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Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife

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Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 16: An Uprising Storm Shakes the Four Corners!

The Celestial Domain.

Numerous powerful forces look up to the sky.

Dark clouds cover the sun, and the sound of thunder can be indistinctly heard, like thunder dragons surging within the clouds.

And that direction – it’s the Demonic Cult!

In an instant, many powerful beings in the Celestial Domain are shocked beyond belief!

Is this a Tribulation Thunder?

Could it be that the Empress of the Demonic Cult is undergoing tribulation?

Such a powerful Tribulation Thunder; could it be that it marks the advancement to the divine realm!?

For a while, many formidable beings in the Celestial Domain conjecture and speculate with trepidation in their hearts, filled with awe for this tribulation lightning.

In the Kingdom of Dongxing, at the Royal Palace.

Inside the palace, a middle-aged man dressed in a dragon robe stands before a window, his gaze stern, looking towards the sky in the distance.

There – that is where the Demonic Cult’s sphere of influence lies.

The dark clouds cover the sun, the tribulation surges.

And his brows furrow tightly.

“The Demonic Cult is becoming stronger and stronger.”

He murmurs softly, sighing, as his gaze slowly moves away from the dark clouds in the sky.

“My liege.”

At this moment, a respectful voice arrives, and an elder walks in with slow steps.

This middle-aged man in the dragon robe is, indeed, the ruler of the Kingdom of Dongxing, Lin Ba!

“Master Tian.”

Lin Ba nods at the elder, then asks, “How is my son Xiaoyao’s condition?”

“It’s difficult…”

Master Tian puts away his medical supplies, sighing and shaking his head.

“The Prince Xiaoyao is not ill but ailing in heart – and matters of the heart are the hardest to cure!”


Lin Ba is silent, his face extremely gloomy.

Ever since he returned from the Demonic Cult a few days ago, his most talented son had become this way, struck with grief and despair, and plunged into degeneration!

Even after seeking all the healers of the Kingdom of Dongxing, none can treat him.

Watching his once proud and energetic son, Lin Xiaoyao, turn into this state, truly pains him as a father.

“Then, Master Tian, how can we cure this ailment of the heart?”

Lin Ba asks, grinding his teeth.

“The person who tied the bell must be the one to untie it; the cause of the heartache should also be its cure.” Master Tian squints, implying something.


Lin Ba falls into a silence.

He naturally understands the meaning of Master Tian’s words.

But –

The other party is someone from the Demonic Cult.

Furthermore, they are the husband to the Empress, how could he seek revenge?

Lin Ba clenches his fists, grinding his teeth soundly, as the Demonic Cult grows more powerful each day!

And the base of the Demonic Cult lies within the Kingdom of Dongxing.

He grows increasingly afraid that if the Cult becomes too strong, they might replace the royal family’s status.

After a long silence.

A glint flashes in Lin Ba’s eyes, “Master Tian, invite representatives from the Righteous Alliance, I have matters to discuss with them.”

Upon hearing this, Master Tian is stunned momentarily, fear arising in his heart.

He clearly understands what the ruler’s action means!

“Your majesty, but… that is the Demonic Cult we’re talking about.” Master Tian can’t help but worry.

“It’s no harm.”

Lin Ba waves his hand away, and looking at Master Tian, he sighs deeply, “Master Tian, I won’t feel at ease until the Demonic Cult is eliminated. With Xiaoyao disabled, I am even more resolute.”

“… ”

Master Tian is silent for a moment.

Finally, he nods, “I understand, Your Majesty.”

With that, he turns around and leaves.


Sighing, Lin Ba looks helplessly towards the dark clouds and the tribulation thunder in the direction of the Demonic Cult, his eyes reflecting his seriousness.

“The Demonic Cult… oh, Demonic Cult.”

“If blame must be assigned, it is because you’ve grown too powerful, and for harming my son, this vengeance must be avenged.”

At this moment.

Along with the heavenly phenomenon that came from the Demonic Cult, this scene is witnessed by countless strong beings across the Celestial Domain.

