Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 149


Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife

Chapter 149: Ten Billion Spirit Coins, Thunder God Palm!

Inside the Storage Ring.

Ning Tian’s consciousness lingered within.

Staring at the entire space flashing with golden light, he was stupefied.

Mountains of spirit coins piled up, spirit instruments carelessly thrown on the ground, and cultivation methods being used as table legs.


“So, it turns out my wife is so rich!”

Ning Tian’s eyes widened.

His eyes were full of astonishment.

“System, help me count, how many spirit coins are there in here,” Ning Tian spoke to the system.

【Counting in progress!】

A scanning light emanated from Ning Tian’s consciousness.

Then, it scanned the entire Storage Ring space.

【The amount of spirit coins is approximately ten billion.】

【Adding up weapons, cultivation methods, and martial arts, there are roughly several hundred.】

Spirit coins…

Ten billion!?

Even adding up weapons, cultivation methods, martial arts, etc., there are several hundred!

“Holy moly.”

At this time, Ning Tian finally remembered.

Once when he asked Luo Wuqing, she said she was not interested in spirit coins. It turns out it wasn’t just because her power was so high that she looked down on money. More so, it was because she had an uncountable number of spirit coins!

Keep in mind, this is just one Storage Ring.

Things like this low-level trinket, Luo Wuqing had a whole drawer full of them!

At this moment, he even felt.

If it wasn’t for his cheap wife, who wasn’t interested in money and didn’t like spending it,

Who else could claim the title of the number one tycoon in the Spirit Realm other than Tianbao Holy Land?


He took a cold breath.

Ning Tian’s consciousness withdrew from the Storage Ring space.

“Ancestor, what’s wrong?”

Seeing Ning Tian’s somewhat dazed expression on the side, Zhu Yuanbao asked in a low voice.

“No, it’s nothing.”

Ning Tian shook his head slightly, with a slight smile on his lips.

With this huge sum of money, even facing those large forces, he still has the capital to compete!

At this moment.

The bidding for the mid-tier Earth-level martial art, Thunder God Palm, had reached 1.25 million spirit coins.

Currently, two Heavenly Venerate-level forces were competing for it.


“Scarface, do you really think that in terms of financial resources, my Heav- Sword Sect will lose to you Sky-Thief Gate?”

The middle-aged burly man wearing a large saber glared at the person not far away and snorted heavily: “1.35 million spirit coins!”

The words fell heavily!

Instantly, many people in the auction were shocked!

Oh my god!

1.35 million spirit coins!

To actually increase by 100,000 spirit coins in one breath!

“Tsk, just a mere hundred thousand?”

The man known as Scarface sneered, with a ferocious scar running across his face from his right eye.

“I thought it would be more severe. Is that it?”

“1.6 million! Today, just to win a smile from Miss Tianmei!”


The crowd was in an uproar!

An increase of 250,000 in one breath!

Truly extravagant!


Tianmei smiled, charmingly blooming.

“She smiled, she smiled!”

“Miss Tianmei’s smile is so beautiful!”

Many male cultivators around widened their eyes, constantly looking at that tempting figure.

Suddenly, they just felt parched and thirsty!

If this weren’t Tianbao Pavilion and Tianmei was a Heavenly Venerate powerhouse, they might have turned into wild beasts already!

“Gate master Scarface jests.”

Tianmei covered her mouth and chuckled lightly, her beautiful eyes shifting, looking at the middle-aged man with the large saber, “Gate master Scarface bids 1.6 million, I wonder if Gate master Liudao is still going to follow?”

“Fine, this thing, if you want it, then take it!”


Upon hearing, Liudao was silent for a moment, gritted his teeth, snorted coldly, then sat back in his seat.

Apparently, he decided to give up.

“Hehe.” Scarface smiled triumphantly.

“Does anyone else want to bid?”

Tianmei looked around the auction, asking.

The auction was silent.

Although the Thunder God Palm was a mid-tier Earth-level martial art, it required the strict condition of mastering the power of wind and thunder. Without mastering it, its power couldn’t be fully unleashed.

The price of 1.6 million had reached its limit.

Although Scarface was somewhat begrudging, what does it matter for winning a beautiful woman’s smile?

Seeing everyone silent, Tianmei concluded in her heart, “Then, this Thunder God Palm goes to…”

Before she could finish, a faint voice sounded.

“1.65 million spirit coins!”


Inside the auction, a group of puzzled eyes suddenly all looked over.

Seeing this, Zhu Yuanbao quickly lowered his head.

People from Tianbao Pavilion were still around, and he didn’t want to be discovered by the people from Tianbao Holy Land sneaking out.

However, his worries were obviously superfluous.

Everyone’s gaze fell on Ning Tian.

“Huh, it’s that extremely ugly guy again.”

“He’s so ugly, yet he dares to enter the auction?”

Looking at Ning Tian’s ugly appearance, many people around were talking.

Hearing this, Ning Tian slightly frowned.


Since that’s the case.

Ning Tian thought to himself: “System, fully activate my Godly Charm Physique.”

【Fully activating Godly Charm Physique.】

【Activation successful!】

As the system voice ended, Ning Tian’s Godly Charm Physique was fully unleashed, and immediately, his charm became apparent.

Anyone who looked at him was affected by the Godly Charm Physique.


“How do I feel that this guy is a bit easier on the eyes now?”

“Don’t you guys feel that his big face is like the moon in the sky, and his full beard showcases a man’s charm, isn’t it?”

“This kind of man is a real handsome man!”

Some of the lower-powered individuals were completely turned around by the Godly Charm Physique.

At this moment, Ning Tian, with his big face and full beard, which previously seemed like flowers in their hearts, was now the handsomest man under the heaven.

Even Princess Yue Ling’s beautiful eyes flashed with confusion.

“This… this guy.”

Scarface gritted his teeth, and a purple gleam flashed through his eyes, which was the luster of being affected by the Godly Charm Physique.


“Even if this guy is that handsome, I can’t let him snatch my thing!”

Scarface snorted coldly, and soon bid: “I bid 1.7 million spirit coins!”

“1.75 million.”

Quickly, Ning Tian’s voice rang out.

“1.8 million.”

“1.85 million.”


Scarface was furious, gritted his teeth: “1.9 million!”

“1.95 million.”


And following that, no matter how much Scarface bid, Ning Tian always followed with a calm bottom line of five thousand spirit coins.

After a while.

The price for the mid-tier Earth-level martial art, Thunder God Palm had reached 2.1 million.

Scarface gritted his teeth, glanced at Ning Tian, “Seeing as you’re somewhat handsome, this Thunder God Palm is yours!”

Hearing this, the big-faced, full-bearded Ning Tian couldn’t help but chuckle.

The Godly Charm Physique really was too powerful.

Touching his conscience, he was indeed very far from handsome right now.

But under the influence of the Godly Charm Physique, those affected thought he was incredibly handsome!

The scene was comical to even think about.

(End of chapter)

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