Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 146


Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife

Chapter 146: Public Rejection and Moon Spirit’s Thoughts!

As everyone finally understood, they let out a series of mournful wails and screams.

Looking at Ning Tian, their eyes were filled with envy, jealousy, and hatred!

Such an ugly man was actually able to have dinner with Princess Moon Spirit, such a beauty!

How infuriating!

It was as if flowers had been cast onto cow dung!

However, Ning Tian seemed to be deaf to these envious and jealous thoughts from the crowd, ignoring them completely.

At this moment, the system notification rang in Ning Tian’s mind:

[You have shocked everyone, awarded +1 Feng Thunder Path Comprehension Point!]

[Feng Thunder Path Comprehension Point: Can improve the comprehension of Feng Thunder Path!]

[Would you like to use it?]

Ning Tian thought to himself: “Use it.”

[Using Feng Thunder Path Comprehension Point!]


[Currently, your comprehension of the Feng Thunder Path has reached a new milestone!]

Within his body, the Thunder Tribulation Spirit Veins instantly sprang to life.

Faintly, as they circulated within, sparks and lightning followed its path.


Ning Tian let out a long breath, very satisfied, and then turned to Zhu Yuanbao, “Fatty, let’s go.”


Seeing Ning Tian planning to leave like that, Zhu Yuanbao was stunned, staring at Ning Tian with wide eyes: “Ancestor… Commander Ning, are you just going to leave like this?”

Zhu Yuanbao had subconsciously let the word ‘ancestor’ slip out.

After remembering that the ancestor had told him not to reveal his identity, he quickly corrected himself.

And ‘Commander Ning’ was Ning Tian’s current alias.

Commander Ning?


The people around Feng Thunder Square were all left in a weird state with three question marks floating above their heads.

With his ugly appearance, he deserved to be called Commander Ning?

Everyone present, who couldn’t be more handsome than him?

Ning Tian puzzled: “Why not leave, what reason is there to stay?”



Zhu Yuanbao was at a loss for words, grumpily said: “Commander Ning, you’ve reached the eighth step, of course, you should have dinner with Princess Moon Spirit!”


Ning Tian was taken aback, very seriously.

“Why should I have dinner with her?”

“Is she as pretty as my wife?”

Zhu Yuanbao opened his mouth but then no words came out; his thoughts were suddenly choked up: “No, not at all.”

The Empress’s peerless beauty, even ten Princess Moon Spirits couldn’t compare.

“If not, then why bother?”

Ning Tian rolled his eyes and turned to leave: “Let’s go. Don’t waste my time, I still have to go back and cultivate.”

Watching the two turn to leave.

The people around were dumbfounded.

Not wanting a chance to have dinner with Princess Moon Spirit?

If it were someone else, they would’ve been fighting over it.

Was this man stupid?

Or was there a problem with his eyes?

That’s one of the top three beauties in Shenzhou!

His wife?


How pretty can his wife be?

Could it be that his wife is the number one recognized beauty of the Heavenly Spirit Realm, the Empress of the Demon Sect?


“Hold on!”

Just then, a pleasant voice came from the small building, “Fellow Daoist, won’t you dine with Moon Spirit?”

“No time.”

Ning Tian didn’t even turn his head back, indifferently uttering two words.


In the small building, Princess Moon Spirit was slightly stunned, seemingly not expecting such an answer from Ning Tian.

Watching Ning Tian walk away, she quickly spoke: “Then fellow Daoist, when will you have time?”

“Depends on my mood.”

Ning Tian’s indifferent words floated over from afar.

Soon, the two disappeared from sight.

Leaving behind a crowd of confused people.


Princess Moon Spirit had personally invited him, and he still plainly said he didn’t have the time?

“The princess, this…”

In the small building, the white-haired old woman looked a bit peculiar.

“Southern Mist Master, help me check this person.” Princess Moon Spirit regained her composure, although she was somewhat surprised by the rejection, she was not angry or furious.

Instead, she became somewhat curious about Ning Tian.

In the past, whether it was the holy sons from the holy lands or princes from great countries, which one of them didn’t buzz around her like bees?

But now, this unremarkable fellow actually rejected her.

This contrast in treatment left Princess Moon Spirit somewhat caught between laughter and tears.


The old woman nodded her head.

At that moment, there was a disturbance in the sky.

The entire sky was once again covered in dark clouds.

“What’s happening now?”

Many people on Feng Thunder Square changed their expressions, looking up at the sky in confusion.

“This aura…”

In the small building, Princess Moon Spirit’s eyebrows furrowed slightly. Through the thin gauze, she looked up at the sky, her lips slightly parting: “Third Imperial Uncle, is there a matter?”


Hearing Princess Moon Spirit’s words, everyone was taken aback.

The Third Imperial Uncle?

That’s a quasi-emperor level powerhouse from the Supreme Divine Nation!

Princess Moon Spirit descended.

In the sky, waves of imperial authority came through.

A stern voice sounded.

A middle-aged man appeared out of the void.

“Moon Spirit, did someone just step on the ninth tier of this Feng Thunder Nine-Tiered Tower?”

“The ninth tier?”

Princess Moon Spirit frowned slightly and whispered back: “No one has reached the ninth tier, but there was one who stepped on the eighth.”

“The eighth?”

The quasi-emperor’s voice immediately lost interest.

A somewhat puzzled voice spoke.

“How strange.”

“Why do I distinctly feel that there was a strong reaction from the Feng Thunder Nine-Tiered Tower?”

The middle-aged man frowned, his expression full of authority.

He looked at the ninth tier.

But he felt it was very peculiar.

Indeed, there were no signs anyone had stepped on the ninth tier.

But he had clearly sensed from the Imperial Palace just a moment ago that there was turbulence from the Feng Thunder Tower!

So why…

“Let it go.”

He took a deep breath, and his figure gradually disappeared.

How would he understand that for Ning Tian, who possessed the divine body, this first step was actually the ninth tier?

So looking at it that way, indeed, no one had stepped on it.

After leaving Feng Thunder Square.

Ning Tian was satisfied, and unbeknownst to the others, he had taken away the comprehension of the Feng Thunder Path from the ninth tier.

“Ancestor, where are we going now?”

Without outsiders, Zhu Yuanbao still habitually addressed Ning Tian as the ancestor.

Mainly because the alias Commander Ning really didn’t fit with the word ‘handsome’.

“Let’s find your horse, and by the way, let’s take a look at this Shenzhou City,” Ning Tian pondered for a while and then said.


Zhu Yuanbao felt uneasy thinking about his missing horse.

“But ancestor, why did you refuse Princess Moon Spirit?”

Zhu Yuanbao looked at Ning Tian, he still couldn’t figure out this question.

“Are you stupid? Blinded by lust?” Ning Tian looked at him disapprovingly, “Reaching the top of the eighth tier, inviting you for a meal? As if it’s that simple.”

“Eh, so you mean Princess Moon Spirit has ulterior motives?”

Zhu Yuanbao was confused.

“It’s not about whether she has ulterior motives or not, I’m sure she has other thoughts.”

Ning Tian shook his head slightly: “But as for what she’s thinking, I don’t have the time to play her game.”

“Oh I see.”

Zhu Yuanbao had an epiphany, grinned and gave Ning Tian a thumbs up: “Worthy of being the ancestor, even thinking of such a problem, I really am…”

“Stop flattering, hurry up and find your horse.”

Ning Tian gave him a look.

“Heh heh, okay.”

Zhu Yuanbao smiled.

Subsequently, the two headed into Shenzhou City.

(End of the chapter)

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