Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 57


Chapter 57: Assassination Plan, Leaving Yaochi!

“Is it you?”

The Sovereign of the Firmament turned around and, upon seeing that it was the Shadow Demon Elder, his eyebrows slightly furrowed.

“Why are you here?”

“Why aren’t you fleeing? What are you doing at my Firmament Holy Land? I don’t want to offend Luo Wuqing because of you!”

Their conversation suggested they knew each other before.

“Don’t worry.”

The Shadow Demon Elder waved his hand dismissively and nonchalantly seated himself on a cool chair.

“It’s night time. Those guys from the Skyfiend Sect can’t find my traces.”

A cold smile appeared at the corner of the Shadow Demon Elder’s mouth, “Moreover, I have planned to leave the Heavenly Spirit Domain in a few days! If Luo Wuqing still wants to pursue me, I’ll just go to the lower realm!”

Hearing this, the Sovereign of the Firmament fell silent for a moment.

After a while, he lifted his head, his eyes flickering sharply, and asked the Shadow Demon Elder, “So why have you come to me tonight?”

The Sovereign of the Firmament wasn’t foolish. The Shadow Demon Elder coming to see him late at night definitely wasn’t just to bid farewell.

There must be other motives.

“Humph! If I just flee in such an embarrassed manner, naturally I wouldn’t be reconciled!”

The Shadow Demon Elder let out a cold snort.

His life’s work, the Shadowfiend Sect, had almost been annihilated by the Skyfiend Sect!

His heart was bleeding!

If he left just like that, it would be too suffocating!

“So what are you planning to do?” the Sovereign of the Firmament asked gravely, vaguely feeling that the next words of the Shadow Demon Elder would reveal the purpose of his visit tonight.

“What am I planning?”

The Shadow Demon Elder’s smile turned cruel, “Of course, it’s to make Luo Wuqing pay the price!”

“Although I can’t harm the Empress, her beloved is a different matter!”

“What… what do you mean?”

The Sovereign of the Firmament furrowed his brows.

“A few days ago, the legendary ancestor of the Skyfiend Sect went with the Saintess of Yaochi. It’s estimated that they will leave tomorrow, and then you and I can directly ambush him! How about that?”

A cold and ruthless killing intent flickered in the eyes of the Shadow Demon Elder as he spoke indifferently.


“Ambush the ancestor of the Skyfiend Sect?”

The Sovereign of the Firmament exclaimed with a start, his heart trembling, and he clenched his teeth, “Aren’t you afraid that Luo Wuqing will find out?”

“What’s there to be afraid of?”

The Shadow Demon Elder sneered disdainfully, “How far is the land of Yaochi from the Skyfiend Sect? Even if she finds out, by the time she arrives, the ancestor of the Skyfiend Sect will already be dead!”

“Do you really think that a mere youngster at the Spirit Connection Realm can escape from the hands of both of us?”


The Sovereign of the Firmament hesitated. Behind him was the entire Firmament Holy Land.

But now, the Shadow Demon Elder was all alone and naturally didn’t need to worry about repercussions.

Seeing the hesitation on the face of the Sovereign of the Firmament, the Shadow Demon Elder’s expression grew cold. He glanced at Su Xing who was lying unconscious beside him, beaten and discarded.

“Could it be that you don’t wish to kill him after both your chosen successors have been disempowered by the legendary ancestor of the Skyfiend Sect?”


The Sovereign of the Firmament bit his teeth. Both generations of his chosen successors were wasted by Ning Tian; how could he not be furious?

But then…

“By the way, doesn’t that legendary ancestor have the strength to kill at the Divine Emperor Realm? How will you solve this?”

“You’re overthinking it.”

The Shadow Demon Elder scoffed in disdain, “Do you really think someone at the Spirit Connection Realm has the strength to kill at the Divine Emperor Realm?”

“I think it must have been Luo Wuqing who secretly made a move.”

Saying this and seeing the continuing hesitation of the Sovereign of the Firmament…

He suddenly became impatient, “Don’t dawdle any longer. When the time comes, even if he is killed, the Skyfiend Sect will only think that I am the murderer. You can completely protect yourself with prudence.”

