Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 37


Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife

Chapter 37: Wielding the Immortal Weapon, Annihilating the Shameless!

As her words fell, a flash of spiritual energy twinkled upon Luo Wuqing’s delicate body, followed swiftly by a terrifying pressure that surged forth!


A formidable aura charged forward!

“Be careful!”

The Shadow Demon elder shouted explosively, his face twisted with ferocity, as he hurriedly circulated his spiritual energy to resist.

Seeing this, the other four Emperors followed suit.

The might of a Great Emperor must be taken seriously!

“Can you withstand it?” Luo Wuqing’s lips curved slightly, her hand turned over lightly, and a stream of demonic energy flowed, followed by a palm strike!


A massive demonic energy palm, dozens of meters in size, blasted out!

“This is… the Sky Demon Palm!”

The Shadow Demon elder and the other four Emperors’ pupils shrank sharply, using every method at their disposal, shielding themselves in front!


One palm strike.

It struck the five individuals.

Despite being prepared, the five were still sent flying by the blow, crashing into a mountain within Sky Demon Sect’s domain!


In an instant, the mountain collapsed!


“Such power!”

On the debate platform, a group of people were shocked beyond measure!

A single palm strike sent flying five God Emperor realm powerhouses! This is the Empress Luo Wuqing!


Aside from the Shadow Demon elder, the other four each spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, being only near-Emperor strength, they simply couldn’t withstand a Great Emperor’s attack!

“Shadow Demon! Didn’t you say that Luo Wuqing’s strength wasn’t this strong?”

“Didn’t you say we could handle her?”

“But what about now!”

The Scorpion Lady bit down on her sharp silver teeth, staring fixedly at the Shadow Demon elder!

“How would I know she suddenly grew stronger!”

The Shadow Demon elder’s face was equally unsightly. According to intelligence, Luo Wuqing was just a nine-star God Emperor!

He had imagined that a seven-star and four three-stars, along with martial soldiers and Immortal Soldiers should have been enough to handle her!

But now,

The situation had unexpectedly taken a turn!

Luo Wuqing’s power was not merely that of the nine-star level, but that of the peak!

Should Luo Wuqing now obtain the pathway to godhood, she would have the stance to ascend to godhood right on the spot!

This was not a mere one-star difference compared to the nine-star level!

“Enough! Stop arguing, now we must fight with all we have!”

Elder Hun Mie frowned and spoke to the two.

“Now, if we do not unite and instead squabble among ourselves, it is our own lives that will be forfeit!”


“Elder Hun Mie speaks truthfully.”

The other four nodded in agreement, knowing that any disagreement now would only lead to a dead end!

“Use the Immortal Weapon!”

The Shadow Demon elder declared with a somber face, and then the five of them slowly struggled out from the rubble of the mountain and flew back into the sky!

The five Emperors confronted Luo Wuqing once more.

“Luo Wuqing, you’ve forced our hand, everyone use your Immortal Weapons!”

The Shadow Demon elder shouted loudly.

The moment the five Immortal Weapons were activated and ready to unleash their power, a light and breezy voice floated up from below, “Wifey, go for it! Smash those five old fogeys!”


The Shadow Demon elder and the other four Emperors were startled, looking down below.

They discovered that the legendary ancestor of the Sky Demon Sect, at some unknown time, had brought a chair over, holding an apple in his hand and watching them leisurely, while in front of him, a thunder tribulation formation had already refined all three thousand evil souls in the Ghost Annihilation picture!


“This brat, damn! So damn infuriating!”

Above the skies, the five Emperors were so enraged they almost spat blood. This was a battlefield!

And this kid was actually leisurely eating an apple and treating it like a show?

“Damn it!”

“Ancestor, when did you refine all three thousand evil souls?”

Seeing this, the surrounding crowd was dumbfounded; their focus had been on the battle of the Emperors in the sky, no one had noticed Ning Tian doing it so effortlessly in just a few minutes.

