Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 153


Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife

Chapter 153: Hateful Woman, The Black-Red Coffin!

In the Tian (Heaven) Number Bing (Third) Room.

Xi Wangmu’s pretty face showed a trace of astonishment, and a touch of doubt flashed through her beautiful eyes.

Why is the Grandmaster here?

“Holy Master, what’s wrong?”

The voice of Yaochi Holy Maiden arose from the side.

“No, it’s nothing.”

Xi Wangmu regained her composure, her lips curling up into an amused smile as she softly transmitted her thoughts through spiritual sense.

“Grandmaster, what would you do to me if I don’t give you this face? Lol.”


Ning Tian fell silent for a moment.

He clenched his teeth, making a silent threat.

Although he no longer had the Emperor Summoning Card, this could still be used as a means to threaten this woman!


The sound of silver bells ringing pleasurably echoed in Ning Tian’s mind.


Inside the Tian (Heaven) Number Jia (First) Room.

Ning Tian’s old face darkened as the image of a bare Xi Wangmu from the dream within the Gate of Dreams flashed through his mind.

He instantly felt uncomfortable all over.


This hateful woman…

“Grandmaster, what’s wrong?” Zhu Yuanbao looked at Ning Tian, who seemed a bit uncomfortable, and couldn’t help but ask.

Ning Tian shook his head, took a deep breath, and conveyed through spiritual sense: “Then you just wait and see!”


“Forget it, I’m afraid if Luo Wuqing draws his sword and comes to Yaochi to kill me.”

“The Jiufeng Ice Herb, I’ll let you have it.”

Xi Wangmu chuckled incessantly, her spiritual voice fading gradually.


Only then did Ning Tian breathe a sigh of relief.

Without Xi Wangmu competing, he finally secured the Jiufeng Ice Herb with a high bid of six hundred million Spirit Coins.

An extra four hundred million Spirit Coins spent.

Even with ten billion Spirit Coins, it couldn’t last like this.

“No, this money, I must get reimbursed by Xi Wangmu. After all, this woman is also rich.”

Ning Tian muttered to himself.

He realized that both of these women were rich!

“Grandmaster, I didn’t expect you to be so wealthy!”

Seeing Ning Tian secure the Jiufeng Ice Herb for six hundred million Spirit Coins, Zhu Yuanbao’s eyes suddenly bulged!

As if he had seen a Wealth God!

“Grandmaster, I have a treasure for men here! Just ten million Spirit Coins, and it can make you the fighter jet among men!”

At this time, Zhu Yuanbao went back to his old sales pitch.

Pushing his good stuff on Ning Tian.

However, Ning Tian couldn’t be bothered with him.

Did he look like someone who needed a treasure for men?

What a joke!

Super vigorous!

The auction continued.

Seeing this immortal herb sell for a sky-high price of six hundred million Spirit Coins, Tian Mei couldn’t help but laugh so hard her mouth couldn’t close.

The gleam in her beautiful eyes was flowing.

With the drive of six hundred million Spirit Coins, the atmosphere in the entire auction house was set ablaze.

Subsequently, many more items appeared at the auction.

As for the last ingredient Ning Tian was missing, it had yet to appear.

“Could it be that Lei Xin Fruit is so hard to find?” Ning Tian frowned slightly.

This Tianbao Auction had all kinds of rare treasures available.

But only the Lei Xin Fruit was nowhere to be seen.

Half an hour later.

On the auction stage, Tian Mei hammered down the final bid for an immortal artifact.

She glanced behind the stage, a serious look flitting through her eyes.

But in just a moment, her expression returned to normal.

Tian Mei looked towards the people below, her lips parted slightly, speaking slowly: “Ladies and gentlemen, up next is the last item of today’s Tianbao Auction.”

The last item?

Many powerful attendees’ hearts shook with anticipation upon hearing this.

“Already the last one, huh.”

Ning Tian murmured, his eyebrows slightly furrowing, as it seemed unrealistic to find the Lei Xin Fruit at the Tianbao Auction.

However, this last item.

It was probably the reason that attracted the four Emperors here in the first place.

Everyone’s gaze fell on Tian Mei.

Tian Mei turned slightly, her gaze at the auction’s backstage, speaking softly: “Seven Men, please bring up the item.”

As her voice fell.

A sound of suonas playing arose.

The crowd was taken aback.

What sound was that?

They saw six men in black clothing, struggling to carry a black and red coffin, coming from the backstage.

And behind them, there was another man in black playing the suona, walking over slowly.

Hearing this sound, some of the older powerhouses with white hair looked a bit unwell.

It felt almost like the suona was playing for their own send-off.

A group of seven men, six carrying a coffin, and one playing music.

Finally, they slowly placed the black and red coffin on the auction stage.

But the sound of the suona did not stop.

“This is…the Melody of Sealing!”

Hearing the sound of the suona, Ning Tian immediately recognized it.

The music being played, it probably had something to do with the eerie coffin.

After a while, the sound of the suona ended.

“Everything’s ready, Sister Tian Mei.”

The man stopped playing the suona and flashed a smile at Tian Mei.

“Oh, thank you for your effort.”

“Heh, no need.”

The man waved his hand, looking at the many lords of the powers, “Everyone, if you need us, contact the Seven Men!”

“Remember! For carrying coffins, we are professionals!”

After saying that, they slowly left under the strange gazes of the group of power lords.

The Seven Men departed.

Everyone’s eyes fell on the coffin that the Seven Men had carried in.

The coffin was black and red, exuding an extremely evil and eerie chill.

On the coffin lid, one could vaguely see ancient runes.

Altogether, just looking at it gave everyone a feeling as if their blood was being frozen by ice, extremely uncomfortable.

Even Tian Mei kept a great distance from that black and red coffin.

Tian Mei looked at everyone, slowly speaking, “Ladies and gentlemen, this is our last auction item, the Guilty Shadow Soul Locking Coffin!”

Guilty Shadow Soul Locking Coffin!

Once these words came out, on the second floor of the auction house, several mighty imperial auras suddenly shuddered!


If not for the fact that the Emperors restrained themselves a bit, the Tianbao Pavilion might have directly collapsed into ruins.

Indeed, the targets of these Emperors were all aimed at this Guilty Shadow Soul Locking Coffin!

What is the origin of this coffin that it made several Emperors so agitated?

Everyone was shocked, and curiosity brewed within their hearts.

Inside the Tian (Heaven) Number Jia (First) Room, Ning Tian’s gaze fell on the Guilty Shadow Soul Locking Coffin, his eyebrows slightly raised.

Tian Mei squinted her beautiful eyes, looking at the Guilty Shadow Soul Locking Coffin, her red lips moving.

“This Guilty Shadow Soul Locking Coffin, we also do not know what level of artifact it is.


“After our investigation, if there’s no surprise, it is feared to be something left behind from the Ancient Path of Ascension to Godhood.”

Her voice fell.

The entire auction hall, which had been noisy just a moment ago, fell deathly silent!

(End of this chapter)

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