“If the ancestor of the Skyfiend Sect is not removed, aren’t you afraid that your Firmament Holy Land will no longer have successors?”

The Sovereign of the Firmament pondered for a moment, a sharp killing intent flashing through his eyes, and at this moment, he finally made up his mind to kill!

Perhaps it was the Shadow Demon Elder’s word that awakened him!

If the legendary ancestor of the Skyfiend Sect doesn’t die, who knows if his Firmament Holy Land will be able to produce successors ever again!

“Alright, it’s settled then!”

In the courtyard, both men’s eyes flashed with murderous intent.

Tomorrow, the legendary ancestor of the Skyfiend Sect will undoubtedly die!

At this moment, Ning Tian was unaware that he had already become the target of two Divine Emperor Realm powerhouses.

After blocking his ears with spiritual energy so he couldn’t hear the voices of the Yaochi disciples outside his room, he slept soundly.

Meanwhile, the group of Yaochi disciples, seeing that Ning Tian remained undisturbed, all bit their silver teeth with a resentful gaze, looking like heartbroken young girls as they left this place.

The next day.

At the gate of the Yaochi Holy Land.

Where there should have been no one, many Yaochi disciples had now gathered.

Their gazes were all filled with reluctance as they looked toward the man outside the gate.

Seeing this huge farewell crowd, Ning Tian scratched his head and then turned to look at the Western Queen Mother and others behind him, saying helplessly: “Western Queen Mother, Saintess, you really don’t need to send me off…”


The Western Queen Mother chuckled with a sound as pleasant as a silver bell. She moved closer to Ning Tian, “Does the Ancestor truly not wish to stay a few more nights in the Yaochi Holy Land?”

“My Yaochi disciples are all so reluctant to part with you.”


Ning Tian was momentarily stunned and quickly shook his head to decline, “Thank you for your kindness, Western Queen Mother, but having been out for many days, my wife must miss me greatly. I should return early.”

Just one night here summoned a crowd of Yaochi disciples discussing life with him at his residence.

If he stayed a few more nights, wouldn’t they break down the door and force themselves on him? Certainly, his purity won’t be preserved.

The Western Queen Mother narrowed her beautiful eyes with an appearance of disappointment, “Is that so? That’s truly a pity.”

“Hehe, goodbye everyone.”

With a slight whistle to his lips, Ning Tian summoned his mount with a whistle. In the sky, the sound of tearing air could be heard as a large shadow appeared, hovering over the gate of the Yaochi Holy Land before descending. It was the Swiftfeather Bird!

“Ladies, mountains never change and rivers flow forever – hehe~ If fate allows it, we shall meet again in the rivers and lakes!” The Swiftfeather Bird landed on the ground, and Ning Tian leaped upon it.

As the Swiftfeather Bird flapped its wings, ready to depart…


Just then, the Saintess of Yaochi bit her red lips, her eyes rippling as she looked toward Ning Tian, “Ancestor, if you come to Yaochi one day, Yaoxi will definitely entertain you!”

“Ha ha!”

Ning Tian chuckled, waved toward her, and as the Swiftfeather Bird began to flap its wings, it soared into the clouds, instantly turning into a shooting star.

A voice descended from the heavens.

“Then, I’ll be looking forward to it!”

Watching the vanishing shooting star, a group of Yaochi disciples sighed with deep sadness as they left the area.

The Saintess of Yaochi, gazing in the direction Ning Tian had gone with a dazed expression, couldn’t shake the brief encounter with this legendary ancestor from her mind.

“What’s wrong?”

“Yaoxi girl, have you taken a fancy to that lad?”

Beside her, the Western Queen Mother teased with a mischievous smile.


The face of the Saintess of Yaochi flushed bright red as she hurriedly denied, “No… not at all. Moreover, the Ancestor has a wife.”

“What are you afraid of?”

The Western Queen Mother patted her chest and said with a smile.

“If necessary, we can just snatch the Ancestor away to Yaochi! Although Luo Wuqing is incredibly powerful and perhaps not someone I can match, it’s still worth a try!”

Hearing this, the Saintess of Yaochi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “No, no need.”

Just as the Western Queen Mother was about to say more, her brows furrowed, and she looked in the direction Ning Tian had left.


“What’s that?”


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