Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 161


Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife

Chapter 161: The Ethereal Sky and the Phenomenon of the Divine Moon!


While Ning Tian was drinking tea, he suddenly heard this statement, and a mouthful of tea sprayed out.

Coincidentally, it sprayed onto Princess Yue Ling, immediately wetting the thin veil on her upper body.

“Cough cough, it was an accident, truly.”

Ning Tian touched his nose awkwardly.

Princess Yue Ling bit her silver teeth.

“Cough, what did you just say about the legendary ancestor of the Sky Demon Sect being your husband, what does that mean?” Ning Tian began to change the subject.

“If you can claim the Empress of the Sky Demon Sect as your wife, what’s wrong, am I not allowed to do some wishful thinking?”

Princess Yue Ling rolled her eyes, speaking somewhat irritably.

“Could it be, you also admire the legendary ancestor of the Sky Demon Sect?”


Princess Yue Ling nodded, “But it’s not admiration, it should be worship, I guess. The legendary ancestor is not just handsome, he also has many legendary deeds, each of which can make me ponder for a long time.”

The legendary ancestor made waves several times in the Heavenly Spirit Realm.

He has already stirred the hearts of countless young girls in the Heavenly Spirit Realm.

“Mm-hm, it is true, the master of the Sky Demon Sect is indeed handsome, like me.” Ning Tian nodded seriously.


Princess Yue Ling was speechless for a moment, she had long realized that this Brother Ning Shuai truly had no shame!

This could be seen just from his name.

“Alright, Brother Ning Shuai, come to Yingyue Pavilion tomorrow at midday.”

As she spoke, Princess Yue Ling handed a token to Ning Tian.

“This is the entry token for the forbidden area of the palace, with it, you can come and go freely.”


Ning Tian took it, secured the entry token, and then both left the study.

In the main hall of the Yingyue Pavilion.

You Qin and Zhu Yuanbao were drinking and eating horse meat, chatting and enjoying.

“How is it, Saint Son Tian Bao, the horse meat is not bad, right?” After a few sips of wine, You Qin’s cheeks were already flushed.

“Stop it.”

Zhu Yuanbao grumbled, continuing to eat meat in big bites.

Although he lost the horse, this horse meat was really delicious.

“Hey, what’s your name—You Qin, isn’t it? Give me another bowl of rice!”

“You’re eating more?”

“You’ve already had eight big bowls!”

You Qin was surprised.

“What do you know? This is converting sorrow into appetite!” Zhu Yuanbao said seriously, with a stern face, “And also, pour me some horse meat soup on top of the rice, it’s delicious that way!”


When Ning Tian and Princess Yue Ling came out from the study, they saw these two, drunk and lying on the table.

After all, what Princess Yue Ling prepared was no ordinary wine.

It was, even cultivators would feel tipsy, the Spirit Intoxication Wine!

“Chubby Zhu, wait, I’ll go steal a few more horses for you, and when you come to Tianqiong Realm looking for me, I’ll roast a whole horse for you, spicy horse legs!”

You Qin drunkenly said.

“Mm… mm……”

Zhu Yuanbao was a bit drunk at this point, just nodding his head.

He totally missed the fact that You Qin said she would steal his horses again.

“Don’t worry!”

At this time, You Qin, with her face red, holding her little fist, solemnly said: “I will not steal your horses for nothing, I will make you a roasted horsewhip!”

Princess Yue Ling’s face immediately turned red when she heard this.

This young girl really speaks without restraint when drunk.

“You little girl, shut your mouth.” Princess Yue Ling hurriedly went over and covered You Qin’s mouth.

Who knows what she would say after drinking.

“The Tianqiong Realm?”

Hearing You Qin’s words, Ning Tian was stunned, a gleam flashing in his eyes.

No wonder he had hardly heard of the Ethereal Sect in the Heavenly Spirit Realm. It turned out that this Ethereal Sect was not in the Heavenly Spirit Realm, but in the neighboring Tianqiong Realm.

However, why would Princess Yue Ling join the Ethereal Sect far away in the Tianqiong Realm?

Though puzzled, Ning Tian did not ask more, after all, Princess Yue Ling might not necessarily tell.

“Fatty, fatty, wake up, we are leaving.”

He walked over, looked at the intoxicated Zhu Yuanbao, and frowned.

“Mm… mm…”

Zhu Yuanbao mumbled a few times, and simply started to snore.

Seeing this, Ning Tian’s eyebrows knit slightly; did he really have to carry this guy back?

Although he could use spiritual energy to solve this, it was… annoying.

“Princess, do you have any vacant rooms here in Yingyue Pavilion? This guy…” Ning Tian looked at Princess Yue Ling and asked.

“There are vacant rooms, but it’s not appropriate.”

Princess Yue Ling appeared distressed, “This Yingyue Pavilion is my private residence, and staying overnight…”

Hearing this, Ning Tian nodded and did not say more. He turned and looked at Zhu Yuanbao.

The guy was as round as a ball.


A gleam of enlightenment flashed in Ning Tian’s eyes as he realized how to get the guy back.

Then, he acted upon the idea.

“Princess Yue Ling, we’ll take our leave first.”

Hearing the sound, Princess Yue Ling turned around. Just as she was about to speak, she saw the way Ning Tian was leaving, and was immediately stunned.

Ning Tian was rolling Zhu Yuanbao back like a ball,

“I must say, this Saint Son Tian Bao really is like a ball.”

She couldn’t help but sigh.



Back at the Wind and Rain Inn.

Ning Tian tossed Zhu Yuanbao into his room, and then returned to his own room.

After securing the doors and windows, to prevent Xi Wangmu from launching a night attack and forcing him to commit a crime,


After setting everything up, he finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Then, looking at the moonlight coming in from the window, he sat cross-legged, activated the Moonlight Spirit Qi absorption, and began to practice.

The night of Shen Zhou City.

The bright moon hung high, complementing the city’s lights.

Countless people were looking up, enjoying the moon.

Tonight, the moon was exceptionally beautiful.

In the forbidden area of the palace.

Tian Que Residence.

The great prince of the Supreme God Kingdom, Qin Haoran, was admiring the moon with his 108 beautiful wives.

Fine wine, beautiful women, and the moonlight.

It was indeed a carefree moment.

Suddenly, his eyes sharpened, as if he saw a phenomenon.

In the night sky, the bright moon suddenly emitted a ray of light, casting it upon the earth.

Seeing this, he was stunned, and then loudly commanded, “Quick, call the Imperial Astronomer!”

Upon hearing this, the soldiers acted on the command and ran towards the outside of Tian Que Residence.

After a while.

A white-haired elder, led by the soldiers, hurried over.

“Great prince, what’s—what’s going on?”

The elder panted, looking at Qin Haoran in puzzlement.

“Imperial Astronomer, observe the sky for any anomalies!”

Qin Haoran’s eyes were intense as he pointed to a spot in the night sky, urgently speaking.

“An anomaly?”

The Imperial Astronomer was taken aback for a moment, looked up into the sky, and his face changed dramatically!

In the sky, the moonlight was omnipresent, strands of moonlight merged together, looking like a bridge connecting to the ground, incredibly sacred!

(End of Chapter)

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