Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 170


Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife

Chapter 170: Entering the Realm to Feel the Divine Thunder!


Seeing this scene, Yue Ling and You Qin were both somewhat astonished; the respected cultivator Ning Shuai, when he takes action, truly does not show any mercy even to women.

【You have shocked Princess Yue Ling!】

【You have shocked You Qin!】

【Reward: Music Dao Talent, a Melody to Transcend Thunder Tribulation!】

【A Melody to Transcend Thunder Tribulation: When played using the Music Dao, it can absorb the divine rhythm within the thunder tribulation!】

As the sound from the system echoes in his mind.

Ning Tian finally stops the beating, and at this moment, Princess Yue Mei has already been beaten into a pig-headed mess.

An utterly pitiable sight.

“Tsks tsks, I didn’t expect that, ugly brute, you actually don’t hesitate to be this ruthless with women.”

To the side, You Qin clucks her tongue in shock.

“Why can’t I take action? Should I spare her because she’s a woman?”

Ning Tian felt this to be very strange.

She’s not his wife, so why can’t he beat her up?

Of course, if it were his own wife who had done something wrong, then she too must be disciplined!

A good beating is a must!

He is also doing this to save on the Sky Demon Sect’s medical expenses!



“You, you dare to beat sister Yue Mei…”

At this time, the four effeminate men finally react, one by one with rather unsightly expressions looking at Ning Tian.

“Oh, had you not spoken, I almost forgot about you.”

Ning Tian looks at the four people, a trace of coldness flashing in his eyes: “Since you like behaving like ladies, then how about I make it complete for you.”

As the words fall, Ning Tian walks towards the four with a bad smile on his face.

“You, what are you going to do?”

“Don’t come over!”

“You, don’t come over here!”

The four are somewhat panic-stricken.

But they are merely Earth King Realm one-star cultivators, how can they possibly be Ning Tian’s opponents?

Ning Tian turns into a shadow, flames flickering in his hands, and with a Tyrant Flame Fist unleashed.

With just one move, the four were beaten to the ground.

“This guy, his strength is not bad.” Seeing this scene, You Qin frowns and mutters: “But it’s only about, one-tenth of mine.”


Following that, a scream resounded.

Accompanying the scream was the sound that men fear and women blush to hear, the sound of eggs cracking.


Both Yue Ling and You Qin blush slightly, their gazes silently shifting away.

This respected Ning Shuai is actually a egg-crushing assassin!

After the screams subside.

The pig-headed Yue Mei and the four men, who have lost their dreams, collapse to the side, watching Ning Tian with extremely resentful eyes.

But they’ve become wiser, not daring to say another word.

Although Ning Tian does not kill them, he can make their lives worse than death, filled with agony.

Effortlessly dealing with these five, Ning Tian looks at Princess Yue Ling and You Qin, smiling lightly, “I’m going now.”

“Alright, be careful, and if it really doesn’t work out, come back.”

Princess Yue Ling nods her head, worry filling her gaze as it falls on Ning Tian.

Even she is a bit puzzled as to why she would worry about this Ning Shuai.

Despite being incredibly ugly, why does he somehow seem to attract her attention?

Could it be that she really does like the ugly?

Princess Yue Ling shakes her head, turning her eyes towards the scorched thunder zone, where Ning Tian has already steadily walked in.

The moment Ning Tian steps into the scorched thunder zone, he senses the threads of thunder in the air.

This thunder could harm any cultivator who carelessly allows it into their body.


Mere traces of thunder, cannot cause any harm to Ning Tian!

Don’t forget, he is a master of the Divine Thunder Dao!

As Ning Tian progresses further, there is a constant barrage of lightning assaults.

Under the gazes of the two women, Ning Tian steps into the very center of the scorched thunder zone!


Suddenly, You Qin voices her confusion, her little mouth agape, “He, why has he stopped? Could it be that he can’t enter either?”

Beside her, Princess Yue Ling clenches her silver teeth, silent, with a palm full of nervous sweat.

Looking at Ning Tian who has stood still, she is somewhat hesitant.

She is well aware of how formidable the thunder tribulation in the middle segment is. A slight misstep could seriously injure one.

Severe injury is tolerable, but the lingering violent thunder intent within the body is what’s truly fatal!


She lets out a soft sigh, about to call out to Ning Tian to return.

However, suddenly, the two women notice that although he has not continued forward, he has sat down.

“What is that ugly brute going to do?”

You Qin is stunned for a moment.

Princess Yue Ling is also puzzled.

In the center of the scorched thunder zone.

Here, the clouds are surging, filled with thunder intent, and the air is bursting with violent thunder.

NING Tian sits cross-legged, inquiring within his mind to the system: “System, is there really Divine Thunder Dao rhythm left behind by the Supreme Ancestor here?”

He stopped here because the system had just indicated that there was the Divine Thunder Dao rhythm left by the Supreme Ancestor.

System: “Of course, the host can sense and absorb it by using the Music Dao Talent: A Melody to Transcend Thunder Tribulation.”


Ning Tian nods.

Immediately after, he takes out the Absolute Immortal Zither from his storage ring and places it on his lap.

“What is he doing?”

“Is he in the mood for playing music???”

Upon witnessing this scene, You Qin is flabbergasted.

“No, perhaps, it’s not that simple.” Princess Yue Ling shakes her head; the light in her beautiful eyes focuses on the Absolute Immortal Zither on Ning Tian’s lap.

The Absolute Immortal Zither, with streams of Music Dao rhythm flowing through it, appears extremely extraordinary at a glance.

“This is actually a Celestial Instrument…”

Princess Yue Ling is somewhat surprised.

“Celestial Instrument?” You Qin’s eyes exhibit astonishment, “Tsk tsk, I did not expect that ugly brute actually has such wealth.”

“But what exactly does he want to do?”

“We’ll see.”

Princess Yue Ling says, her eyes twinkling as she gazes at Ning Tian, whispering to herself: “Ning Shuai, you seem to be getting more and more complicated.”

(End of this chapter)

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