Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 155


Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife

Chapter 155: Mocking the Ancestor, I Cannot Cower!

With the last auction item sold, the Tianbao Auction had come to a perfect close.

Before the crowd could disperse, Ning Tian hurriedly left with Zhu Yuanbao, firstly to avoid the annoying Princess Yue Ling, and secondly because the effect of the duplicated Aura Card had worn off.

If he doesn’t slip away now, then when?

Returning to the Fengyu Inn.

Ning Tian went straight back to his room. After vigilantly checking the windows and finding no suspicious individuals, he finally breathed a sigh of relief.

“This time the gains were not bad.”

Although he used several billion spirit coins, his wife is wealthy so splurging isn’t a big issue.

“Only one ingredient is missing to enhance the Divine Body, the Thunder Heart Fruit…”

Ning Tian frowned, feeling a bit of a headache. The Jiufeng Ice Grass was now in hand, but there was still no clue about the Thunder Heart Fruit.


“Just have to keep looking.”

He sighed and then took out a scroll made of sheepskin that faintly had wind and thunder flickering on it.

It was the mid-tier Earth rank martial art, Wind and Thunder God Palm!

He sat cross-legged on the bed, took a deep breath, and began to cultivate the Wind and Thunder God Palm while operating the Divine Record and the Three Lifetimes Technique!

【Detecting host’s absorption of the Wind and Thunder God Palm Cultivation Method!】

【Comprehending at ten times speed!】

In an instant, wind and thunder surged around Ning Tian, making rustling noises.

Fengyu Inn.

Two graceful figures appeared at the entrance of the inn.

At once, many of the patrons’ eyes widened.

“Such beautiful women!”

“These two ladies, they’re unparalleled!”

Though their faces were veiled, underneath the thin silk was a hazy beauty.

The inn’s waiter immediately greeted them with a smile, “Two distinguished guests, are you staying or dining? However, if you have horses, I’d suggest taking some precautions.”


The Western Queen Mother raised an eyebrow and said indifferently, “We are neither dining nor staying. We’re here to find someone.”

“To find someone?”

The waiter was baffled, looking at the two women, “Who may I ask are you two distinguished guests looking for?”

The Western Queen Mother thought for a moment and said slowly, “A person who is extremely ugly.”

“Is it that guest upstairs?”

The waiter was startled and then pointed to a room on the second floor.

Immediately, the two women headed up to the second floor.

They left behind a crowd of confused diners.

On the second floor.

In the room.

Wind and thunder slowly dissipated from Ning Tian.

The system voice echoed in his mind.

【Mid-tier Earth level martial art, Wind and Thunder God Palm comprehension successful!】


Ning Tian exhaled a long breath.

He had finally comprehended the Wind and Thunder God Palm.

Knock knock.

At that moment.

There was a knock at the door.

Ning Tian instantly became alert. Zhu Yuanbao was supposed to be sleeping, and given his pig-like slumber, he should not be waking up now.

“What are you staring at? Open the door.”

A woman’s impatient voice came from outside the door.

Hearing that somewhat familiar voice, Ning Tian was stunned.

The Western Queen Mother?

He got up, walked over, and opened the door.

Outside the door, as expected, were the Western Queen Mother and the Yaochi Holy Girl.

The Western Queen Mother, without any politeness, brought the Yaochi Holy Girl inside.

“Why are you here?”

Ning Tian closed the door and asked.

“First, take off that mask on your face before talking to us.” The Western Queen Mother rolled her eyes, “Hurry up and restore your handsome face.”

Beside her, the Yaochi Holy Girl echoed, “Exactly, exactly, the people who admire the Ancestor express strong condemnation.”


Ning Tian touched his nose, and then he took off the Ice Silkworm Mask.

With the Western Queen Mother here, there was no need to worry about exposing his identity.

As the Ice Silkworm Mask was removed.

That handsome face that had no place to go appeared again.

“Mm~ Not bad, it’s more comforting to look at this face.” The Western Queen Mother patted Ning Tian’s shoulder and laughed.


The Yaochi Holy Girl blushed and greeted Ning Tian.


Ning Tian nodded and then turned to the Western Queen Mother, “Western Queen Mother, why have you come here?”

“Giggle, what do you think, Ancestor?” The Western Queen Mother looked teasingly at Ning Tian, her eyes as if a wicked wolf was staring at a little lamb.

“Ancestor, say, if I forcibly do something shameful to you here, that woman Luo Wuqing probably wouldn’t sense it, right?”


Ning Tian was stunned, shocked in his heart.


This Western Queen Mother actually wants to force herself on me!?

Cough cough!

But, this shouldn’t be something anyone would look forward to, should it?


The Western Queen Mother gave Ning Tian a coquettish glance, “Ancestor, I’m just teasing you~”

Ning Tian clenched his teeth, glaring at the Western Queen Mother, “Western Queen Mother, wait for it. When I become stronger than you, I will make sure to spank your ass until it blooms!”


“I am spanking you now, would you dare?”

“I wouldn’t dare?”

Ning Tian’s lips curved into a cold smile.


Slap, slap!

Crisp sounds filled the air.

Beside him, the Yaochi Holy Girl was stunned.

The Western Queen Mother was also stunned, her cheeks flushed with immediate embarrassment.

She did not expect Ning Tian to actually dare!

After slapping three times, Ning Tian let go.

What if this woman got angry and tried to kill him out of rage?

However, it was necessary to spank her, and it was quite satisfying!

Moreover, the Western Queen Mother took the initiative!

How could he cower?

Men, cannot cower!

【You have shocked the Western Queen Mother.】

【You have shocked the Yaochi Holy Girl.】

【Reward: Spiritual cultivation +300.】

The Western Queen Mother’s pretty face blushed, and she didn’t react with anger as Ning Tian imagined. Instead, there was a bit more charm on her face.

“Ancestor, you’ve hit me, so you must take responsibility.”


“I haven’t done anything to you, so why don’t you spank me too?” Ning Tian felt speechless internally.

So awkward.

The Yaochi Holy Girl bit her silver teeth, at a loss for words.

“Cough cough.”

Ning Tian cleared his throat, “Ahem, let’s talk about serious matters.”

“Ancestor, we are here to ask you for one thing.”

The Western Queen Mother turned serious.

“What is it?”

Ning Tian asked.

“The root of the Jiufeng Ice Grass.” The Western Queen Mother said plainly.

(End of chapter)

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