Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 166


Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife

Chapter 166: The Three Kings of the Divine Kingdom, A Huge Consumption!


The soldier’s complexion changed, feeling the terrifying pressure, and confusion filled his heart in an instant.

“Great Prince, I, I didn’t mean that in the way you think… it’s your divine palanquin’s horse that’s gone!”


“I am well aware. However, I do not wish to hear the word ‘horse’ anymore!”

Qin Haoran’s expression was indifferent as he slightly raised his hand and ferociously struck out with his palm!


An immense pressure and the astonishing force of the palm instantly enveloped the soldier!


“You deserve not to have a horse!”

In his resentment, the soldier was shattered by the palm wind.

Qin Haoran gritted his teeth, a hint of coldness flickering in his eyes as he looked toward the multitude of people on the grand square of the Divine Kingdom and spoke lightly.

“Who stole my divine horse?!”

“If you hand it over now, I might grant you a quick death!”

“But if I find you myself, I’ll make sure you cannot live or die as you wish!”

Qin Haoran’s cold gaze swept over the crowd in the grand square; the threatening tone in his words caused many people to look uneasy.

So, it turned out that the Great Prince’s loss was about the horse of the divine palanquin!

They had thought it was the mother of the Divine Kingdom.

But who would dare to steal the Great Prince’s horse?

The crowd started to discuss heatedly.

“Who’s so bold!? To actually dare steal the Great Prince’s divine horse! They’re really not afraid of death!”

“Which sane person would steal a horse?”

“Exactly, exactly.”

“Did you steal a horse?”

“I didn’t, how could I steal that thing?”

“Yes indeed.”

“Who would be so shameless as to steal a horse?”

“The person who steals a horse?


As the discussion was rife in the Divine Kingdom’s square, no one admitted to stealing his divine horse, and Qin Haoran was burning with anger, biting his teeth firmly.

Watching this, Ning Tian kept biting his apple with an indifferent expression. He had no reason to panic since he didn’t steal the horse.

As for Youqin, she had already quietly hidden behind Princess Yue Ling.

Seeing Youqin acting like this, Princess Yue Ling was helpless. Without having to think about it, she knew her little junior sister must have stolen the divine horse.

But now, all she could do was to spoil her by rubbing Youqin’s head.

She surely couldn’t just hand over her own little junior sister, could she?

Plus, seeing Qin Haoran’s frenzied appearance, she couldn’t help but snicker to herself.

If it weren’t for her status, she might have actually applauded.


After a long while, with no one coming forward, Qin Haoran’s face became difficult to maintain, and he snorted heavily.

“Thief of the horse, you wait for me. If I find you, I’m going to make sure you meet a gruesome end!”

With those words, he waved his sleeve and sat back down.

The grand square of the Divine Kingdom buzzed with discussion.


Just then, a roaring sound came from the sky.

Following that, a terrifying pressure of Divine Emperor realm swept down from the sky.

Many held their breath, not even daring to exhale, as they looked up to the sky in awe where a vague silhouette was emerging!

That was…

A Divine Emperor realm powerhouse!

Princess Yue Ling and Youqin both looked longingly at the figure in the sky.

That was a Divine Emperor realm powerhouse!

The first step that countless people yearn for!


Suddenly, Youqin caught a glimpse out of the corner of her eye and saw Ning Tian still leisurely eating his apple, seemingly indifferent to the Divine Emperor realm powerhouse.

“Ugly idiot, aren’t you in awe of the Divine Emperor strongman?” she asked, puzzled.


Ning Tian touched his nose, secretly thinking, “Is this something to be awed by?”

After thinking for a moment, he continued biting his apple and muttered, “In awe, in awe, I’m so awe-struck.”


Youqin couldn’t help but roll her eyes at him.

This guy was just too arrogant.

What Youqin didn’t know was that Ning Tian had dealt with great emperor-level powerhouses several times, and even the Empress was his consort.

How could he be in awe of just a Divine Emperor strongman?

In the sky, a figure emerged from the void.

It was the middle-aged man who had appeared at the Wind Thunder Ninth Stage Arena!

The Third Prince of the Supreme Divine Kingdom, Qin Feng!

Under the gaze of countless awe-struck eyes, Qin Feng descended from the sky and landed in front of the towering teleportation pillar.

“Greetings to Third Prince Qin!”

“Greetings to Third Prince Qin!”

The people on the grand square of the Divine Kingdom all performed salutations to Qin Feng, their eyes filled with reverence.


A realm so many could only dream of, yet never reach.

“You may all rise.”

Qin Feng said lightly as he slightly lifted his hand, a gentle force lifted the crowd into the air.

This left many even more astonished by the power of a Divine Emperor realm strongman.

“Has everyone arrived?”

Qin Feng’s inquiring gaze fell on Qin Haoran.

“Third Uncle, almost everyone is here, we can open the Supreme Secret Realm now,” Qin Haoran glanced around the square at random before looking at Qin Feng, slowly stating.


Qin Feng nodded and simply commanded, “Bring forward the Crystal Origin Stones!”

Following that, a series of thunderous sounds approached.


Boom boom.

The entire ground of the Divine Kingdom’s grand square trembled with the echoes of this sound.

People grew curious and looked toward the source of the noise.

They saw hundreds of soldiers pushing carts, each containing dark, lustrous stones.

“So many Crystal Origin Stones are needed.”

Seeing this, Ning Tian was slightly surprised—Crystal Origin Stones were a type of special mineral, containing vast amounts of spiritual energy and highly precious due to their scarcity.

From a distance, there appeared to be at least thousands of Crystal Origin Stones.

He hadn’t expected that activating the teleportation pillar would require so many Crystal Origin Stones.

No wonder it was said that the cost of activating the teleportation pillar once was extremely high.

Indeed, such a huge consumption.


Cart after cart of Crystal Origin Stones were placed in front of the teleportation pillar.

When the final cart of Crystal Origin Stones halted, Qin Feng looked serious, then suddenly slapped towards the teleportation pillar!


The teleportation pillar emitted a series of booming sounds, like the ringing of a bell resonant and profound!

Then, lines of golden light appeared on its bronze surface.

A massive suction erupted, turning the thousands of Crystal Origin Stones into specks of energy, which the pillar absorbed.

In an instant.

The ancient text and symbols on the teleportation pillar lit up two-thirds of the way!

And only when all the ancient text and symbols on the teleportation pillar were lit, would the teleportation pillar start to operate!

“Thousands of Crystal Origin Stones, and still not sufficient—the consumption is indeed extraordinarily huge.”

Seeing this, Ning Tian thought to himself.

Seeing that thousands of Crystal Origin Stones had only lit up two-thirds, Qin Feng showed no surprise, as if everything was within expectations.

He took a step forward, and then the aura of the Divine Emperor realm with two stars spread out.

Endless spiritual power, like a river of stars, converged towards the teleportation pillar.

(End of chapter)

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