Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 152


Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife

Chapter 152: Six Hundred Million Sky-High Price, Voice Transmission by Divine Sense!

One, one hundred million?!

Upon hearing this, many people in the auction hall were greatly shaken!

The bid actually went from thirty million to one hundred million?!

What a grand gesture!

Everyone’s gaze turned towards the sky-numbered room A in shock.

Could it be that there is a great emperor powerhouse inside?

Within the sky-numbered room A, Ning Tian’s heart was pounding, and he also felt a bit nervous.

Although he was reluctant to compete with a great emperor powerhouse.

However, the Jiufeng Ice Herb was extremely important to him!

Therefore, he could only gamble!

The reason he raised the bid by seventy million in one go was just to deter others.

To make them mistakenly think that he also is a great emperor powerhouse and thus not dare to probe his aura!

That copy aura card cannot be freely chosen; it can only copy the first person who senses your aura.

And what he wanted was to be noticed by a great emperor powerhouse!

【You have shocked everyone and gained a Divine Sense Voice Transmission card!】

A Divine Sense Voice Transmission card?

Ning Tian was taken aback for a moment and temporarily put it away.

One hundred million!

Everyone’s hearts trembled with shock.

Even many had never seen so much money before!

In the sky-numbered room D.

Zhuge Yu stood behind a man in white, looking extremely solemn, and the person who made the previous bid was naturally this man in white.

This man in white is none other than the free and easy Holy Master!

A true great emperor powerhouse!

At this moment, he slightly frowned, his gaze piercing through the screen and towards the sky-numbered room A.

Although the gaze cannot penetrate, the aura can!


A great emperor’s might suddenly transmitted from the sky-numbered room D!

Sensing this kind of momentum, many people’s expressions changed!

On the auction stage, Tian Mei also showed a helpless look, as such behavior was, in theory, not allowed.

However, the other party is a sovereign great emperor powerhouse.

Even their Tianbao Holy Master would have to show respect.


Tian Mei’s eyebrows slightly furrowed as she looked toward the sky-numbered room A, feeling a bit puzzled inside.

Just now, she gave Zhu Yuanbao the box usage rights, was he the one who entered this room?

Inside the sky-numbered room A.

Sensing that terrifying momentum, Zhu Yuanbao shivered with fear,

That’s a great emperor powerhouse!

The Ancestor was being a bit too impulsive!

However, Ning Tian just curled his lips, his eyes shining brightly.

His goal had been achieved!

“System, use the copy aura card!”

【Using copy aura card!】

【The use is successful!】

【Detecting the great emperor aura of the free and easy Holy Master, choosing to copy.】

【Copy successful!】

【Great emperor aura, usage time, one hour!】

As the system voice ended, a huge aura burst forth from Ning Tian’s body!


The great emperor’s aura blasted out from the sky-numbered room A!

Feeling that enormous great emperor momentum, many powerful individuals from various forces showed subtle changes in their expressions.

As expected!

There is indeed a great emperor powerhouse within the sky-numbered room A!

Inside the sky-numbered room B, the free and easy Holy Master slightly frowned.

The Jiufeng Ice Herb only had a collecting function for him, and it didn’t seem appropriate to compete with another great emperor powerhouse and spend a huge amount of money.

Besides, he had other objectives.

Thus, he simply sat back down.

“Since fellow Daoist wishes to have it, then take it.”

As his words fell, the great emperor’s aura dissipated within the sky-numbered room B.

Upon hearing this, the crowd sighed; it seems that the great emperor in the sky-numbered room B decided to give up.

Inside the sky-numbered room A, Ning Tian breathed a sigh of relief, his eyes glinting.

Now, could he finally get the Jiufeng Ice Herb?

Beside him, Zhu Yuanbao was dumbfounded.

What great emperor?

Why do the people outside, as well as the great emperor powerhouse, think that there is a great emperor here?

Where is the great emperor?

Is it equal to a great emperor when a Ground King Realm is added to a Saint Emperor Realm??

Just when he was thinking this, a female voice came out from the sky-numbered room C.

“Two hundred million.”

The voice was like the sound of silver bells, sweet and melodious.

However, her words instantly pushed the atmosphere of the entire auction hall!

Opening her mouth again, it was another two hundred million spirit coins!

The price of a single immortal herb had been pushed to two billion spirit coins, which was simply unprecedented!


Ning Tian’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled, he gritted his teeth, and spoke indifferently: “Three billion spirit coins.”

“Four billion.”

The other party also followed up with one billion calmly.


“Five billion.”

Ning Tian frowned.

“Giggle, six billion.”

Laughter like silver bells sounded.

In an instant, it went from one billion to six billion!

Inside the sky-numbered room A, Ning Tian frowned, thinking that if they continued to raise bids like this, even ten billion spirit coins wouldn’t be enough!

However, why does this laughter sound somewhat familiar?

“Seems to be her?”

Ning Tian realized and looked puzzled.

Then, he gritted his teeth.

“System, use the Divine Sense Voice Transmission card!”

【Using Divine Sense Voice Transmission card!】

【Used successfully.】

Immediately, Ning Tian took a deep breath, and his voice passed through divine consciousness.

Inside the sky-numbered room C, a veiled woman was waiting with a smile on her face for the voice from sky-numbered room A to ring out.

Suddenly, a voice echoed in her mind.

“Empress of the West, give me some face.”

Divine Sense Voice Transmission?

The Empress of the West was taken aback, then scoffed and retorted, “Why should I give face to fellow Daoist?”

In the sky-numbered room A, someone’s face darkened, grinding his teeth.

“If you don’t give me face, next time when you’re bathing, I will summon you over!”


The Empress of the West was startled, her pretty face revealing a strange expression.

“Ancestor… Ancestor?”

(End of Chapter)

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