All of them are full of amazement.

The one who could cause such a tribulation, within the Demonic Cult, is feared to be only one person.

And that is the Empress Luo Wuqing!

The Land of Xiaoyao.

The Xiaoyao Saint stands with his hands behind his back, gazing in the direction of the Demonic Cult, his eyes full of gravity.

“Such a tribulation, Luo Wuqing, Luo Wuqing… what exactly are you doing?”

The Supreme Divine Nation.

The leader of the Divine Nation looks with profound attention, and his gaze is indeed directed at the Demonic Cult!

And in the Celestial Domain, almost all the strong beings are watching the tribulation thunder coming from the Demonic Cult. They almost uniformly believe that the cause of this tribulation is only one person within the Cult.

The Empress, Luo Wuqing.


These powerful beings in the Celestial Domain couldn’t possibly imagine that the one who triggered the tribulation is not Luo Wuqing.

But instead…

It is the husband of the Empress, Ning Tian, who only possesses the martial realm of Xuanwu, using the tribulation thunder to open up his spirit veins!

If they were to know all this…

What expressions would these beings in the Celestial Domain have?

The Righteous Alliance.

A group of elders with an immortal demeanor stands atop a high mountain.

“The Demonic Cult…”

The leader of the Righteous Alliance glances toward the layers of dark clouds with a slightly heavy expression, whispering to himself.

“The leader, this tribulation…”

The elder with sword-like eyebrows swallows nervously, a hint of fear flashing across his eyes, “Could it be that the Empress has broken through to the divine realm?”

The Divine Realm!

The words of the elder with sword-like eyebrows instantly causes the surrounding elders to stiffen, shock flashing through their eyes!


“The Divine Realm, can… can it really be?”

The elder with the wild blade looks unsettled; if the Empress indeed breaks through to the divine realm, then in half a year it won’t be besieging the Demonic Cult, but rather going to their deaths!

“No, it can’t be.”

At this moment, the only one who remains calm is the leader of the Righteous Alliance. He narrows his eyes and shakes his head, “Luo Wuqing doesn’t have the divine passage to ascension, how could she possibly break through to the divine realm?”

“The divine passage to ascension.”

“I think all of you here should know, how rare that thing is, right?”


The group of elders falls silent.

Many emperors, even at the end of their lifetimes, have not obtained the divine passage to ascension, and ultimately fall on the divine path!

In fact, the Celestial Domain experienced a Struggle for Divine Position hundreds of years ago!

Many emperors fell grievously!

“Then… what exactly is this tribulation…”

A group of elders flicker with deep confusion in their eyes.

“I don’t know.”

The leader of the Righteous Alliance shakes his head, a sinister expression flashes in his eyes, “But I only know that the threat of the Empress has grown, and the Demonic Cult must be addressed!”


Hearing his words, a group of elders gives a firm nod.


The threat from the Demonic Cult is ever-growing!

Especially after today’s tribulation event, which was quite significant!

Enough to alert the entire Celestial Domain!

The dark clouds obscure the sun, at the very origin of the tribulation.

One after another, the thunder dragons pour into the spirit sea, turning into one spirit vein after another.

These surging thunder dragons seem to shatter even the air with their terrifying energy.

At this moment, Ning Tian’s body already possesses tens of spirit veins.

Yet, the tribulation continues!

“Such a powerful tribulation, this… can this really be transformed into spirit veins within a cultivator’s body?”

Looking at the horrific divine might of the thunder dragons in the sky, a group of the Demonic Cult elders trembles involuntarily, skepticism arises in their hearts.

(End of Chapter)

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[Translation Note: This chapter showcases the reactions of different individuals and factions in the Celestial Domain to the extraordinary events surrounding the Demonic Cult. The speculation, fear, and plans of various power players hint at the tumultuous changes and challenges to come. Ning Tian, although seemingly ordinary, stirs the heavens, unbeknownst to all the looming actors on this grand stage.]


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