Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 167


Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife

Chapter 167: Entering the Secret Realm, Falling from the Sky!

In just a moment.

Qin Feng slowly withdrew his spiritual energy.

On the teleportation pillar, golden light shone brilliantly, all the ancient characters and symbols were lit up, exuding an ancient charm.



Following this, as the teleportation pillar was activated, a hefty bronze gate appeared before everyone’s eyes!

“Push open this gate and enter the secret realm,” Qin Feng said indifferently to the crowd. “There are no rules in the supreme secret realm, nor is there victory or defeat; all you need to do is to grow stronger within it.”

“Remember, the duration inside the secret realm is two days. Once the time is up, you will naturally be transported back to the Divine Nation’s grand plaza.”

“Do you all understand?”

“Replying to Third Prince Qin, we understand!”

Upon hearing Qin Feng’s words, everyone responded in a deep voice, their tones full of indescribable excitement.

“Then, go ahead.”

As Qin Feng’s voice fell, he waved his hand, the bronze gate opened, revealing a blinding white light, mysterious beyond measure.

Looking at the gate, everyone’s eyes were filled with excitement!

After a year, could they finally re-enter the supreme secret realm?


A cold snort sounded as Qin Haoran slowly got up, leading his entourage and marching towards the bronze gate first.

Soon, he disappeared into the white light.

Following Qin Haoran’s lead, more and more people began to enter through the bronze gate.

“Fellow Daoist Ning Shuai, Youqin, let’s also go in,” said Princess Yue Ling to the two people beside her.


Ning Tian and Youqin nodded, both walking towards the bronze gate.

After stepping inside, they were greeted by a blinding white light, followed by the sensation of space shifting around them.

This was…

The power of void displacement left by an emperor-level mighty being!

When Ning Tian opened his eyes once again, he saw dazzling white light, slightly stinging to the eyes.

“Where is this?”

Ning Tian wondered.

“This should be the supreme secret realm, I guess,” Youqin’s voice sounded beside him.

“Eh, why is your hair floating?”

Suddenly, Ning Tian noticed Youqin’s hair floating as if in the wind.


“It must be the wind,” Youqin muttered dismissively.


Ning Tian was momentarily stunned, then suddenly he felt the sensation of freefall.


“That’s not right! We’re falling from the sky right now!”

Now, they were in the air, thousands of meters high!

Just a little bit more, and they would be shoulder to shoulder with the sun!


Youqin’s face turned pale as she looked at the ground below, trembling with fear.

“Can you fly?”


At this moment, although the two of them were strong, they were both at the peak of the Earth King realm.

And embarassingly, in the Tianxuan world, only those at the Saint Emperor realm had the ability to fly!

“We’re done for, ugly big bad guy, are we going to be smashed to death? I’m afraid of heights.”

“Wait, no, what are you doing?”

“Why are you adjusting your posture, are you planning to land face-first?”

Youqin’s somewhat frantic voice kept ringing out.

Ning Tian rolled his eyes; if his face was invulnerable, why wouldn’t he land with it? Besides, what else could he use?


A beautiful figure flew through the sky.

“Don’t panic, I’m here to rescue you.”

Princess Yue Ling flew over and caught the two of them, heading towards the ground.

Then, Ning Tian landed face-down with a heavy thud on the ground, even creating a big crater.

“Oops, it’s over.”

Seeing this, Youqin shrugged, “Sister, wouldn’t the ugly big bad guy be smashed to death by you?”

“…No, it shouldn’t be,”

Princess Yue Ling was stunned for a moment, “Although it’s just a thousand meters… a cultivator at the Earth King realm shouldn’t be… There’s never been such a record…”

“Sister, of course you wouldn’t have heard of it, because those who fell are already dead.”

Youqin remarked.


“Well, we’d better go down and check.”

With that, Princess Yue Ling quickly sped up her flying.

The speed of free fall was indeed fast.

When Princess Yue Ling, carrying Youqin, landed, they saw a human-shaped crater on the ground.

“It’s over.”

“Ugly big bad guy is probably dead.”

Looking at the human-shaped crater, Youqin sighed repeatedly.


Princess Yue Ling sighed, feeling a little guilty, “Fellow Daoist Ning Shuai, rest in peace! I know you don’t have a wife, and once the time in the supreme secret realm is up, I’ll definitely burn you a few beautiful paper wives.”

“Sister, that’s too many, one will suffice. This guy, he certainly won’t be able to handle more; we’re afraid his body won’t hold up down there.”

Youqin muttered from the side.

“Hmm… you make a lot of sense.”

Princess Yue Ling contemplated for a moment, then nodded her head.


Just then, a hand reached out from the pit, and Ning Tian appeared in front of the two women.

“Who said I couldn’t handle it? How about it, do you two want to try?”


Hearing this, both women blushed.


Youqin spat out embarrassedly.

“Fellow Daoist Ning Shuai, you’re alright? That was a thousand-meter drop…”

Princess Yue Ling looked at Ning Tian and was surprised to find that he seemed to be completely unharmed, which puzzled her.

“Of course, I landed with my face,”

Ning Tian replied, if he hadn’t used his face to land, he might have been seriously injured.

“Face… You landed with your face, your face is that hard?”

Hearing this, both Princess Yue Ling and Youqin were startled, their eyes filled with surprise.

【You have shocked Princess Yue Ling!】

【You have shocked Youqin!】

【Reward: Mastery in Beast Taming Voice has been upgraded, currently able to control fourth-order beasts!】

The system’s pleasant voice echoed in the mind.

Control fourth-order beasts?

That’s equal to a human cultivator at the Earth King realm.

Ning Tian touched his face, it seems that this fall was quite worthwhile.

“Is this the supreme secret realm?”

Ning Tian looked around; their current location was in the midst of deep mountains and old forests.


“This is the supreme secret realm. You should be able to feel that the spiritual energy here is significantly richer than outside,” explained Princess Yue Ling with a nod.

“That is true.”

Ning Tian briefly sensed the richness of the surrounding spiritual energy, which far surpassed that of the outside world.

Indeed a great place for cultivation.

“Eh, what’s that?”

Suddenly, Ning Tian spotted a stone statue, and his eyebrows immediately furrowed. This statue, it didn’t seem to be human?

(End of Chapter)

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