Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 150


Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife

Chapter 150: Shocking Again, Copying Aura!

“Two million and one hundred thousand.”

“Are there any other bidders?”

“If no one else is willing to bid higher, then this item will go to this gentleman.”

Tianmei glanced around at the audience and asked.

As she spoke, a hint of wonder filled her heart.

Being a Sky Sovereign realm expert, she was not overly influenced by her mesmerizing constitution.

Therefore, she didn’t understand why these people were addressing Ning Tianshuai (Handsome Ning).

With Tianmei’s words settling, silence fell again, and no voice was heard.

“Since no one else is bidding, then the Wind Thunder Palm Technique will belong to this gentleman.”

Tianmei smiled lightly.

Then, with a gentle wave of her jade hand.

The maid holding the Wind Thunder Palm Technique slowly walked towards Ning Tian.

As she handed the technique to Ning Tian, she also passed him an embedded storage ring.

This was the rule of Tianbao Pavilion.

Tianbao Pavilion always adhered to the principle of the exchange of goods for money without any under-the-table procedures.

All Ning Tian had to do was to transfer the spirit coins into the storage ring given to him by the maid.

Soon, the transaction was completed.

Ning Tian returned the storage ring to the maid.

As the maid received it and turned to leave, she even gave Ning Tian a flirtatious wink.

This made Ning Tian smile wryly.

If the maid remembered after the effects of the mesmerizing constitution ended that she winked at an utterly ugly person, she might even wish to die, right?

The transaction was completed.

The auction continued.

After that, several more treasures appeared.

Among them, Ning Tian also took a liking to a few and casually bought them for a few million spirit coins.

After all, a few million spirit coins were just a small amount for him.

Just as Ning Tian was looking forward to the appearance of the two medicinal herbs he needed.

Suddenly, he heard Tianmei’s enchanting voice resuming on the auction stage.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the first half of the auction comes to an end now. We will start the second half in half an hour.”


The first half?

Ning Tian was momentarily stunned.

“Hehe, Ancestor, Tianbao Auction has always operated this way.”

Zhu Yuanbao chuckled and whispered an explanation.

“The first half is just to build up the atmosphere, and the items offered are relatively good.”

“But all the precious items are reserved for the second half’s climax!”

“There’s such a rule?”

Ning Tian was slightly astonished.

“Ancestor, do you see those small boxes on the lofts above?” Zhu Yuanbao spoke again at this time.

“Small boxes?”

Ning Tian looked puzzled and turned towards the direction pointed out by Zhu Yuanbao.

Indeed, there were small boxes on the second floor of the auction hall, but they were all shielded by screens and not visible from outside.

“Hehe, Ancestor, those small boxes will probably be filled later.”

“After all, the second half is the highlight of Tianbao Auction!”

“Those qualified to sit in them are at least the rulers of Emperor realm forces!”

Zhu Yuanbao chuckled.

Hearing this, Ning Tian nodded thoughtfully, his previous confusion clearing up.

After all, Tianbao Pavilion’s auction was the grandest in the Heavenly Spirit Domain.

The strongest people coming were only at the Sky Sovereign realm.

It seemed somewhat undervalued.

Then, everyone was sitting in the auction hall, waiting for the second half.

At this moment, Princess Yue Ling suddenly stood up, catching everyone’s attention.

They saw her slowly walking towards Ning Tian.

Looking at Ning Tian, she took a deep breath and mustered courage.

“Fellow Daoist, I wonder if you are free tonight?”



Hearing this, everyone around was shocked!

Was Princess Yue Ling this bold?


At this time, Princess Yue Ling realized she misspoke and quickly corrected herself.

“I meant to say, fellow Daoist, are you free for dinner tonight?”

So it was just dinner!

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

They had to admit that they indeed thought wrongly for a moment.

They were scared into thinking that Princess Yue Ling was about to initiate something, like making children, with this guy.

After saying this, Princess Yue Ling nervously looked at Ning Tian.

After seeing Ning Tian bid on the Wind Thunder Palm Technique, recalling her uncle’s words, she had a vague feeling that this guy must have more secrets.

While curious in her heart, she became more convinced that Ning Tian could help her reach that place!

“I’m not free.”

However, Ning Tian still shook his head indifferently.

“When will you be free, Daoist Ning?”

Princess Yue Ling still did not give up, her beautiful eyes fixed on Ning Tian.

“When you’re not free, I’ll be free.” Ning Tian thought for a moment, looked at Princess Yue Ling seriously, and said.


Princess Yue Ling was stunned for a moment and gave Ning Tian a resentful look before turning and leaving.

When she’s not free, he’ll be free.

These words made it clear, wasn’t Ning Tian just not interested in dealing with her?

This made her, one of the three great beauties of the Divine Land, fall deep into self-doubt.

Was it that Daoist Ning’s taste was wrong, or did she truly not catch his eye?

“Hmph, Daoist Ning, you wait! I don’t believe I can’t handle you!”

Princess Yue Ling was thoroughly at loggerheads with Ning Tian.

“He actually rejected Princess Yue Ling!”

Seeing Ning Tian directly reject Princess Yue Ling, everyone around was shocked.

Some people who were at the Wind Thunder Plaza before were even more stunned.

Because this was the second time Ning Tian had rejected Princess Yue Ling.

What a character.

Who was this person who had rejected Princess Yue Ling twice in a row!?

While everyone was shocked and puzzled, the system’s voice rang in Ning Tian’s mind.

【You have shocked the people inside Tianbao Pavilion, reward: Copy Aura Card!】

【Copy Aura Card: Hide your own aura while copying the aura of the first person who senses you!】

“Copy Aura Card?”

Ning Tian was taken aback for a moment and a gleam flashed in his eyes.

Soon, he pocketed the Copy Aura Card.

Perhaps, he could use this card later on.

However, displaying the Aura Card here seemed ineffective and would likely expose him.

As the second half was about to begin.

Zhu Yuanbao was eventually found by the people of Tianbao Pavilion and was directly called out by Tianmei.

To this, Ning Tian could only offer him a sympathetic glance.

After a while, Zhu Yuanbao ran back.

However, Ning Tian clearly saw that his ears were notably pinched red.

At this one looked, it was obviously Tianmei’s doing.

Being able to pinch the ear of the saintly son of Tianbao Sacred Land suggested that Tianmei’s identity was more than just a chief auctioneer.

“Hehe, Ancestor, I’m back.”

Zhu Yuanbao chuckled and then looked at Ning Tian mysteriously, “Ancestor, I’ve got a good thing!”

“What is it?”

Ning Tian asked curiously.

“A box on the second floor!”

A second-floor box?

Ning Tian’s eyes lit up. If he could use the box, then he could freely use the Copy Aura Card!

(End of Chapter)

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