ning Tian learn it?

“Oh, that…”

Ning Tian seemed casual, but his mind raced for a response. Soon, he figured out a strategy.

“I learned it at the Scripture Pavilion.”

“The Scripture Pavilion?”

The Grand Elder was surprised; indeed, there was a copy of the Sky Demon Palm in the Scripture Pavilion, “And how long did it take you to master this Sky Demon Palm?”

The Sky Demon Palm was difficult to cultivate!

Some elders spent half their lives without mastering it!

And the Grand Elder himself took a full seven months to succeed!

However, Empress Luo Wuqing was an exception; it only took her three days to successfully cultivate the Sky Demon Palm.

“As for the time it took…”

Ning Tian raised his eyebrows slightly, as though it took him just under a minute to learn it?

But saying so, would that be bragging a bit too much?

Well, he might as well be modest.

Ning Tian pondered for a moment and then held up a finger, “One day.”

He thought to himself that one day should be long enough, right?

One day, indeed longer than one minute.


“One day!?”

The Grand Elder was stunned.

The elders of the Sky Demon Sect were dumbfounded.

One day?

That was even faster than the Empress’s learning speed!

Was this a waste?

“How… what’s wrong?” Seeing their shocked expressions, Ning Tian scratched his head, wasn’t one day quite a long time?

His concept still lingered on Earth.

Indeed, one day was quite long, over a thousand minutes!

“One day, this is simply genius! No, wrong! It’s a rare talent who can cultivate martial arts!” The Grand Elder trembled with excitement, his eyes brimming with tears.

For how many years!

Their Sky Demon Sect had finally found a disciple with enough talent to match and even surpass the Empress!

Within the next decade or even a few years, the Sky Demon Sect might give birth to another emperor-level powerhouse!

【You have shocked the elders of the Sky Demon Sect, rewarding one thousand spiritual cultivations!】

Ning Mo suddenly felt a significant increase in spiritual energy in his body.


“One day? Pfft!”

In an instant, many saints and princes were once again shocked, their chests suppressed with old blood erupting anew.

Just a second ago, you claimed you weren’t capable of ascending to heaven in one step and dared not call yourself a genius.

But the next second, you managed to comprehend a difficult martial art in just one day!

What are they then?

Not even fit to be waste?!


“It’s not good! The saint of the Holy Land of Light has fainted from anger!”

“The Great Prince of the Divine Kingdom of Heaven has passed out!”

“The saint of the Holy Sky domain spat blood from anger, lost too much blood, and is now unconscious!”


Inside the great hall, countless saints and princes were overcome with indignation, their vision turning black as they collapsed to the ground.

Seeing this scene, the Grand Elder shook his head repeatedly, feeling a headache coming on.

After today, who knew how many saints and princes would suffer from damaged Dao hearts, and Ning Tian might even become their inner demons!

However, fortunately, with the Empress presiding, the forces behind these saints and princes wouldn’t dare to come seeking justice.

The farce ended, and the wedding ceremony in the great hall proceeded as usual.

At this moment, no one else felt that Ning Tian was unworthy of the Empress anymore.

In their eyes, Ning Tian now possessed limitless potential and in a few decades, or even years, the Sky Demon Sect might likely give birth to another emperor-level powerhouse!

The Celestial Domain, the Alliance of Righteousness.

Surrounded by immortal aura, cranes soared among the clouds, akin to a fairyland on earth.

Within the mountains, there was a magnificent hall hidden in the mist of immortal auras.

Inside the hall, several white-haired elders sat opposite each other.

Each white-haired elder was enshrouded in a silvery glow, with the laws of the great Dao surrounding them, their presence immensely powerful!

After a long silence, a white-haired, black-robed elder looked at the others and spoke slowly.

“Nowadays, the demonic way is rampant, with the Sky Demon Sect leading. I wonder what opinions you all have?”

(End of chapter)

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