Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 163


Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife

Chapter 163: Divine Kingdom Square, Shocking Ugliness!

To the side, Princess Yue Ling simply smiled and did not take too much notice.

“Comrade Ning, with you joining us, the three of us will go together,” said Princess Yue Ling.

“Alright, when do we set out?” Ning Tian asked.

“Let’s go now.”

The three of them got ready and left the Yingyue Pavilion, heading towards the depths of the royal forbidden area.

According to Princess Yue Ling, the Supreme Secret Realm was not within this royal forbidden ground.

One could only reach the Supreme Secret Realm through a transmission pillar.

Transmission pillars were also extremely useful throughout the Tian Xuan world, such as for teleporting between distant domains, which were accomplished through these pillars.

However, the consumption required to activate a transmission pillar was enormous.

Unless absolutely necessary, one should not easily initiate it.

In the square of the Supreme Divine Kingdom.

Many had already gathered here, not only princes and princesses but also the children of other ministers from the divine kingdom.

The Supreme Secret Realm was, after all, an area for the disciples of the divine kingdom to experience trials.

“Wow, so many princes and princesses have been drawn out by the Supreme Secret Realm.”

“With so many princes and princesses, today’s Supreme Secret Realm is quite lively indeed.”

Many people were left in awe.

As for why so many princes and princesses were present, it was all thanks to the healthy vigor of the Lord of the Divine Kingdom who was excellent at producing heirs.

“Look quick, that’s the thirty-sixth prince! It’s said that he is quite a prodigy!”

“Holy smoke!”

“That woman holding a baby is… the one hundred thirty-second prince? So young and already participating in the Supreme Secret Realm’s trials?”

“That’s right, the rules of the Supreme Divine Kingdom stipulate that geniuses must be nurtured from a young age.”


The crowd was bustling with discussion.

Just then, a charming figure approached, followed by two others.


“It’s Princess Yue Ling!”

When the figure appeared, many people’s eyes widened, filled with adoration.

Princess Yue Ling was quite famous among the many princes and princesses of the Supreme Divine Kingdom, not just for her strength but because she was also one of the great beauties of the God State.


“That man following the princess…”

At this moment, the crowd noticed something amiss.

Squinting their eyes, they took a serious look at Ning Tian, who had an amused and rather ugly expression on his face.


“The princess is actually bringing… bringing such an ugly bumpkin?!”

“Ah! He’s smiling at us, I— I’m gonna throw up!”


A group of people couldn’t stand it.

[Because of your ugly appearance, you have shocked the crowd!]

[Reward: Ugliness +999!]

[Ugliness: When someone approaches and discusses your appearance, they will feel nauseous and be unable to speak!]



Three question marks slowly formed in Ning Tian’s mind.

“System, you come out? See if I don’t beat you to death.”

“What does Ugliness +999 mean?”

He now felt that he needed to discipline the system. Without discipline, the system seemed to be going off the rails!

The system, desperate to survive, responded: “Rest assured, host. The Ugliness is added to the Ice Silkworm Face Mask. Its effects are inversely proportional on the host’s face. You can think of it as Handsomeness +999!”

“Fine then.”

Hearing this, Ning Tian nodded, deciding to let the system off the hook.

But, his ugliness did not spare the people around him.

“Damn, why does it feel like this guy has gotten even uglier!”


“Tsk, tsk, who would have thought Princess Yue Ling had such a taste?” Just then, a sneering voice sounded, and a graceful woman arrived, followed by a group of people.

“Is that…”

“Princess Yue Mei?”

“It’s said that Princess Yue Mei was barely short of being selected as one of the three great beauties of the God State. It seems she harbors some hostility towards Princess Yue Ling.”

The crowd began to talk amongst themselves as they saw the woman.

(End of Chapter)

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