Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 5


Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife

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Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 5: Five Shocks in a Row, The Bewitching Body!

As Ning Tian’s palm fell, what followed was a silent stillness!

Inside the grand hall, the elders of the Sky Demon Sect all widened their eyes as they watched the fading black light dissipate from Ning Tian’s hand.

Sky Demon Palm!

This was a powerful earth-grade martial art that even they had not mastered!

Within the entire Sky Demon Sect, only two people knew this technique—one was the Great Elder, and the other was the sect leader, the Empress Luo Wúqing!

A group of elders turned their gazes towards the Great Elder seated in a higher position.

Their inquiring eyes fell on him, “Great Elder, could it be that by the command of the Empress, you taught Ning Tian the earth-grade martial art, Sky Demon Palm?”


The Great Elder wore a bitter expression, shaking his head and sighing, “How could it possibly be me who taught it? Besides, how difficult is it to cultivate the Sky Demon Palm?”

“Otherwise, how could it be that none of you have mastered it despite decades of practice?”

Upon hearing this, the group of elders’ faces turned red with shame, unable to hide their embarrassment.

The Sky Demon Palm was one of the top martial arts within the Sky Demon Sect. Unfortunately, due to its immense difficulty, it had been mastered by only two people in the sect, nearly leading to its loss.

Yet now, they had witnessed the Sky Demon Palm being used by a disciple deemed useless, and what was key was that it had been executed so skillfully!

Empress Luo Wúqing’s gaze, as she peered through her red bridal veil, landed on Ning Tian. This man seemed to always bring her unexpected surprises.


Lin Xiaoyao wiped the fresh blood from the corner of his mouth and struggled to stand up from the ground.

Just as he tried to counter the move with the power of his Earth King realm strength, he felt the descent of an Emperor realm aura. He knew that was the oppressive presence of the Empress!

But what truly defeated him was Ning Tian’s palm strike!

At this moment, Ning Tian’s lips curved into a smile.

In his mind, the system’s voice kept echoing.

【You have shocked the elders of the Sky Demon Sect! You have achieved a single shock!】

【You have shocked the Lord of Heaven’s Divine Palace! You have completed a double shock!】

【You have shocked the Holy Son of the Celestial Holy Land! You have achieved a triple shock!】

【You have shocked the five God Masters of the Supreme Divine Land! You have achieved a quadruple shock!】

【You have shocked Empress Luo Wúqing! You have completed a quintuple shock!】

【Shocked everyone! Achieved a total rout!】


【Host has completed the achievement of shock, stunning everyone, and is rewarded with the Bewitching Body!】

In that moment, Ning Tian’s whole being’s aura flickered, his body seemingly covered in a silver glow, and his presence drastically changed. His already handsome face became even more sharply defined!

Many around them were stunned. How had this guy suddenly become different?

“So handsome…”

Many saintesses from holy lands, princesses of empires, and celestial maidens of heavenly ponds fixed their eyes on Ning Tian’s face, instantly drawn to it, their cheeks flushing as they breathed fragrantly, and their hearts fluttered chaotically.

Some holy sons and princes began to grind their teeth, initially feeling that Ning Tian was unworthy, but now they were secretly envious of him!

This kid, why was he so handsome!

“What the heck, System, what did you do?”

Ning Tian was startled by the attention from around him.

Especially when he noticed the way those saintesses, princesses, and celestial maidens were looking at him with mesmerized, peach-blossom eyes, a cold sweat broke out on his body.

Please, this was his wedding ceremony!

Wasn’t it inappropriate to look at him with such amorous eyes?

Empress Luo Wúqing was still watching from above!

System: “Bewitching Body, increasing boundless charm, allowing the host to pass through a myriad of flowers without a single leaf sticking!”

Ning Tian: “…”

His heart was nearly frantic.

Was he supposed to go astray in the middle of his own wedding ceremony?

Even Empress Luo Wúqing looking at Ning Tian briefly lost her composure, but that was only for a moment. Her path was incredibly stable, virtually unbreakable.

“You… aren’t you the useless person rumored by people?” Lin Xiaoyao dared not look directly at Ning Tian, feeling for some reason that looking at Ning Tian might make him feel inferior.

(End of Chapter)

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