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Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife

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Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 3: Divine Sons and Saintesses, All Shocked!

Sky Demon Hall.

The entire hall was festooned with lights and decorations, with many smiling guests mingling.

In one corner of the hall, a handsomely dressed young man was tasting the fine wine in his cup, but the beverage seemed to leave a sour expression on his face.

He looked absent-mindedly at the red ‘happiness’ character decorations in the hall, appearing as forlorn as if he had just experienced heartbreak.

“Isn’t that the Carefree Prince?”

At that moment, a voice rang out, and a burly man holding a cup of wine approached.

“Oh, it’s the master of the Beast Fury Sect.”

Lin Xiaoyao turned around, spotted the newcomer, and managed to squeeze out a faint smile. He swirled the wine in his cup and greeted the Beast Fury Sect Master.

“I didn’t expect the Beast Fury Sect Master to come too.”

The Sect Master laughed heartily, “Carefree Prince, your words seem quite sudden. The Empress is getting married—there’s not a power in the Eastern Prosperity Kingdom that would dare not show up.”

“Uh, well said,” Lin Xiaoyao nodded.

The Sect Master gulped down his wine, glanced at the disheartened Lin Xiaoyao and sighed, “I hear that today’s bridegroom for the Empress is some waste from the Sky Demon Sect—such a pity…”

Beside him, Lin Xiaoyao subconsciously gripped his cup tighter, his face forcing a strained smile.

The Sect Master’s eyes flashed with meaningful sharpness, giving Lin Xiaoyao a meaningful look.

“I’ve heard that you, Carefree Prince, have been pining for the Empress for a long time. In my eyes, a prince of Eastern Prosperity Kingdom like yourself is the only match for the Empress. How can you allow a waste to take her?”

“If I were you, I definitely wouldn’t let this rest.”

At those words, Lin Xiaoyao’s heart seemed to tear open, his face visibly changing as he forced out a pained smile.

“How can I meddle in the affairs of the Empress so easily?”

Lin Xiaoyao shook his head, his expression despondent, then he turned and headed towards other parts of the hall.

The Beast Fury Sect Master’s lips curled up slightly, revealing a faint cold smile.

As time passed, more guests from various powers gathered in the hall—including sect leaders, great emperors, saintesses, and divine sons…

They had all come to attend the grand wedding of the Empress!

The auspicious moment had arrived.

An elderly man in a red robe slowly made his way to the front of the hall. He was the officiant tasked with conducting the wedding ceremony.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please be quiet.”

The officiant cleared his throat and waved his hand, signaling for silence in the hall.

Instantly, a hush fell over the gathering. Regardless of whether they were sect leaders, emperors, divine sons, or saintesses, all maintained absolute silence.

They knew that the Empress was about to arrive.

“The Sky Demon Sect’s eighth-generation leader, Empress Luo Wuqing’s marriage ceremony will now begin. Please maintain absolute silence.”

“Please welcome the Empress herself!”

Following the officiant’s announcement, an imperial aura descended upon the hall. Countless powerful individuals had their expressions change dramatically as they were immobilized!

Was this the suppressive might of a Divine Emperor?!


The great hall doors were pushed open by the overwhelming presence, and a figure in a red dress—Luo Wuqing—stepped from outside, her steps light, her face apathetic.

With every step she took, a surging aura spread out.

In the hall, everyone looked at Luo Wuqing with awe and reverence, their hearts filled with exuberance!

Lin Xiaoyao’s heart stirred uncontrollably as he watched Luo Wuqing, clenching his fists tighter, filled with more resolve and discontent.

Seeing Luo Wuqing’s formidable strength and stunning beauty, the powerful guests from all corners grew even more puzzled. Why would the Empress marry a ‘useless’ man?

Was he worthy of such honor?

For a moment in the hall, divine sons clenched their teeth, proud scions felt indignant, and princes fumed. Weren’t they more worthy than a mere waste?

