Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 151


Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife

Chapter 151: Four Great Emperors, I Bid One Hundred Million!

“Let’s go, take me to the private box.”

Ning Tian said impatiently.


Zhu Yuanbao smiled, stood up, and stealthily led Ning Tian towards the private box.

Ning Tian’s plan was as follows.

In the second half of the auction, there would surely be strong practitioners of the God Emperor Realm.

To bid for treasures from their hands, it wouldn’t just be a matter of spirit coins; there would definitely be certain threats involved.

But, if he used the Copy Aura Card, replicating the aura of a God Emperor Realm strong practitioner, then they would certainly be wary.

And to use the Copy Aura Card, naturally he would need to be in a place where no one could see him.

Therefore, the private box that Zhu Yuanbao had managed to secure at this time perfectly met this need!

The second-floor private box.

Ning Tian slightly raised his head and saw the elaborately written characters above.

Heaven-character No. 1 Room.

“Hehe, ancestor, there are five rooms in this second-floor private box, marked as A, B, C, D, E,” Zhu Yuanbao explained on the side.

“Right, let’s go in.”

Ning Tian nodded, pushed open the door, and the two entered.

The A room had plenty of space, large enough to accommodate several people without any problems.

To Ning Tian’s surprise, the screen inside the room was actually a spiritual device.

From the outside, it was blurry and unclear.

But from the inside, it was visible and clear.

That was even better.

Then, all they had to do was wait for the auction to begin.

After a while…

When Tian Mei once again stepped onto the auction stage, the atmosphere below was reignited.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please be quiet.”

Tian Mei smiled as she looked at the crowd, “Next, we will invite several distinguished guests.”

“Distinguished guests!?”

Hearing these words, everyone was shocked, could it be that they were God Emperor Realm strong practitioners?

Inside the heaven-character No. 1 room, a gleam of brilliance flashed in Ning Tian’s eyes. Indeed, God Emperor Realm strong practitioners had arrived!

Just wondering if there would be Great Emperors…

If there were Great Emperors, then it would be fun.

Bidding for treasures from the hands of Great Emperors, even thinking about it was exciting!

As the crowd puzzled.

Suddenly, from within the heaven-character No. 2 room, a breath swept out!


That was…

Great Emperor’s aura!

At the same time, the remaining No. 3, No. 4 and No. 5 rooms of heaven-character series all had a surge in their aura!

These were all undeniably, Great Emperor’s auras!

“Four… four Great Emperors!”

In an instant, the entire auction house was stunned!

Their eyes were filled with shock!

This auction had actually attracted four Great Emperors!

It’s known that in past auctions, the highest that ever came were ordinary emperors with four to six stars!

But now, Great Emperors had come!?

Could it be that this auction had something that even Great Emperors were tempted by?

At this moment, under the pressure of the Great Emperor’s aura, everyone didn’t dare to even breathe heavily and could only silently wait for the pressure to dissipate.

After a while, the aura of the Great Emperors finally faded.

Only then could the people take a breath of relief.

However, the shock in their eyes couldn’t dissipate for a long time.

They were also curious, what exactly was the thing that moved four Great Emperors at the same time?

Inside the heaven-character No. 1 room, Ning Tian squinted his eyes.

He was curious as well.

Beside him, Zhu Yuanbao was flustered, “It’s over, it’s over. Among the five rooms of heaven-character, four are occupied by Great Emperor strong practitioners, what do we do?”

“What’s there to panic about?”

Ning Tian had already gotten used to dealing with Great Emperor strong practitioners and was not as flustered as Zhu Yuanbao.

He smiled faintly, with a meaningful smile: “Who said there isn’t a Great Emperor strong practitioner in the No. 1 room?”


Zhu Yuanbao was startled, his eyes full of confusion.

Ning Tian just smiled and did not explain.

Once all four Great Emperors were seated, inside the auction house was deathly silent, everyone felt restrained.

Although they didn’t know the identities of the four Great Emperors.

At least, they were genuine Great Emperors.

At this moment, a voice full of majesty came out from the heaven-character No. 2 room.

“You need not be wary of us, carry on as you will.”

