Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 158


Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife

Chapter 158: Yuan Bao’s Stunned, Time to Confess Honestly!

“You Qinyin, that girl, has prepared the meal so quickly.”

Princess Yue Ling was somewhat surprised by You Qinyin’s efficiency; it seemed a bit too high.

“Marshal Ning, Saint Child Tianbao, let’s go in.”

Princess Yue Ling spoke up, pushed open the doors of Ying Yue Pavilion, and walked in.

Zhu Yuanbao naturally followed with a skip in his step, lured by the aroma which was definitely meat, stirring up his appetite!

At this moment, he felt like he could eat a whole horse!

Ning Tian paused for a moment outside Ying Yue Pavilion. Since entering the imperial forbidden area, he had been paying attention to his surroundings, but had not seen the so-called Thunder Heart Fruit.

It seemed, the Thunder Heart Fruit was still in a deeper part of the area.

After a short pause, he followed the others inside.

Inside the great hall of Ying Yue Pavilion.

You Qinyin was humming a little tune and placing bowls after bowls of dishes on the table.

On the table, there were dishes like Spirit Mushroom Stewed Horse Meat and Fiery Roasted Horse Leg among others.

Essentially, it was a full horse feast.

One could imagine just how tragically the Swift Shadow Steed had met its end.

“Hum~ Hum~”

As You Qinyin hummed her tune, the doors of the hall were pushed open, and she subconsciously looked over.

She saw Princess Yue Ling walking in from outside.

Noticing her arrival, You Qinyin’s eyes lit up, and as she walked over, she asked, “Sister, have you brought the honored guests… uh…”

Suddenly, her voice came to an abrupt halt.

That look of astonishment was fixed on the two people behind Princess Yue Ling.

“How… How come it’s them?”

You Qinyin had a bad feeling in her heart.

Immediately, she felt like she had a guilty conscience.

Especially when her gaze unintentionally swept over the horse feast on the table, her cold sweat broke out, and she became even more flustered.

It was over, all over!

“If sister finds out I’ve done something bad, she would undoubtedly spank my little butt just like before!”

You Qinyin’s little face immediately turned sour.

She could already feel the stinging pain on her little butt as if it was burning.


“You Qinyin, what’s wrong?”

Noticing You Qinyin’s odd behavior, Princess Yue Ling asked with curiosity.


“Ahaha, it’s nothing, nothing…”

Although she was saying it was nothing, the agony on You Qinyin’s face couldn’t be concealed.

Seeing this, Princess Yue Ling shook her head, unable to guess the heart of a young girl.

She then smiled at Ning Tian and the other guest, “Marshal Ning, Saint Child Tianbao, this is my little junior sister You Qinyin.”

“You Qinyin, this is Marshal Ning and Saint Child Tianbao, both are honored guests for today.”

As she mentioned the honored guests, Princess Yue Ling deliberately emphasized the phrase.

She knew that her little junior sister was naturally mischievous and couldn’t let her mess around casually.

“Got it.”


You Qinyin playfully stuck out her tongue.

“Little junior sister?”

Ning Tian frowned slightly, and asked with confusion: “Could it be Princess Yue Ling has joined other sects?”


Princess Yue Ling nodded her head, not attempting to conceal the fact, as it wasn’t really a secret.

However, she didn’t delve into details, and Ning Tian didn’t ask further.

“Marshal Ning, the reason I’ve invited you for a meal is due to a traditional custom of our Supreme Divine Nation,” Princess Yue Ling said with a smile, looking at the table full of dishes.

“Oh? A custom?”

Ning Tian asked curiously.

“Yes, a custom.”

Princess Yue Ling nodded her head, “In our Supreme Divine Nation, when there’s a significant favor to ask, we would set a table with a feast. If the guest is willing to hear about it, they would sit down for the meal.”

“If they don’t wish to, then they can leave.”

