Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 56


Chapter 56: Talking About Life, Tianqiu’s Rage!

The storage of faith energy was complete.

A sparkle flashed in Ning Tian’s eyes, and he felt a sense of wonder. Now, after a trip to the Yaochi Holy Land, he had acquired a number of female believers.

“Could it really make the Immortal Spirit Spring overflow with dense spiritual energy?”

The Queen Mother of the West was slightly astonished.

“Holy Master, may we cultivate in this Immortal Spirit Spring?” The Yaochi Holy Maiden approached, excited, asking the Queen Mother of the West for permission.

Around her, a group of Yaochi disciples also awaited expectantly, looking at the Queen Mother of the West.

They had a faint feeling that if they were able to cultivate in this spiritually rich Immortal Spirit Spring, their strength would surely improve!

“Go ahead.”

The Queen Mother of the West pondered for a moment and nodded her head.

Following that, a group of disciples cheered, jumping into the Immortal Spirit Spring one after the other. Although the Yaochi Holy Maiden was not as excited as the other disciples, she also stepped gracefully into the Immortal Spirit Spring.

Ning Tian turned around to look at the Queen Mother of the West.

“Queen Mother of the West, since the matters of the Yaochi Holy Land have been resolved, I shall take my leave.” After speaking, Ning Tian turned to leave.


The Queen Mother of the West stopped him, looking at Ning Tian as if he was a great treasure.

She smiled, “Ancestor, the sky is also getting dark. At night in the Heavenly Spirit Realm, demon beasts roam about, making it quite unsafe. It would be better for the Ancestor to stay one night in our Yaochi Holy Land.”


Ning Tian was taken aback. If demon beasts really roamed about, then it was safer to stay the night.

“Then I will trouble the Queen Mother of the West.” Ning Tian waved his hand.

“Mm.” The Queen Mother of the West nodded with a smile. Just then, from within the Immortal Spirit Spring, apart from the playful laughter of the women, there came exclamations of surprise.


“I’ve broken through!”

“Really! I’ve broken through too!”

“The Ancestor is so magical!”

Many Yaochi disciples had successively made breakthroughs. At that moment, Ning Tian clearly sensed that the gaze of the Queen Mother of the West towards him was becoming increasingly fervent.

This made the thoughts in his heart grow even stronger!


After tonight, he must leave!

At night.

On a night with a full moon.

Ning Tian was arranged in a VIP room within the Yaochi Holy Land.

After a busy day, he was now very tired. So he didn’t plan to cultivate but went directly to bed to sleep, to replenish his energy, and to prepare to leave tomorrow.

Knock knock!

At that moment, a sound came from outside the door.

“Who is it?”

Ning Tian frowned, not planning to open the door, and simply asked.

Outside, a charming female voice responded, “Ancestor, this junior sister has some confusions and wishes for the Ancestor to enlighten her.”


“No time.”

After Ning Tian spoke, he rolled over and continued to sleep.

Knock knock.

The knocking sound came again.

“Didn’t I say I’m not free?”

“Ancestor, Ancestor,” this time, a soft and cute junior sister’s voice came from outside, “Ancestor, I wish to discuss life with you.”


“I have no life.”

Ning Tian’s face turned dark as he outright refused.

For the rest of the night, there were almost constant knocks on the door from the Yaochi disciples, and their purpose was very simple.

They came to discuss life with Ning Tian.

Initially, Ning Tian refused each of them patiently.

But as more and more people came, he simply started operating his spiritual energy to block his ears so he wouldn’t hear anything.

For his future happiness, Ning Tian wouldn’t be foolish enough to agree.

In the deep of night, all was quiet.

In Tianqiu Holy Land.

The Tianqiu Holy Master looked at the dejected Su Xing, his face darkening, without needing to ask, it must be because the Path heart had been destroyed again.

Once he understood everything, he was instantly furious!

“That damned legendary Ancestor from the Tianmo Sect again!”

“Motherf*cker! Is he the killer of my Tianqiu Holy Land’s Holy Sons? He has already destroyed two of my Holy Sons!”

At this moment, the Tianqiu Holy Master was incredibly angry.

With Ning Tian, his heart only harbored thoughts of murder, but due to the Empress’s strength, he could only grind his teeth in resentment, swallowing his anger silently!

He was truly enraged!

But there was nothing he could do!

Rustle rustle!

The sound of the wind blowing through the leaves arose.

The Tianqiu Holy Master frowned, looking into the courtyard, “Who’s there?”

“There is no need for alarm, Holy Master. It is I.”

In the courtyard, a bizarre laugh sounded, followed by the emergence of a shadow. By the light of the candle, it was none other than the Shadow Demon Elder who had been on the run for a long time!


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