Hearing this voice, some cultivators in Shen Zhou City were immediately excited.

Because the owner of this voice was indeed the Sovereign Lord of the Supreme God Kingdom!

Then, Tian Mei also cooperated to liven up the atmosphere.

“Giggle, you need not be nervous, the Great Emperors will not interfere with us.”

Her laugh was enchanting, her gaze alluring.

Under her bewitching words, the atmosphere gradually became lively again.

As the chief auctioneer of Tian Bao Pavilion, Tian Mei naturally understood that if the auction atmosphere wasn’t lively, then the items couldn’t be sold.

When the atmosphere in the auction warmed up, Tian Mei too began the auction.

“This Tian Mei, quite formidable.”

Ning Tian couldn’t help but marvel.

Just a few words, and she was able to pull back the atmosphere from its original dead silence.

This woman was no simple character.


“Otherwise, how could Tian Mei sister possibly be Tian Bao Pavilion’s chief auctioneer?”

Zhu Yuanbao proudly raised his head, laughing.

Next, true to the later stage, even a certain immortal artifact appeared.

However, Ning Tian did not choose to make a move.

Because it was just a low-grade immortal artifact, a large saber, which he could not use at all.

The four Great Emperors in rooms B, C, D, E of the heaven-character series didn’t move either.

A mere low-grade immortal artifact did not catch their eyes.

Eventually, this saber immortal artifact was bid by an ordinary imperial realm force for a price of eight million spirit coins.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the next item is the third auction piece. This one is not ordinary.”

Tian Mei smiled mysteriously.

Hearing her words, all the powerful forces around widened their eyes!

Something described as not ordinary by Tian Mei, what exactly could it be?

“Bring it up.”

As she spoke, Tian Mei gently waved her hand.

As the sound fell, a maid walked up from beneath the stage gracefully.

One could see, in the hands of the maid, she held a pair of gloves, seemingly for resisting the cold.

Yet, despite that, her special gloves were still covered in frost.

“Such formidable coldness!”

“What exactly is this thing?”

Feeling the bursts of cold emanating from the item hidden by a white cloth, many powerful forces were all violently shaken!

“This coldness, could it be…”

Inside the heaven-character No. 1 room, sensing this coldness, Ning Tian’s eyes slightly narrowed, and he had a vague answer in his heart.

Under the attention of thousands.

Tian Mei’s lips slightly opened, “Ladies and gentlemen, this third item is a fairy medicine that only matures once every nine hundred years, the Nine Phoenix Frost Grass!”

As the sound fell, she gently pulled down the white cloth covering it.

Then one could see a white medicinal herb appearing before everyone.

It only had nine leaves, but each one resembled a phoenix head, vaguely emitting cold air, with flashes of white light.

It was indeed the Nine Phoenix Frost Grass, something found only in extremely cold places!

“Finally, it has appeared!”

A gleam flashed in Ning Tian’s eyes.

He had to get his hands on this Nine Phoenix Frost Grass no matter what!

Above the auction, the atmosphere was thoroughly ignited, all the powerful forces had their eyes burning as they watched that Nine Phoenix Frost Grass!

“Tian Mei sister, what’s the auction price for this Nine Phoenix Frost Grass?”

At this moment, someone asked out loud.

The corners of Tian Mei’s mouth curled into a smile, “Nine Phoenix Frost Grass, twenty million spirit coins, with each increase not less than five hundred thousand!”

Twenty million!

Everyone’s heart violently shook!

This was more than double the final price of the immortal artifact just now!

Just then, a domineering voice rang out.

“Thirty million, this Nine Phoenix Frost Grass is mine!”

The voice came from the heaven-character No. 4 room.

A Great Emperor strong practitioner had made a move!

Hearing that, a group of powerful forces, even though they were unwilling at heart, could only give up!

No matter how much money they had, bidding against Great Emperor strong practitioners was simply courting death!

At that moment, a calm voice resounded from the heaven-character No. 1 room.

“One hundred million spirit coins!”

“Sorry, I’m taking this Nine Phoenix Frost Grass!”

(End of chapter)

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