Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 159


Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife

Chapter 159: The Law of True Fragrance, Competing for the Imperial Throne!

“Right on the table?”

Hearing this, Ning Tian and Zhu Yuanbao were stunned for a moment.

Zhu Yuanbao became autistic on the spot.

It was over, all over.

He could almost see, after returning to Tianbao Holy Land, that he would have to face the mixed doubles of the elder group.

Ning Tian couldn’t help but laugh, but he had to admit, this horse meat was really delicious.

“You Qinyin, as a disciple of the Piaomiao Sect, dare to commit theft!”

Princess Yueling bit her silver teeth, a touch of gentle anger flashing in her eyes.

Piaomiao Sect?

Upon hearing this, Ning Tian narrowed his eyes, it must be the sect that Princess Yueling had joined.

However, the Piaomiao Sect, in the entire Sky Spirit Domain, did not seem to be very famous.

The information he knew about it was scant.

“Sister, I was wrong.”

“If you dare again next time… oh no, I mean, I won’t dare next time.”

Qinyin pursed her lips, speaking with a wronged expression.

“It seems you still don’t realize your mistake.”

Princess Yueling narrowed her eyes.

Princess Yueling fell silent for a moment, then looked at Ning Tian as if seeking help.

“Lord Ning Shuai, I’m in dire straits.”


Ning Tian, who was watching Zhu Yuanbao be autistic on one side and eating horse meat on the other, was taken aback for a moment and looked at Princess Yueling in confusion.

“Beat her up.”

Princess Yueling got straight to the point.

“Alright, since you’ve done wrong first, go and apologize to the Tianbao Holy Son.” Princess Yueling patted Qinyin’s head.

Upon hearing this, Qinyin nodded and looked at Zhu Yuanbao.

“I’m sorry, Tianbao Holy Son. I shouldn’t have stolen your horse,” Qinyin said softly.

However, Zhu Yuanbao was still in a daze, as if he had not heard Qinyin’s words.

“Tianbao Holy Son, you… are you alright? I will do my best to make up for your loss.”

Princess Yueling looked at Zhu Yuanbao and spoke very seriously.

“Wu wu.”

Suddenly, Zhu Yuanbao burst into tears, startling everyone.

While picking up the bowls and chopsticks, he said, “I tell you, you have bullied me, and I’m sure to be beaten when I go back.”

With a mouthful of horse meat and a vague complaint.

“This loss, you must compensate me! Do you know how sad I am that my horse died?”

“Wu wu, that, uh, Qinyin girl, help me dish up some rice.”

“That’s too little; that’s not enough, give me a big bowl.”

“Right, where were we just now?”

Zhu Yuanbao cried while eating three large bowls of rice.

Seeing this scene, the three of them had strange expressions and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Why didn’t they feel the sadness that should have been there?

“Aren’t you afraid of your elders beating you?” Ning Tian looked at Zhu Yuanbao with amusement.


Zhu Yuanbao paused for a moment and nodded seriously, “So, I am now eating some horse meat to build up some courage.”

After saying that.

Zhu Yuanbao started eating like crazy.

Watching his feasting, Qinyin couldn’t help but say, “Slow down, there’s still horse meat in the kitchen for you.”

“Wa wu wu.”

“My horse!”

Upon hearing Qinyin’s words, Zhu Yuanbao cried even harder, and the speed at which he picked meat and shoveled rice also increased.

Seeing this, Ning Tian and Princess Yueling looked at each other and smiled helplessly.

After eating.

Zhu Yuanbao still wouldn’t stop, he strongly condemned Qinyin’s horse-stealing behavior and demanded that Qinyin tell him exactly how she did it.


“It seems like there are still a few Shadow Chaser horses in the holy land?”

Zhu Yuanbao thought to himself.

Beside them, Princess Yueling took Ning Tian to a study room.

“Princess Yueling, now can you tell me exactly what kind of help you need from me?” Ning Tian asked, looking at Princess Yueling.


Princess Yueling nodded, her eyes shining as she looked intently at Ning Tian, “Lord Ning Shuai, I need your help to compete for the imperial throne!”


“Compete for the imperial throne???”

Ning Tian was stunned for a moment, then suddenly reacted, “You want to rebel!?”


Now it was Princess Yueling’s turn to be dumbfounded. She was baffled for a while before she understood.


Princess Yueling smiled beautifully, shaking her head gently, “Lord Ning Shuai, you have misunderstood, it’s not about rebellion.”

“Then what is it?” Ning Tian was confused.

“This throne is not the throne you’re thinking of.”

Princess Yueling smiled, explaining, “This throne is called the Prince’s Succession Position.”

(End of Chapter)

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