Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 168


Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife

Chapter 168: Darkness and Chaos, Scorched Earth Thunder Zone!

Their gaze shifted towards a towering stone statue.

The statue was pitch-black, with a barely discernible human shape, but atop its head were a pair of sinister demonic horns.


Upon hearing Ning Tian’s remark, Princess Yue Ling and You Qin were stunned before looking in the direction Ning Tian was pointing.

“Could it be… Is this a little dragon person?”

Ning Tian gazed at the statue and couldn’t help but ponder.


Princess Yue Ling couldn’t help but chuckle and shook her head, “What little dragon person? This is a member of the Demon race.”

“Demon… Demon race?”

Ning Tian was taken aback. How could he not know of the existence of the Demon race in this world? He thought there were only humans and monsters.

The system silently mocked: “Host, your original self was but a minor character. By inheriting his memories, naturally there are things he did not know.”


That made sense.

“Yes, this statue was sculpted based on a demon general slain by the supreme ancestor of my Supreme Divine Nation.”

Beside him, Princess Yue Ling slowly explained.

“Demon general? What is a demon general?” Ning Tian scratched his head.

“Demon general…”

Princess Yue Ling paused for a moment, considered, and then said, “Probably, it is equivalent to a God Emperor realm powerhouse. As to whether it’s a quasi-Emperor or an ordinary Emperor, I’m not sure.”

“A demon general is equivalent to a God Emperor realm powerhouse.”

Hearing this, Ning Tian was somewhat surprised.


“What is the Demon race?”

When Ning Tian slowly asked this question.


Princess Yue Ling and You Qin looked at Ning Tian with weird expressions, not helping but look at him strangely.

“General Ning, although I’m not too clear about your identity, seeing you with the Holy Son of Tianbao, I presume you have some background. But you actually say, you don’t know about the Demon race, which confuses me,” said Princess Yue Ling with some doubt.

“That’s right, that’s right.”

Beside her, You Qin also mumblingly agreed: “The way you talk, I’m really starting to doubt whether you are from the Tianxuan world…”

“Uh… Haha.”

Ning Tian touched his nose and laughed, “So, can you tell me about it now?”

You Qin rolled her eyes at him, “Ugly big baddie, listen carefully.”

“The Tianxuan world is not just our human race; it is a world where numerous races stand tall.”

“Among them, there are three most powerful races.”

“Human race, Monster race, and Demon race—note that when I say Monster race, I’m not talking about monsters, but the true Monster race that can transform between human and beast!”

“Of course, the above are just the three biggest and most powerful races in the Tianxuan world; there are countless scattered minor races.”

“However, before the Dark Chaos, many other races whose names I can’t recall were also very powerful. But after the Dark Chaos, their powers weakened, and now only these three races remain prominent.”

“And as the Human race grows stronger day by day, both the Monster and Demon races have reigned in their wanton behavior and gradually retreated from human territories.”

“For example, your Tianling Domain is completely under human control, though a major reason for that is probably because the Tianling Domain is the smallest among the Nine Domains.”

Saying this, You Qin had a somewhat melancholic expression on her small face.

“I’m really envious of your Tianling Domain; it’s nothing like our Tianqiong Domain, where those monsters are truly annoying.”

During her time at the Misty Sect, she frequently had to carry out Sect missions because of the Monster race’s invasions.

“Human race, Monster race, Demon race…”

“So that’s how it is.”

After hearing You Qin’s explanation, Ning Tian had an epiphany and his understanding of the world increased substantially.

“Then, what exactly is the Dark Chaos?”

At that moment, he thought of something and looked at You Qin to ask.

According to You Qin’s words, it was not just the Human, Monster, and Demon races that were powerful before the Dark Chaos, but other races were too!

But now,

After the Dark Chaos, gradually, only the Human, Monster, and Demon races remained.

So, what is this so-called Dark Chaos?


Upon hearing that, You Qin hesitated, wrinkled her small face, and shook her head, “I don’t know; there is so much written in the ancient books.”

“After all, the Dark Chaos is far too ancient, a full million years old.”

On the side, Princess Yue Ling also spoke up.

“One million years?”

Ning Tian was somewhat astounded; this Dark Chaos happened a million years ago, making it so that even what was written in the ancient books may not all be true.

“Let’s go, the Dark Chaos happened too long ago; it’s not something we can discuss.” Princess Yue Ling shook her head, now focusing her mind on the upcoming goal.

With that, Princess Yue Ling took the lead and walked towards a certain place.

The two followed her.

Ning Tian came here to help Princess Yue Ling obtain what she wanted, to acquire the Thunder Heart Fruit.

Soon, under Princess Yue Ling’s familiarity, the group of three headed towards their destination.

The place Princess Yue Ling intended to visit was the Thunder Light Cliff within the Supreme Secret Realm.

This trip to the Supreme Secret Realm was her third.

The previous two times, she left Thunder Light Cliff without success, but she had drawn a conclusion.

That was, to obtain what was in Thunder Light Cliff, one must withstand the huge thunder within!

And the might of this thunder was about the same as the eighth level of the Wind Thunder Nine Stages Platform, which is why she looked for someone who could step onto the eighth level at the Wind Thunder Plaza.

Thunder Light Cliff.

On the cliff face, faint traces of lightning flickered, and even before approaching, one could feel the wild thunder light.

Hundreds of meters away from Thunder Light Cliff.

Three figures appeared.

“General Ning, this is as far as we can approach.” Princess Yue Ling looked at Thunder Light Cliff, her eyes flashing with excitement.

Hearing this, Ning Tian looked over.

Within a hundred meters around Thunder Light Cliff lay black scorched earth, with lingering scents of charred material.

In the air, one could even hear faint crackling sounds.

Countless tiny thunders sparkled with cold light.

“This was once caused by a single strike from my supreme ancestor. Don’t be fooled by its current hundred-meter range because this place was transformed into a secret realm, and it’s been nearly a hundred thousand years.”

“So, the might that remains is only this much.”

Beside him, Princess Yue Ling explained.

“Hmm, so what should I do?” Ning Tian nodded, then asked again.

“Do you see that purple lightning orb on Thunder Light Cliff?”

Princess Yue Ling pointed towards a spot on Thunder Light Cliff.

Ning Tian looked, indeed, he saw on Thunder Light Cliff, at a spot on the cliff face, a purple light flickering, surrounded entirely by purple thunder.

Such purple thunder was much more powerful than regular lightning!

“General Ning just needs to cross this scorched earth thunder zone and take the thing inside that orb down.”

“However, crossing this scorched earth thunder zone is not easy at all, General Ning must be very careful.”

Princess Yue Ling’s beautiful eyes shone with concern as she looked at Ning Tian and reminded him.

(End of Chapter)

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