Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 172


Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife

Chapter 172: The Thunder Tribulation Melody Concludes, The Music Fades Away!

“Rest assured.”

Princess Yu Ling shook her head and said lightly, “The power of the lightning tribulation in this Scorched Thunder Zone is now even stronger than before. If these people don’t wish to die, they won’t enter it.”

Her gaze remained fixed on Ning Tian.

A trace of doubt flickered through her mind.

What on earth was this Mr. Ning trying to do?

“Controlling a Thunder Dragon with music is no simple task, truly remarkable,” Zhuge Yu remarked while brandishing his folding fan, his eyes reflecting a certain gravity.

This man might appear ugly, but his talent made even Zhuge Yu feel inferior.

“Thunder Dragon? Could it be that the dragon in the lightning tribulation is the treasure mentioned in the legends of the Divine Moon?”

Qin Haoran pondered slightly, a glint flashing in his eyes.

If it really was the treasure of the Divine Moon legend, then he wouldn’t blame himself for being ruthless!



At this moment, the heaven and earth were surging with the might of the lightning tribulation.

The sound of thunderous wrath continued to be heard.


During this time, within the dark clouds, after a furious roar from the dragon within the lightning tribulation, it charged towards Ning Tian, who was still playing celestial music amidst the Scorched Thunder Zone!


The sound of the lightning tribulation continued to resound.

It was like a relentless divine might, causing many people to pale!

“How terrifying is the might of this lightning tribulation!”

“That ugly fellow is still there playing the zither, truly oblivious to life and death!”

The crowd discussed animatedly and looked disdainfully at Ning Tian.

In their eyes, Ning Tian’s behavior was undoubtedly a way of courting death!

“Finally fed it enough.”

However, Ning Tian’s eyes were bright and he revealed a smile at the corner of his mouth.

His intention in playing the zither was to gather the lightning, to centralize all the lightning essence together and then capture it all at once!

“A tune to cross the lightning tribulation!”

As the talent of music was activated, Ning Tian’s aura changed, as if he had become a master musician.

The sound of celestial music continued to astonish the surrounding crowd, inadvertently engrossing them in the melody!



Ning Tian’s playing became faster and the zither music was unpredictable and soaring high.


This was when the power of music exploded!

With the zither music, a gigantic dragon formed from music appeared!

“Holy crap!”

“With music taking form, this, this, this damn thing…”

“This guy’s musical talent is possibly infinitely close to perfection!”

Witnessing the musical dragon emerging behind Ning Tian along with the celestial zither music, countless people around Thundercliff were in shock!

In their minds, countless thoughts raced like wild horses!

Why was this man, with his unremarkable appearance, so strong?

Yet, they had forgotten an ancient saying.

Don’t judge a person by their appearance.


The musical dragon let out an angry roar, but what came out was a series of melodies filled with a chilling intent to kill!

“This… Mr. Ning’s talent is really so strong!”

Princess Yu Ling was somewhat astonished in her eyes.

“Tsk tsk…”

“Didn’t expect that ugly scoundrel to have such a talent.”

You Qin shook her head, sighing in amazement.

Qin Haoran and Zhuge Yu were also somewhat astounded, their gazes fixed on the two dragons battling fiercely in the sky.


The lightning tribulation dragon and the musical dragon contested relentlessly.

From the beginning to the end, the musical dragon was dominant, continuously fighting, and with the sound of the zither music, the Thunder Dragon became smaller and smaller!

In just a few minutes.

The lightning tribulation dragon that originally spanned a kilometer could now only muster a few hundred meters in size!

And it continued to change!

“What is this?”

Seeing this scene, the people around Thundercliff were somewhat puzzled.

“This guy, could it be that he is refining the Thunder Dragon of the tribulation? He, he wants to absorb the supreme ancestral godly lightning rhythm left behind by the tribulation!” Qin Haoran speculated heavily with a serious look in his eyes.


“Refining the dragon of the lightning tribulation!”

“And to absorb the supreme ancestral godly lightning rhythm!?”

Upon hearing this, everyone was shocked!

Princess Yu Ling and You Qin were also somewhat taken aback; they hadn’t expected that Mr. Ning’s goal was the godly lightning rhythm left by the supreme ancestor.

“Could it be true, as Third Imperial Uncle said, that he has actually reached the ninth step?”

At this moment, Princess Yu Ling recalled Qin Feng’s words.


He had clearly only stepped onto the eighth step.

Lost in countless doubts, Princess Yu Ling shook her head and continued to focus on Ning Tian.

Absorbing the supreme ancestral godly lightning rhythm was indeed somewhat shocking.

However, there were also those with ill intent, wishing to cause trouble, but before they could get close, they were severely injured by the violent thunder and lightning within the Scorched Thunder Zone.

Seeing this, even those with intentions of seizing the opportunity could only choose to watch from the sidelines.


After dozens of minutes.

The musical dragon swallowed the lightning tribulation dragon, which had shrunk to only about ten meters in size.

And at that moment, Ning Tian’s hand left the zither strings, the celestial music ceased.

A tune that traverses the lightning tribulation, and then the sound fades away.

[Congratulations to the host for absorbing the godly lightning rhythm, your Path of Wind and Lightning has reached a higher level!]

[Currently, your skill in the Path of Wind and Lightning is proficient!]

[You can master powerful lightning attack techniques!]

Ning Tian was surrounded by lightning, moving around him.

The system voice rang out again.

[You have shocked the Great Crown Prince of the Supreme Divine Nation, Qin Haoran!]

[You have shocked Princess Yu Ling!]

[You have shocked You Qin!]

[You have shocked the Holy Son of the Carefree Holy Land, Zhuge Yu!]

[You have shocked everyone!]

[You have achieved a high-level accomplishment, a single tune shocks everyone in the thunder tribulation!]

[Reward: Experience Card of Heavenly Honour!]

[Experience Card of Heavenly Honour: After use, you can obtain the strength of a Heavenly Sovereign for two days. After use, this card becomes void!]

(End of the chapter)

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