Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 59


Chapter 59: Three Escapes, the Spiritual Sparrow Saves the Day!

The spiritual Qi sky slammed down towards Ning Tian, causing his skin to crack open at this moment!

In an instant, he turned into a blood person!

“Crunch! Crunch!”

Ning Tian gritted his teeth, staring intensely at the shadowy old man with a vicious look, causing even the shadowy old man’s heart to skip a beat!

He slightly frowned, and said coldly, “Tianqiong, quickly finish off this kid!”


The Saint Master Tianqiong nodded heavily, with a look of madness in his eyes, and his raised hand suddenly fell down!


“Kid, don’t blame me!”

“You crippled my two saint sons, this is the price you should pay!”

Crippled two saint sons?


For a moment, a sharp light flashed in Ning Tian’s eyes, “You are Saint Master Tianqiong!?”


The imperial might approached.


Ning Tian’s blood flowed, his aura wilted.

He stared rigidly at the spiritual Qi sky that was descending above him. He hadn’t used his Lightning Speed Card yet; he had to make sure he could definitely dodge before using it!

Otherwise, it would all be in vain!

Bang bang!

Under that approaching imperial might, Ning Tian’s bones broke who knows how many times.

His eyeballs were full of blood, his lips were bitten until they bled, but he still stood upright, staring dead at the spiritual Qi sky that was falling from above.

“This kid…”

Seeing Ning Tian like this, the shadowy old man was slightly moved, considering Ning Tian to be the most tenacious junior he had ever seen!

“Kid, you are very impressive! However, you still have to die.”

The shadowy old man shook his head as the spiritual Qi sky was almost upon them.


Ning Tian stared at the shadowed old man with a somber smile, blood constantly flowing from his mouth, “Old thing, you wait and see…”


As the voice fell, the spiritual Qi sky roared down!


The entire sky shook violently, as if it was being torn apart!


And below the thousands of meters of high sky, the mountain range below the spiritual Qi sky suddenly collapsed in an instant!

A hole hundreds of meters in diameter was smashed through!

“He should be dead by now, right?”

Seeing this scene, the shadowy old man and Saint Master Tianqiong wrinkled their brows slightly, but suddenly saw a flash of golden light!

“That is… that kid is actually not dead!”

“How is that possible!?”

Seeing this scene, both the shadowy old man and Saint Master Tianqiong inhaled sharply, a touch of shock passing through their eyes!

How did Ning Tian escape from an almost destructive move!?


“A tough cockroach that refuses to die! Let’s chase!”

The shadowy old man gritted his teeth, his face ashen. Could it be that today they would let Ning Tian escape from two god emperor powerhouses?

Using the Lightning Speed Card, he once again moved tens of thousands of meters.

Now, he only had one last chance!


Ning Tian was now almost completely crippled, spitting out a mouthful of fresh blood.

“These two old undyings, I will make sure to kill you both.”

Ning Tian lay on the back of the spiritual sparrow, biting his teeth hard. At this moment, his heart was filled with a desire for power!

[You have shocked the shadowy old man and Saint Master Tianqiong, you receive a Miracle Rejuvenation Pill.]

[Miracle Rejuvenation Pill: As long as Hua Tuo is alive, it can preserve the cultivation meridians from being destroyed, slowly repairing internal injuries!]


Ning Tian let out a sigh of relief, now he wouldn’t have to worry about the meridians he had worked hard to cultivate being damaged.

“System, use the Miracle Rejuvenation Pill!”

[Using Miracle Rejuvenation Pill now.]

[Use successful!]

As the scent of the medicine emerged, Ning Tian’s flickering insides finally got some relief.

However, how terrible was his current state?

Turned into a blood person, he was essentially bleeding all over his body.

At this moment, there was a flash of blue light in Ning Tian’s palm, unnoticed in its fleeting presence.

“Little Ling, hurry and fly.”

Now, Ning Tian could only ask the spiritual sparrow to increase its speed. The faster, the better!


At this moment, the spiritual sparrow seemed to understand the importance of the situation, and started to fly at its fastest speed.

What followed was a game of cat and mouse.

During the process of fleeing for his life, Ning Tian, in order to dodge the shadowy old man’s god emperor strike, also used his last chance to move quickly with the Lightning Speed Card.

This scene in the sky attracted the attention of many.

These powerhouses wanted to see what exactly was going on, but after sensing those two terrifying god emperor auras, they all changed their faces!

Two god emperor powerhouses were chasing after one person!?

Just what level of powerhouse could make two god emperor powerhouses pursue them?

On the ground, many strong people were amazed and puzzled.

But what they could never imagine was that the one being chased was merely a spirit realm youth riding a holy emperor realm beast!

Minutes later.

At a secluded deep mountain, the shadowy old man and Saint Master Tianqiong encircled Ning Tian.

“Not unworthy of being the legendary ancestor of the Sky Demon Sect, able to escape from our hands three times!”

The shadowy old man snorted coldly, looking at Ning Tian with a cold eye.

“I want to see how you will escape next!”


Ning Tian bit his teeth, his mind racing to calculate the probability of survival!

But no matter how he calculated, the conclusion was only one: death!

At this moment, Ning Tian’s heart did not despair. Since death was certain, then he would fight with all his might!

“Who says a spirit realm cannot fight against a god emperor realm? Since that’s the case, I want to fight and show you! Regardless of life or death, to fight is to be!”

Ning Tian struggled to stand up from the back of the spiritual sparrow, his face free and easy.

“Ridiculous child!” Saint Master Tianqiong mocked, laughing at Ning Tian’s ignorance of his own limitations.

“System, activate the power of faith!”

Ning Tian shouted in his heart, for now his spiritual energy was already depleted, and the only thing he could use was this move!

[Activating the power of faith!]


In an instant, Ning Tian’s stored might erupted, a large golden light burst forth from his body!


The faith-based golden light instantly bombarded the mocking Saint Master Tianqiong, his face suddenly changed!

He raised his hand to defend!



A scream rang out, and an arm fell towards the other side!

“Ah my arm!”

Saint Master Tianqiong screamed, his eyes crazily looking towards Ning Tian, his face distorted, roaring, “Kid, you dare sever one of my arms?!”


In an instant, an imperial might fiercely bombarded towards Ning Tian!

This time, Ning Tian could not dodge!

Is it the end?


Suddenly, Ning Tian clearly felt his body rise into the air, only to see the spiritual sparrow flip over, actually covering him from the front!


The imperial might struck the spiritual sparrow in an instant.


The body of the spiritual sparrow instantly split into two halves!

The hot blood spilled on Ning Tian’s face, his pupils contracting sharply!

Then, his body was bombarded towards the ground by the imperial might!

In a crisis moment, the last consciousness within the spiritual sparrow activated its wing to wrap him inside!


On the ground, a huge pit appeared in an instant!


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