Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 147


Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife

Chapter 147: Junior Sister Youqin and Delicious Horse Meat!


The full moon hung high.

The bustling city of Shenzhou, still lively at night with a stream of carriages and horses, was illuminated by lanterns that lit up the entire city.

At the Wind and Rain Inn.

Inside the room.

Ning Tian was sitting cross-legged.

Despite searching all day, the two still hadn’t found the missing Swift Shadow Horses, but they took the opportunity to get a rough idea about the city of Shenzhou.

Shenzhou City.

The city center was a forbidden area.

No outsiders were allowed to step inside.

It was the palace of the supreme Shen State.

And the place where the Tianbao Auction would be held tomorrow was located west in the Tianbao Pavilion of Shenzhou City.

This was the external power development of the Tianbao Holy Land.

“Hopefully, at the auction tomorrow, I can find the two herbs I need, otherwise the trip would be in vain.”

A sigh escaped his lips.

“But it’s not a total loss. At the very least, I’ve acquired the Wind and Thunder Path.”

On the bed, Ning Tian’s lips curved up, his eyes shining bright.

He raised his hand slightly, and a blue dragon swam between his fingertips.

This was the Wind and Thunder Path.

Transform all beings with thunder, shape them with wind!

In Shenzhou City, within the palace forbidden grounds.

At the Yingyue Pavilion.

Princess Yue Ling and the old woman sat in the hall.

“Master Nanyan, have you found out anything about that General Ning?” asked Princess Yue Ling.

The old woman shook her head, “No, no matter how we search, there’s not a single trace of this General Ning to be found. He’s not mentioned in any of the major sects.”

“It’s as if he just appeared out of thin air.”


Upon hearing this, Princess Yue Ling frowned slightly and speculated, “Could it be that he’s from one of those hidden sects?”

“That’s impossible.”

The old woman didn’t even need to think about it, immediately dismissing the idea.

She shook her head, “Those hidden sects, apart from appearing when the Ancient Path of Ascension to Godhood is open, they never allow their disciples to come out at other times.”

“I see…”

Princess Yue Ling’s frown deepened, “Then let’s leave it at that for now. Did you find out where he lives?”

“Yes, he’s staying at the Wind and Rain Inn.”

“Alright, I’ll visit him personally when I have time.”

Princess Yue Ling’s eyes narrowed slightly, “He’s the only one who has set foot on the eighth tier in recent years. Since he was able to step on it, he should be able to go to ‘that place’ as well.”

“That shouldn’t be a problem.”

The old woman nodded.


“By the way, Master Nanyan, where’s our Junior Sister Youqin?”

At that moment, Princess Yue Ling seemed to think of something.

“That girl?”

The old woman smiled and then shook her head helplessly, “That girl, finally leaving the sect once, is probably off having fun somewhere.”

“Master, you can’t secretly speak ill of someone.”

Just then, a playful voice sounded from outside the pavilion.

Following that, a young girl slowly walked in!

It was the same girl from earlier in the day, who had stolen the Swift Shadow Horses!

“Junior Sister Youqin, have you been playing all day?” Princess Yue Ling looked at the girl with affection, her eyes full of indulgence.

This was her youngest junior sister.

Of course, she had to spoil her.


“I didn’t play all day.”

Youqin chuckled, then threw herself into Princess Yue Ling’s arms.

“Senior Sister Yue Ling, I’ve missed you so much. The senior brothers are so mean, always making me practice this and that!”

Youqin’s small face wrinkled, looking aggrieved.

“Be good.”

Princess Yue Ling embraced her and chuckled, “Don’t worry. When your senior sister comes back to the sect, I’ll make sure to beat them up for you.”

“Hehe, senior sister, you’re the best.”

Youqin laughed gleefully.

“By the way, senior sister.”

At that moment, Youqin seemed to remember something, her eyes sparkling mischievously, “I’ve brought you a gift!”

“A gift?”

Princess Yue Ling was taken aback.


Youqin nodded excitedly, and then, a gleam of light flashed from her storage ring.

A jade pot appeared in her hand.

Immediately afterward, a fragrant aroma wafted out.

“Yum, it smells good.”

A gleam flashed in Princess Yue Ling’s eyes.

Even the old woman, who practiced abstinence from food, began to drool a little.

“Youqin, what is this?”

Princess Yue Ling couldn’t help but ask.

“Giggle, it’s just Spirit Mushroom Stewed Horse Meat!”

Youqin smirked mysteriously, confident in her dish.

“Sister, this dish of mine is definitely better than anything the royal chefs make!”

“This was made with meat from a Swift Shadow Horse. It’s bound to taste great!”

“Swift Shadow Horse?”

Upon hearing this, Princess Yue Ling was surprised and looked at her suspiciously, “I remember that Swift Shadow Horses are quite rare. How did you get one?”

“Um… I, I hunted it!”

Youqin stammered, quickly glossing over the matter.

Princess Yue Ling didn’t pursue the topic further, teasing, “I never thought you, little miss, would turn into a horse hunter.”


A flicker of cunning passed through Youqin’s eyes.

Then, she urged, “Sister, Master, try it quickly.”


Princess Yue Ling and the old woman both nodded.

They took up the chopsticks offered by Youqin, gently picked up some horse meat, and tasted it.

The aroma was enticing.

The meat was firm.

The juices burst on the tip of the tongue.

“Hmm, not bad!”

Princess Yue Ling’s eyes widened, shocked by how delicious it was. This was even better than the meals prepared by the supreme royal chefs!

“Hmm, it is good.”

The old woman nodded in admiration, “Surely, this horse must have been a fine steed.”

“By the way, senior sister, have you found a suitable candidate?”

At that moment, Youqin seemed to remember something and asked.

“Yes, I’ve found one.”

“Oh? What kind of person is he?”

“A man… who is extremely ugly, I guess,” said Princess Yue Ling after a moment’s thought.


Youqin was startled.

It seemed like she had thought of something.

Could it be those two people?

Oh no, this is bad.

The next day.

As the sun began to rise.

The entire city of Shenzhou once again became lively.

For today was the day the Tianbao Auction would commence.

Many forces from all over the Tianling Domain had already gathered in Shenzhou City.

They were all there for the Tianbao Auction, hoping for a stroke of luck.

At the Wind and Rain Inn.


Zhu Yuanbao rolled heavily off the bed onto the floor.

Yet he remained unfazed, sound asleep.

Looking at Zhu Yuanbao, who didn’t even wake up after being kicked, Ning Tian shook his head helplessly.

This guy could really sleep.

He crouched down, his voice carrying softly into Zhu Yuanbao’s ear.

“Your horse has been found. Aren’t you going to get up?”


“My horse has been found? Where?”

Zhu Yuanbao abruptly woke up, wiping the drool from the corner of his mouth, looking dazedly at Ning Tian.

“Ancestor, where’s my Swift Shadow Horse?”

(end of chapter)

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