Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 160


Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife

Chapter 160: Moon Spirit Ambition, Millennial Thunder Heart!

“Prince succeeding the throne?”

Upon hearing Princess Moon Spirit’s words, Ning Tian was stunned for a moment before he reacted.

What she mentioned was probably a position similar to that of the Crown Prince, essentially the position of inheriting the rule of the Divine Kingdom and governing the entire Supreme Divine Nation!

“Do you wish to become an empress?”

Ning Tian looked at her, his brows slightly furrowed.

“Of course.”

Princess Moon Spirit lifted her head, her beautiful eyes shining with a bright luster as she spoke with longing: “My ambition, as well as what I desire, is not only to break through to become a Great Emperor in cultivation but also to become a female emperor of the Supreme Divine Nation!”

“To bring peace and prosperity to the Supreme Divine Nation!”

Her tone became somewhat excited as she reached this point.

“A female emperor, peace and prosperity…”

Ning Tian muttered to himself, just smiling wryly.

The road to becoming an emperor is incredibly difficult.

However, it’s good that Princess Moon Spirit harbors such thoughts.

“Ah, I might have spoken too ambitiously.”

Princess Moon Spirit seemed to realize she had gotten ahead of herself; given the current situation, her goals seemed somewhat unrealistic, and she couldn’t help but laugh awkwardly.

“The royal family’s struggle…”

Ning Tian’s brows furrowed, not dwelling on the matter too much.

He was just pondering: could it be that the royal struggles within the Supreme Divine Nation could invite outsiders to assist?

Wouldn’t that be somewhat too hasty?

Harboring doubts, he looked towards Princess Moon Spirit and asked, “Princess Moon Spirit, could it be that your royal family’s struggle allows outsiders to lend a hand?”

Princess Moon Spirit was taken aback for a moment and quickly shook her head.

“Of course not.”

“The final showdown can only involve members of the royal family. All outsiders are strictly prohibited from intervening.”

“Then why did the princess invite me here today?”

Ning Tian asked, puzzled.

“The ultimate showdown is still far off, and I have invited you, Daoist Ning Shuai, to accompany me into the Supreme Secret Realm.”

Princess Moon Spirit explained.

“The Supreme Secret Realm?”

At these words, Ning Tian was somewhat startled.


Princess Moon Spirit nodded, slowly elaborating.

“The Supreme Secret Realm was established by the founder of our Supreme Divine Nation, specifically for the cultivation of our disciples.”

“In two days, it will be the opening of the Supreme Secret Realm. There is something essential to me within, and with it, even in the royal family’s struggle, I am confident I can emerge victorious.”

“But to obtain that thing, one must pass through a storm of thunder and lightning, the power of which is comparable to the eighth level of the Wind and Thunder Nine Stages Platform.”

“I’ve attempted it for several years now, but I cannot get through.”

Princess Moon Spirit shook her head, her tone laced with a hint of helplessness.

“So that’s why you are looking for someone who can step onto the eighth level,” Ning Tian finally understood Princess Moon Spirit’s purpose.

“That’s right.”

“But can outsiders enter it?”

“Yes, the Supreme Secret Realm is merely for cultivation purposes and doesn’t contain any secrets of the royal family. Over the years, many have brought friends within; it’s just that outsiders are not allowed to take anything in it.”

Princess Moon Spirit explained.


Ning Tian regarded her, “But before I agree, shouldn’t you tell me what the reward will be?”

“Naturally. Daoist Ning Shuai, just say what you would like,” replied Princess Moon Spirit, not showing any surprise—as there’s no such thing as a free lunch in this world; a reward must be given.

Ning Tian thought for a moment, his gaze resting on Princess Moon Spirit, but inside he was contemplating what precisely the Thunder Heart Fruit was: an important entity in the royal family, or a common ornamental fruit.

If it’s readily available, wouldn’t speaking up be a huge loss?

In essence, he’s now considering taking advantage of Princess Moon Spirit for his own benefit.

One might as well go for the gains when they’re there.

Sensing Ning Tian’s gaze, Princess Moon Spirit blinked, seemingly catching on to something, and her pretty face turned instantly red.

“Daoist Ning Shuai, please don’t entertain such thoughts; that’s an impossibility.”


Ning Tian felt confused. What thoughts?

Seeing Princess Moon Spirit’s somewhat flushed face, he seemed to understand something.

This princess was consumed with thoughts of a certain hue.

He sighed, an expression of disappointment on his face, “Ah, the young people of today… if they aren’t on the path of decadence, they are thinking along those lines. At least I am more upright.”

Upon hearing this, Princess Moon Spirit’s face flushed even more, and she bit her silver teeth, “Stop beating around the bush, Daoist Ning Shuai. Just directly state what reward you want.”

“Since the princess has said so, then I’ll just speak plainly.”

Ning Tian looked at Princess Moon Spirit directly and faintly said, “My requested reward is simple; I only need a Thunder Heart Fruit.”

“Thunder Heart Fruit?”

Princess Moon Spirit was startled, and astonishment flashed in her eyes as she sighed, “Is that supposed to be a simple request? Daoist Ning Shuai, you’re really asking for the moon.”

【You’ve shocked Princess Moon Spirit. Reward: Spiritual cultivation +100!】


Upon hearing this, Ning Tian was struck dumb.

It’s just a Thunder Heart Fruit, isn’t it?

Why would it be taken as asking for the moon in Princess Moon Spirit’s view?

If Princess Moon Spirit knew that at first, he even thought of asking for a few hundred billion spirit coins or a few heaven-grade martial arts books, surely she would be even more astonished.

That would probably be the real definition of asking for the moon.

“Daoist Ning Shuai, this Thunder Heart Fruit tree has only borne ten Thunder Heart Fruits in a thousand years. If this isn’t asking for the moon, then what is?” Princess Moon Spirit sighed and explained somewhat helplessly.

However, if Ning Tian truly desired it, she would do her best to help him obtain it.

“Hehe, then I’ll trouble Princess Moon Spirit,” Ning Tian chuckled, not backing down. The Thunder Heart Fruit was the final herb he needed. If he wished to obtain it, he couldn’t change his mind.

What does it matter if only ten exist in a thousand years? That Thunder Heart Fruit must be his.


Princess Moon Spirit slightly furrowed her brows and after a moment of contemplation, she nodded her head: “Fine, since Daoist Ning Shuai only wants that, I agree.”

“What about adding a heaven-grade martial art or a hundred billion spirit coins?”

Ning Tian chuckled.


Princess Moon Spirit’s forehead was lined with a few strands of exasperation.

“How about it, Daoist Ning Shuai, you might as well take me instead.”

“That’s not an option.”

Ning Tian shook his head seriously, “I fear that my wife might get jumpy and go after me with a knife if I don’t sleep well at night.”

“Your wife?”

Princess Moon Spirit was stunned, her curiosity piqued, “Daoist Ning Shuai, do you really have a wife?”


Ning Tian nodded, spreading his hands, “These days, who doesn’t have a wife?”


Princess Moon Spirit clenched her teeth, feeling like this man deserved a thrashing.

“Is your wife pretty?”

She persisted, still curious.

“Of course, my wife is the Female Emperor of the Demon Sect.”


Princess Moon Spirit rolled her eyes, meeting yet another man lost in his own world, “Daoist Ning Shuai, don’t daydream. If the Female Emperor of the Demon Sect is your wife, then the legendary ancestor of the Demon Sect is my husband.”

(End of Chapter)

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