Luo Wuqing soon reached the front of the hall and stood aloofly above, her demeanor calm, treating the attendees not as guests but as ants beneath her.

“Cough cough, now that the Empress has arrived, let us invite the man who is to be wed to the Empress, Ning Tian, to the stage.”

At the sound of that, the hearts of those in the hall jumped, and they looked on eagerly. Who was this ‘waste’ that would marry the Empress?

The hall lapsed into silence.

Several minutes passed, and Ning Tian was yet to appear.

“Cough cough, Ning Tian, please come to the stage!”

The officiant coughed awkwardly, repeating the call.


Still, there was no movement from outside the hall.

After the officiant had called out numerous times and nearly ten minutes had gone by, Ning Tian was nowhere to be seen.

The powerful guests exchanged weird glances. Could it be that this ‘waste’ realized he wasn’t worthy of the Empress and had fled?

But such behavior would be seen as a direct affront to the Empress, wouldn’t it?

Only Lin Xiaoyao felt his seemingly dead heart reignite with a faint hope. If that ‘waste’ had fled, didn’t it mean he might still have a chance?

Just as the hall was filled with strange expressions, hurried footsteps and panting sounds came from outside.

A rather handsome young man entered the hall—this person was Ning Tian.

He didn’t want to be late, but who would have thought that the place where Luo Wuqing resided was a full ten thousand meters from the Sky Demon Hall!

Using his full Xuanwu teacher’s strength, it took him over ten minutes to arrive.

Upon entering the hall, Ning Tian noticed many people looking at him with peculiar and astonished expressions. He couldn’t help but scratch his head.

“First time getting married, sorry for being late, my bad…”

Hearing this, the guests exchanged bizarre looks, nearly going mad.

First time marrying?

Apologizing for being late?

You’re marrying the Empress!

The Empress’s grand wedding ceremony, and the main character dares to be late?!

“You really do not value life, making the Empress wait for tens of minutes. Can you afford this delay?”

Seeing Ning Tian, Lin Xiaoyao’s jealousy ignited.

So what if this youth was a bit more handsome than him? His strength could easily crush him!

Why was he worthy of the Empress?

As Ning Tian heard the voices, he looked over, frowned slightly—this guy was really annoying him.

I’m marrying my wife, so what’s it to you if I’m late?

“Don’t worry, no matter how late I am, it won’t affect the time for my wedding night with the Empress!”


“He actually plans on spending the wedding night with the Empress?!”

At this moment, the hall erupted in shock. It was rumored that the Empress refrained from the company of men!


As the guests were stricken with awe, a system voice echoed within Ning Tian’s mind.

【You have shocked the Eastern Prosperity Kingdom’s Third Prince!】

【You have shocked the Beast Fury Sect Master!】

【You have shocked the Saintess of Heavenly Pond!】

【You have shocked the Emperor of the Great Xia Kingdom!】

【You have shocked the Divine Son of the Holy Land of Light!】


【Congratulations Host on completing the task of ‘Shocking Four Quarters,’ you have acquired Earth Level Martial Arts “Sky Demon Palm”!】

【Your understanding of martial arts is progressing at tenfold speed!】

【Mastery of “Sky Demon Palm” achieved!】

While Ning Tian perused the new martial arts knowledge in his mind, on the stage above, Empress Luo Wuqing merely frowned slightly.

After reviewing the information, Ning Tian looked at Lin Xiaoyao spoke decisively, “Besides, my wife doesn’t mind, so what are you in a hurry for, outsider?”

With this, Ning Tian turned to Luo Wuqing, winked at her, and said cheerfully, “Right, Wife?”

Luo Wuqing remained unflappable, simply nodding in response.

Seeing this scene, the surrounding strong figures changed their expressions, Lin Xiaoyao’s face turned pitch black with anger, grinding his teeth as he spoke firmly.

“Kid, I challenge you! Do you dare to accept?”

(End of Chapter)

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