Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 171


Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife

Chapter 171: Tremendous Thunder Tribulation, Stunning Everyone!

In the scorched thunder zone.

Ning Tian took a deep breath, and then his hand fell upon the Jue Xian Ancient Zither.


As the music of the ancient zither began to play.

Ning Tian thought silently, “System, activate the melody to transcend the thunder tribulation!”

【Activating Musical Dao talent, Melody to Transcend Thunder Tribulation!】

【Activation successful!】

As the system’s voice fell, a musical score quickly appeared in front of Ning Tian, guiding his playing.



The sound of the ancient zither quickly spread throughout the entire scorched thunder zone.

In an instant, the surrounding lightning grew wild.

“This celestial music…”

Hearing the ethereal celestial music that reached their ears, Princess Yue Ling and You Qin were both stunned, deeply immersed in the music of the ancient zither.

“Such a powerful mastery of the Musical Dao, I didn’t expect Brother Ning’s talent in the Musical Dao to be so profound.”

Princess Yue Ling sighed inwardly.

His Musical Dao skills surpassed those of some musicians in their divine kingdom.

Compared with Ning Tian’s celestial music from the ancient zither, what those grand musicians played was simply noise to the ears!


Just then, as the celestial music from the ancient zither arose.

The entire scorched thunder zone was enveloped by wild thunderous intent, and the sky changed color with dark clouds!



In the sky, as if a divine thunder descended, a terrifying aura spread from the very center of the scorched thunder zone!

“What is this?”

Princess Yue Ling and You Qin both paused, a look of astonishment flashing in their eyes.

How did such tremendous thunderous intent suddenly emerge?


At this moment, a voice of thunderous rage exploded!

The thunder light burst, and within it, the thunderous intent in the scorched thunder zone began to converge.

In the sky, a thunder dragon composed of lightning, spanning a hundred meters, coiled within the dark clouds.

“Is that… dragons?”

Princess Yue Ling was momentarily stunned.

“No, this is a thunder tribulation, and within it… there’s the aura of my great ancestor!”

She suddenly came to her senses, her eyes filled with shock as she looked at Ning Tian, her voice tinged with disbelief: “He, he can actually invoke the divine thunder rhythm left by the great ancestor!?”


The Thunder Tribulation Dragon obscured the sky and kept emerging from within the clouds.

As the music from the ancient zither continued to sound, more and more thunderous intent surged towards the dragon in the sky.

Soon, after continuously absorbing the thunderous intent.

The Thunder Tribulation Dragon grew from its original hundred meters to a colossal size of a thousand meters!


With an angry roar, it seemed as if the entire Supreme Secret Realm could hear it!


At this moment, Princess Yue Ling and You Qin were so shocked they couldn’t speak. (Don’t ask, shock rewards are postponed.)

Both women hadn’t expected that upon entering the scorched thunder zone, Brother Ning would cause such a huge commotion!

As the celestial music of the ancient zither continued, the Thunder Dragon grew increasingly massive!

Meanwhile, the commotion in the scorched thunder zone had attracted many people from the Supreme Secret Realm.

In the Supreme Secret Realm, at the Yellow Springs Waterfall.

Zhuge Yu was holding Prince One Hundred Thirty-Two, with several people following him.


Suddenly, the sound of thunder continued to reach them!


Then an angry roar resounded. In the sky above, a massive figure appeared!

“That is…”

Zhuge Yu’s pupils tightened, a glint flashing in his eyes.

“Woo woo!”

“Ah woo woo.”

Just then, Prince One Hundred Thirty-Two in his arms was startled by the thunder and began to cry loudly.

“Ah! Young Master Zhuge, Prince One Hundred Thirty-Two has soiled himself!”

A maid beside him hurriedly spoke up.


“Soiled himself?!”

Zhuge Yu’s complexion changed, and he instantly smelled a foul stench, his face turning dark instantly!

“Prepare a new set of clothes for me; I want to see what that commotion is about.”

Zhuge Yu took a deep breath and spoke resolutely.



Just as Qin Haoran was preparing to search for the legendary items of the divine moon in the secret realms, he suddenly heard thunder, and was momentarily stunned.

Looking up at the sky, he saw dark clouds covering the sun in the distance, with a thunder dragon coiling through them.

“That is…”

Qin Haoran’s expression became pensive, his eyes flashing with gravity.

“This thunder tribulation is massive; could it be related to the legendary items of the divine moon?”

Qin Haoran pondered inwardly.

After a moment of contemplation, he waved his hand to his subordinates and said lightly, “Follow me, let’s go take a look.”

“By your command, Crown Prince!”

At Thunderlight Cliff.

More and more people arrived near Thunderlight Cliff, looking at the figure in the scorched thunder zone, somewhat perplexed.

“Holy crap!”

“How come wherever I go, I can see that ugly mug?”

“Could it be that this thunder tribulation commotion was caused by him?”

At this moment, the onlookers were astonishingly surprised to see this scene.

“The Carefree Holy Son and the Crown Prince have also arrived!”

Just then, a voice sounded.

Sure enough, Zhuge Yu and Qin Haoran had both arrived near Thunderlight Cliff.

Zhuge Yu had some connections with the royal family of the Supreme Divine Kingdom, which allowed him to enter the Supreme Secret Realm holding Prince One Hundred Thirty-Two.

At this moment, both Zhuge Yu and Qin Haoran looked solemnly at the colossal Thunder Dragon in the sky.

“Sister, so many people have been attracted here; wouldn’t they disturb the ugly bad guy?”

Seeing more and more people around, You Qin frowned slightly. Although she did not know exactly what Ning Tian was going to do, she could see that he should not be disturbed.

(The chapter ends here.)

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