Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 165


Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife

Chapter 165: The Mysterious Youqin, Absolutely No Horse Stealing!


Hearing Ning Tian’s words, Youqin was stunned for a moment.

Then, the young girl’s face became serious as she said, “That won’t do. I, Youqin, am a disciple of the Miao Miao Sect’s inner sect. How could I stoop to stealing like a common thief?”


“It’s not like we’re stealing chickens or dogs here. Right, we’re stealing horses and ‘horse’ is not even in that phrase.”

Ning Tian chuckled.

“Right, you make a good point,” Youqin nodded, and then immediately shook her head, “No, no, no. You scoundrel, stop trying to tempt me!”

“Even if I were starving to death or fell from the cliffs of Miao Miao Mountain, I, Youqin, would never, ever resort to stealing horses!”


“I’ve heard that the flesh of a divine horse tastes incredibly delicious. If it were cooked by the great chef Youqin… Oh dear, the world would miss out on such a dish.”

“Such a pity, what a pity indeed,” Ning Tian lamented at the side.

“You saying that does make it seem a pity,” Youqin frowned a little.

“I could help you keep Princess Yue Ling at bay. This time, I promise not to spank you,” Ning Tian whispered into her ear.


“I, Youqin, afraid of spanking?”

Youqin snorted pompously, wiped the drool from the corner of her mouth, and cleared her throat, “But, like you said, it would be too regrettable to miss out on such a fine dish.”


Ning Tian’s lips curled slightly, a trace of amusement flickering in his eyes.


“We must steal his horse!”

Youqin clenched her small fist!

“Isn’t that the spirit?” Ning Tian’s eyes gleamed with mirth.

If the elders of the Celestial Demon Sect knew of this…

They’d probably cry themselves to death.

A dignified venerable ancestor suddenly turned into a horse thief!

Some time before the opening of the Supreme Secret Realm, Qin Haoran sat in the front-most row. Suddenly, he called a soldier over, whispered some instructions, and sent the soldier off.

At that moment in the crowd, two people’s eyes suddenly brightened.

“Youqin, quickly steal his horse!”

“Roger that!”

“I’m on it!”

With a chuckle, Youqin vanished in the blink of an eye.

“Goodness, she’s fast. Zhu Yuanbao’s horse died a worthy death,” Ning Tian was surprised to see Youqin disappear so swiftly.

Youqin must have used a type of movement technique from the Miao Miao Sect.

This speed was even faster than Ning Tian’s own Dragon Step.

But of course, the Dragon Step was merely a Profound-level skill; it could still be improved.

“If only I could learn Youqin’s movement technique,” Ning Tian muttered, hoping in his heart that the girl would be able to steal Qin Haoran’s divine horse.

After a while.

A beautiful figure materialized, and a sneaky shadow appeared.

“How did it go?”

Ning Tian approached her and patted Youqin’s shoulder, asking.


Youqin, startled, jumped. Seeing it was Ning Tian, she patted her chest and breathed a sigh of relief, “It’s you, you ugly bully. You scared me to death.”

Ning Tian couldn’t help but suppress a laugh hearing this.

Youqin was practically broadcasting her nervousness.

It was a wonder she had the courage to steal a horse at all.

“How did it go?” Ning Tian looked at her and asked.


With a prideful look on her little face, Youqin boasted, “When this lady takes action, is there any horse that can’t be stolen?”

Relieved by her words, Ning Tian relaxed.

“Hehe, but it is a fine horse. Stewing it into a horse meat hotpot would be incredibly nourishing,” Ning Tian said with a smile.

“That’s true.”

Youqin was nearly drooling on the ground as she wiped her saliva, “Stop talking about it. Once we come out of the Supreme Secret Realm, I will personally stew a horse meat hotpot!”

While the two were engrossed in fantasies of horse meat hotpot, the crowd began to stir.

A group of soldiers rushed over, each dripping with sweat on their foreheads.

The soldier rushing to the front, looking panicked, shouted, “Trouble, trouble! Your Highness, your horse is gone!”


Upon hearing this, everyone in the plaza of the Divine Kingdom was in shock!

The Mother of the Divine Kingdom…gone?

That was a Divine Emperor-level expert!

How could she just disappear?

People were in disbelief, and some princes and princesses showed expressions of grief.

“How outrageous!”

In the center of the Divine Kingdom’s plaza, Qin Haoran’s face changed, and he became furiously enraged. His eyes glared angrily at the soldier, “My mother is a Divine Emperor, not someone who could just disappear! Dare to spread rumors?”


With a roar, Qin Haoran unleashed his spirit energy, a massive aura instantly enveloping the soldier!

With a single palm strike, the soldier met a tragic death.

“What a strong aura!”

“Is this the power of the Crown Prince?”

“Indeed, a peak Saint Emperor, verging on the Celestial Lord realm!”

Witnessing this, many surrounding people gasped in shock and awe.

“Speak, what on Earth happened!?”

Qin Haoran took a deep breath, suppressing the anger in his heart, and looked coldly at the other soldiers.

“Great, Your Highness, what he said is true. Your horse is indeed gone.”

Another soldier swallowed hard.


What followed was a merciless palm strike.

“You tell me, what exactly happened!?”

“Your Highness, your horse is gone, really, your horse…it’s gone…”


“You say!”

“Your Highness, we’re not lying to you, your horse…”




“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

In an instant, the Divine Kingdom’s plaza was bombarded with terrifying spirit energy.

If it weren’t for the fact that the plaza was built from special stone, it would have surely been demolished by Qin Haoran’s fury.

“Tsk tsk.”

Not far away, Ning Tian took out an apple from his storage ring, munching on the apple, seemingly adding fuel to the fire as he watched the drama unfold.

Good grief.

This Qin Haoran had even resorted to using Earth-level martial arts on that soldier.

Tsk tsk.

Such brutality.

Beside him, Youqin was the picture of guilt.

“Ah ah ah!”

“Anyone who dares to say my horse is gone… I’ll kill his entire family!”

Qin Haoran was nearly losing his mind.

It was no wonder, after all. Being told by over a dozen people that “your horse is gone” was enough to enrage anyone.

He even thought that these soldiers might have something wrong with their brains.

Even if they wanted to die, it didn’t have to be like this, right?

“You, you tell me, what exactly happened!”

Qin Haoran inhaled deeply, looking at the last soldier, and asked in a stern voice.

“I, I…”

The soldier was shaking, the tragic end of those soldiers still fresh in his sight.

At a time like this, he was terrified of saying something wrong.

Suddenly, an idea struck him, “Great Prince, your divine horse is gone!”

Heh heh!

What a brilliant move!

Just add the word ‘divine’ before ‘horse,’ and surely the Great Prince would understand?

Just as the soldier was feeling clever, a crushing pressure enveloped him.

(End of Chapter)

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