“Dude, the Ancestor is awesome!”

A group of proud youths scratched their heads in confusion.

The events had transpired so quickly, and although they had seen the thunder tribulation formation, no one had realized that in just a few minutes, all had been refined.

“Heh heh.”

With a satisfied wave towards the thunder tribulation formation from Ning Tian, the formation disappeared, and the Soul Essence Bead in his hand became even more lustrous.

“Is this, the Soul Essence Bead?”

Elder Hun Mie’s pupils contracted sharply, his eyes filled with greed!

He naturally understood the great nourishment this item could provide!

Just then, Elder Hun Mie suddenly saw Ning Tian raise the Soul Essence Bead in his hand and give him a sly smile, “Old man, thanks for your three thousand evil souls, haha!”


Elder Hun Mie was taken aback, then felt his face flush with indignation and a surge of frustration.


The next moment, he spat out a mouthful of blood.

Already injured by Luo Wuqing, now provoked by Ning Tian, his old wounds erupted, spewing old blood!

Upon witnessing this, the crowd was inwardly shocked!

A God Emperor realm powerhouse was actually provoked into spitting blood by the Ancestor?

Luo Wuqing’s lips lifted slightly, looking at Ning Tian biting into his apple on the debate platform; she couldn’t help but find the situation interesting.

This guy, facing a God Emperor realm powerhouse, seemed not to be afraid at all.

“Elder Hun Mie, steady your Dao heart! What we need to do now is to deal with Luo Wuqing!” The Shadow Demon elder glanced at Elder Hun Mie and frowned.

Then, the immortal blade in his hand flickered.

“Gentlemen, make your move!”

“Shadow Blade Assassination!”

As the words fell, the Shadow Demon elder led the charge, wielding his Immortal Weapon and unleashing its skill!

The shadow coalesced into a blade, and in an instant, it slashed towards Luo Wuqing!

“It seems we cannot fall behind!”

Almost simultaneously, Scorpion Lady brought out her Immortal Weapon, which was the black scorpion she had been toying with before!

“Go, Poison Sky Scorpion!”

The Poison Sky Scorpion dropped from her hand and in an instant, it grew to almost a hundred meters in size, landing heavily on the ground!


The ground shook, and that venomous scorpion tail ferociously lashed towards Luo Wuqing!

And at this moment, Wei Yin and Yang, as well as the Snake Poison Tai Yi, also wielded their Immortal Weapons, striking furiously at the same time!

The might of four Emperor realm beings, wielding Immortal Weapons, fiercely bombarded Luo Wuqing!

Everyone’s gaze was drawn to the impending clash.


No one noticed that Elder Hun Mie was also launching an attack, but his offensive was directly aimed at Ning Tian on the debate platform!

“Ha ha, little boy, you’re as good as dead!” Elder Hun Mie let out a fiendish laugh.


In that moment, many exclaimed in shock!

They found Elder Hun Mie’s actions despicable!

A mighty God Emperor realm powerhouse was actually striking against a mere Spiritualist realm individual!

“This old guy!”

The Shadow Demon elder’s expression changed slightly; without Elder Hun Mie, the chances of victory were lessened!

But in this moment, they could only give their absolute best!

“Court death!”

A voice of indifference echoed between heaven and earth.

Luo Wuqing unleashed the might of the Great Emperor, raising her hand and pressing down towards the four!

In the blink of an eye, under the Great Emperor’s pressure, their attacks seemed insignificant!

The shadow blades crumbled in an instant, and that hundred-meter Poison Sky Scorpion was directly smashed back to its original form with a crack, breaking apart!

“No! My Poison Sky Scorpion!!!”

Scorpion Lady screamed in anguish, extremely distressed as she recalled her Immortal Weapon.

Luo Wuqing shattered the offensive of the four Emperors with one palm, but her action went unnoticed because everyone’s gaze was fixed on the debate platform!

There, Elder Hun Mie was only a few dozen meters away from Ning Tian!

(End of Chapter)

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