As she reached this point, Princess Yue Ling looked at Ning Tian somewhat nervously.


Ning Tian smiled and moved towards the dining table, “Since I’ve come, how could I leave without trying? Besides, the food smells so tantalizing, it would be a waste not to eat.”

Hearing this, Princess Yue Ling breathed a sigh of relief.

Since Marshal Ning was willing to eat this meal, her significant request should be no problem.

The four of them sat at the dining table.

Ning Tian and Princess Yue Ling, in an unspoken understanding, did not bring up any matter.

They would discuss things after the meal at a more leisurely pace.

Zhu Yuanbao also unceremoniously took up his bowl and chopsticks, as if reincarnated from a starved ghost, picked up a piece of meat, and put it into his mouth.


The moment the meat entered his mouth, Zhu Yuanbao’s eyes widened!

It was as if there were flashes of gold in his eyes!

“What divine dish is this? It’s unbelievably delicious!?”

“I’ve been dining in Saint Tianbao’s sacred land for over twenty years, but I’ve never tasted such delicious food!”


Princess Yue Ling smiled, looking at You Qinyin beside her, “This was made by my little junior sister here.”

You Qinyin immediately looked proud, lifting her head.

“How is it? Saint Child Tianbao, are you satisfied?”

“Satisfied, very satisfied.”

Faced with such a delectable meal, how could Zhu Yuanbao not be satisfied?

He devoured bowl after bowl of spirit rice.

“Goodness me! What is this? It’s too delicious!” Zhu Yuanbao, who simply couldn’t help himself, asked, “Princess Yue Ling, what kind of meat is this?”

“I have tasted all sorts of exotic flavors, but never such delicacy.”


Princess Yue Ling was stunned for a moment, her brows furrowed, and she fell into thought.

Beside her, seeing this scene unfold, You Qinyin’s palms began to sweat coldly, and she quickly said, “This is the meat from short-legged horses.”

“Short-legged horses?”

Zhu Yuanbao was puzzled for a moment, and his expression gradually turned gloomy, “You shouldn’t have mentioned horses, just like I shouldn’t have lost my Swift Shadow Steeds.”

“Swift Shadow Steeds?”

At this, Princess Yue Ling finally remembered, “This is made from Swift Shadow Steeds.”


Hearing this, Zhu Yuanbao froze.

“What the hell!?”

“No way!?”


Seeing Zhu Yuanbao’s excited reaction, Princess Yue Ling was puzzled and turned to Ning Tian.

“Marshal Ning, what’s with Saint Child Tianbao?”

“This guy lost two Swift Shadow Steeds in the inner city of the Divine State a few days ago, he might be overwhelmed by the sight of the horse meat,” Ning Tian explained slowly.

“Lost two Swift Shadow Steeds?”

Princess Yue Ling’s brows creased slightly, sensing that something wasn’t quite right.

You Qinyin’s heart sank, sensing trouble.

Suddenly, she remembered something.

“Oh no.”

“My stomach hurts so bad, you guys go ahead and eat, I’ll be right back…”

Having said that, You Qinyin attempted to flee.

But at this moment, it was her guilty behavior that made Princess Yue Ling realize something.

“You Qinyin!!!”

“Come here!”

The voice resounded behind her.

You Qinyin pouted and reluctantly walked over with her head down.

“Speak, is the Swift Shadow Steed in this pot the one belonging to Saint Child Tianbao?” Princess Yue Ling stared at You Qinyin with sharp eyes and asked.

“Must you be so fierce…”

You Qinyin muttered under her breath.

“Still refusing to confess honestly? Do you want to be locked up in the Rainforest Secret Realm?” Princess Yue Ling’s eyes flashed with a hint of fierceness.

“Locked up? No, no, no.”

Hearing about being locked up, You Qinyin quickly shook her head, “I’ll confess honestly, the Swift Shadow Steed of Saint Child Tianbao is… is on the table.”

(End of Chapter)

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