Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 148


Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife

Chapter 148: The Auction Begins

“In Dreams.”

Ning Tian said faintly, then glanced at him, “The Tianbao Auction is about to start, aren’t you getting up?”


Zhu Yuanbao was stunned for a moment before he sluggishly got up.

After the two got ready, they left the Fengyu Inn and headed towards the Tianbao Pavilion.

Tianbao Pavilion.

At this moment, it was already crowded with people.

Many people were lining up, waiting to enter.

As the Tianbao Auction approached, more and more people rushed towards the Tianbao Pavilion.

Even though there are often large and small auctions held within Shenzhou City, none could compare with the lure of the Tianbao Auction to the public.

After all, the Tianbao Auction gathered heaven and earth treasures!

When Ning Tian and Zhu Yuanbao arrived at the Tianbao Pavilion, the vast pavilion was almost overwhelmed with people.

After undergoing a security check, the two finally entered the Tianbao Pavilion.

Inside the gold and glittering auction hall, it was already packed with people.

Zhu Yuanbao took Ning Tian to sit in an inconspicuous corner, according to him, he didn’t want to be discovered by the stewards of Tianbao Pavilion.

“Ancestor, look at the first row, it’s almost all the top powers from the Heavenly Spirit Realm.”

Zhu Yuanbao whispered.

Ning Tian looked over.

In the first row, he only recognized one familiar face.

That was the Holy Son of the Xiaoyao Holy Land, Zhuge Yu.

Then, Zhu Yuanbao said, “However, in principle, based on your status, Ancestor, you definitely should be seated in the first row.”

Ning Tian shook his head though, “There’s no need to reveal my identity.”

For him, it didn’t matter where he sat.

His goal was to acquire good items, not to reveal his identity.

Having been chased by Divine Emperor realm powerhouses twice, he truly didn’t want to be chased again.

“Okay, I understand.”

Zhu Yuanbao nodded.

Then he quietly introduced to Ning Tian the general strengths of the first row.

There were many top forces, some of which were powers with Great Emperor experts, including Xiaoyao Holy Land, Supreme Divine Country, Sword Immortal Sect.

These forces were all relatively close to Shenzhou, which Ning Tian had never heard of.

As for the Yaochi Holy Land he was familiar with, they typically never participated in such auctions.

However, the only thing that slightly relieved Ning Tian was.

Just as Luo Wuqing had said, the righteous path indeed did not dare to act rashly.

The people from the Righteous Path Alliance did not appear in the auction hall.

As for other large and small powers, there were hundreds of them.

As time passed, more and more people flooded into the auction hall.

However, the entire auction hall was vast, accommodating tens of thousands of people, was naturally not a problem.

Discussion buzzed around, sound waves continuous.

Just then, with the entrance of a graceful figure, the noise gradually quieted down.

The arrival was naturally Princess Moon Spirit; at this moment, the old crone and You Qin followed behind her.

The main reason most people quieted down was that the Princess Moon Spirit represented the Lord of the Divine Kingdom today!

“That woman actually came too.”

Seeing the entering Princess Moon Spirit, Ning Tian couldn’t help but frown.

Hopefully, this woman didn’t notice him.

Unfortunately, things did not go as he wished.

When Ning Tian saw Princess Moon Spirit, she also saw him.

No help for it, his position was right in the middle of the last row, the place illuminated by the light.

Plus, Ning Tian’s distinctive appearance, it was impossible not to be noticed.

However, fortunately, Princess Moon Spirit only gave Ning Tian a glance and did not come over.

Princess Moon Spirit settled in the very center of the first row.

With her seating arrangement, it seemed to declare the start of the auction.


A woman wearing a red dress, with a well-defined voluptuous figure, slowly walked onto the auction stage from the side of the hall.

Her mature and charming aura caused quite a few male cultivators in the auction to blush, feeling the primal forces in their bodies awakening!

“Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for waiting.”

The woman’s red lips parted slightly, and that bewitching voice seemed to make everyone lose their souls.

“Heavenly Sovereign realm.”

“This woman is a Heavenly Sovereign realm?”

Ning Tian narrowed his eyes, looking at the woman indifferently.

He was not affected.

The woman was not more beautiful than Luo Wuqing, and not more enchanting than the Queen Mother of the West.

So, he managed to remain indifferent.

“Who is she?” Ning Tian asked Zhu Yuanbao, who also had flushed cheeks.

“Heh-heh, she’s the best auctioneer of our Tianbao Pavilion, named Tian Mei, we all call her Sister Tian Mei.”

Zhu Yuanbao chuckled and winked at Ning Tian.

“How is it, Ancestor, are you moved?”

However, Ning Tian did not pay him any heed, just looking at Tian Mei indifferently.

This woman, true to her name.

“We didn’t wait long, Sister Tian Mei presides over the auction, we can naturally wait.”

“For Mei Sister, we can wait no matter how long.”


A group of difficult cultivators, one after another, spoke excitedly.


Tian Mei covered her mouth and giggled, every gesture radiating endless charm.

It made many cultivators with weak determination stare wide-eyed.

“Now that everyone is here.”

Tian Mei’s eyes swept over the crowd, smiling, “Then, I announce that the 328th Tianbao Pavilion Auction begins now.”

As the sound fell, everyone became somewhat excited and expectant.

“Next, we’ll bring out the first auction item.”

Speaking, Tian Mei waved her hand, and a maid stepped forward.

An object covered with a white cloth.

Maintaining a sense of mystery.

The crowd began to anticipate.

“Moon Cold Sword, low-grade spiritual weapon, starting bid at three hundred thousand spirit coins, each bid must not be less than ten thousand spirit coins,” said Tian Mei, her eyes glistening as she spoke slowly.

“Low-grade spiritual weapon!”

“Didn’t expect the first item to be a low-grade spiritual weapon!”

For a moment, many people started to look forward, imagining how amazing the later items would be!

Then, the bidding voices continued to ring out.

“I bid three hundred and ten thousand!”

“Three hundred and fifty thousand!”

“Four hundred thousand!”


Eventually, the Moon Cold Sword was purchased by a power with a Heavenly Sovereign for four hundred thousand spirit coins.

Afterward, many good items appeared.

But they were not tempting for Ning Tian.

He simply watched the competition among the crowd.

Finally, on the fifth item, when the maid brought up the auction item, although it was covered with a white cloth, he vaguely guessed what it was.

Because the Wind Thunder Dao within his body was already excited!

“Ladies and gentlemen.”

Tian Mei lifted the corners of her lips into a gorgeous smile and slowly said, “Next up, the fifth item.”

“Earth-grade mid-tier martial technique, Wind Thunder God Palm!”

“Starting bid, one million spirit coins!”

“Each bid must not be less than fifty thousand spirit coins!”

Earth-grade mid-tier martial technique!

Hearing this, the auction hall boiled over!

A gleam flashed in Ning Tian’s eyes.

“It’s indeed related to the Wind Thunder Dao!”


“This one million spirit coins.”

Just when Ning Tian was in a dilemma, he remembered the storage ring that Luo Wuqing had given him before leaving.

Looking inside…

He was instantly dumbfounded.

“Holy shit, my wife…”

“Is a rich lady!?”

(End of chapter)

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