Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 169


Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife

Chapter 169

“To get through this scorched earth thunder zone and then obtain the item on the Cliff of Thunder Light?”

Upon hearing this, a sharp light flashed in Ning Tian’s eyes.

The scorched earth thunder zone alone was enough to cause quite a bit of trouble for a Holy Emperor realm expert, not to mention the terrifying purple lightning on the Cliff of Thunder Light!

No wonder Princess Yue Ling had failed twice.

There was a reason for that.

“To enter the scorched earth thunder zone with just my physical body and to forcefully contend with the purple lightning? Huh…”

You Qin couldn’t help but feel that her whole body would ache at the thought.

Suddenly, a sly gleam flashed in her eyes, “Ugly big baddie, do you think if you get struck by lightning, could it work as electrotherapy for plastic surgery?”

Ning Tian: “…”

Princess Yue Ling: “…”

After a moment of stunned silence, both found the comment amusing yet absurd.

This girl, how concerned she was about Ning Tian’s appearance.

“What, if I become handsome, you’re going to marry me?” Ning Tian joked.


You Qin rolled her eyes dramatically and huffed, “If you really became handsome, what about marrying you then?”

“Princess Yue Ling, if there’s nothing else you require, then I’ll make a move,” Ning Tian said, preparing to act.


Suddenly, Princess Yue Ling called out to him.


Ning Tian turned his head, looking at her.

“Just do your best, even if you don’t succeed, I will still give you the Thunder Heart Fruit I promised you,” Princess Yue Ling said softly.

Upon hearing this, Ning Tian was momentarily stunned, but then he simply smiled, “I don’t like owing people favors. Since I’ve promised, I’ll see it through before discussing anything else.”


Princess Yue Ling was taken aback and somewhat at a loss.

Without another word, Ning Tian turned and prepared to enter the scorched earth thunder zone.


Just at this moment, a snicker broke the silence.

Before she could finish speaking, she was overtaken by retching again.

Biting her silver teeth, You Qin glared at Ning Tian, thinking: “It must be this guy who’s disgusted me so. I’ve taken every measure, how could I possibly be pregnant?”


Yue Mei didn’t bother with Ning Tian any longer, snorted coldly, and turned to Princess Yue Ling.

“My dear sister, are you still set on the idea of snatching that item from the Cliff of Thunder Light?”

“You found such an ugl… ugh…”

Yue Mei realized that saying the words “ugly thing” would make her retch, so she quickly switched terms.

“Finding someone like this is nothing compared to letting your sister find you a few.”

Ning Tian was taken aback for a moment, glancing at the four people, his brow furrowing.

These four were even more effeminate than the Shadow Demon Sect’s Yin Thirty, not to mention their faces were powdered with makeup.


Even You Qin, a person concerned about appearances, couldn’t bring herself to like these four, even feeling a bit disgusted.

“They’re just a few effeminate guys,” Ning Tian said with a faint smile.


Hearing these words, the surrounding crowd was stunned.

“You, you, you’re the effeminate one!”

“How dare you!”

“I’m not effeminate! You’ve got some nerve! Hmph~”

“Just so, just so, Sister Yue Mei, look at him!”

When they heard the term “effeminate”, the four of them exploded with indignation, hurriedly complaining to Yue Mei.

“How dare you!”


Before they could finish, a crisp slap rang out.

A fiery red palm print appeared on Yue Mei’s face, bringing with it an aggrieved burn.


The crowd was shocked.

“You, you, you actually dared to hit me?!”

Yue Mei covered her face, disbelieving.

“Why can’t I hit you?” Ning Tian shrugged, innocent-faced.

“I, you!”

Yue Mei felt like she was about to explode with anger!

“I am the sixty-third princess of the Supreme Divine Nation! And you’re just a lowly slave!”


Another sharp slap resounded.

This time, Yue Mei felt a burning pain on both sides of her delicate face.


Yue Mei was about to scold again.

Suddenly, she saw Ning Tian looking at her indifferently, his eyes cold and containing a slight intent to kill!

It was almost like a chill from hell!

Around them, everyone fell silent.

Suddenly, Ning Tian turned to Princess Yue Ling and asked, “Princess, may I kill someone?”


Kill someone?!

The words made everyone nearby tremble with horror!

Kill someone?

Was he planning on killing Princess Yue Mei within the Supreme Secret Realm?

What audacity!

“This…” Princess Yue Ling was stunned for a moment and then shook her head, “Killing someone inside the Supreme Secret Realm would cause the Supreme Divine Nation to pursue you relentlessly.”


Ning Tian mused for a moment, knowing that his support came from the grand Heavenly Demon Sect!

Theoretically, he did not fear the Supreme Divine Nation.

However, it would hardly be worth acquiring a vendetta with the Supreme Divine Nation just for the sake of Yue Mei.

She was not worth it.

After all, he was well aware that the Heavenly Demon Sect currently had the Righteous Alliance as an enemy. If he were to draw the same level of hostility from the Supreme Divine Nation, it could be a loss.

Facing two emperors, even Luo Wuqing might not be able to handle it.

Therefore, he couldn’t let momentary satisfaction bring about endless troubles.

“Let it be…”

“You’re lucky.”

Ning Tian looked at Yue Mei indifferently, the murderous intent in his eyes flickering.

Yue Mei was taken aback, thinking Ning Tian was intimidated by the threat of relentless pursuit and immediately sneered, “Come on, why don’t you hit me again? Scared now?”

Ning Tian let out a beautifully-phrased exclamation.

This was his whole life, coming across such a peculiar request.

Well then, let’s satisfy you!

Following that, a series of thrashing noises ensued!


“Bang! Bang!”

The sound of fists hitting flesh made several people’s hearts tremble with fear.

This Ning Tian… was ruthlessly decisive!

Moments later, Yue Mei was beaten into a pig-headed mess.

(End of Chapter)

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