Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 145


Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife

Chapter 145: Shocking Everyone, Comprehending the Wind and Thunder!

As Ning Tian stopped at the first step, the crowd was stunned, followed by a burst of laughter.

“Ha ha ha!”

“This ugly man actually needs to stay at the first step for so long!”

“It is said that on the Wind Thunder Nine Steps Platform, even a newborn baby could crawl to the first step!”

“I never thought this guy couldn’t even get past the first step!”

“Ha ha!”

“He’s both ugly and rubbish.”

A round of laughter erupted from the surrounding crowd, even Zhuge Yu couldn’t help but chuckle.

Failing to cross even the first step was indeed a bit embarrassing.

“You… you…”

Zhu Yuanbao gritted his teeth and slowly said, “What do you guys know? My friend is not ugly, alright! And, he definitely won’t stop at the first step!”

“Son of Heaven’s Treasure, it’s not that we don’t respect you, but facts speak louder than words.”

“Why must you deceive yourself and deceive us?”

Someone in the crowd retorted.

“I would absolutely never deceive you!”

“If I did deceive you, I… I would be struck by lightning!”

Zhu Yuanbao became somewhat anxious.

Hearing this, the surrounding people just shook their heads and laughed.


Just at that moment, a thunderclap resonated under clear skies!

Then, the originally cloudless sky suddenly darkened with clouds, and it seemed as if a Thunder Dragon was born amid the sky!



Peals of thunder sounded angrily!

“What the hell!”

Zhu Yuanbao was shocked in his heart, it was over! Did my oath just take effect?

“Is this… thunder and lightning!?”

“Change in wind and thunder, it’s said that this only happens when someone reaches the top of the ninth step, right!?”

“Holy cow!”

“How could this kind of situation occur at the first step?”

Witnessing this scene, the surrounding people all rubbed their eyes. This fellow was indeed on the first step!

Why was there such a phenomenon at the first step!?

Inside the pavilion, the old crone’s face changed slightly and a flicker of confusion crossed her eyes.

“Master Nan Yan, what is this?”

Princess Moon Spirit was full of doubts.

“This, I’m also not too sure.”

The old crone shook her head, also full of confusion.

Why would there be such celestial phenomena for merely the first step?

At this moment, Ning Tian bit his lip tightly, feeling his body continuously absorbing the essence of wind and thunder.

This essence was the comprehension of the Path of Wind and Thunder!

If it weren’t for his body having already been tempered by the lightning tribulation previously and containing powerful Lightning Tribulation Spirit Veins within,

He might not have been able to withstand it!

[Currently comprehending the Divine Thunder Path at tenfold speed!]

[Please hold on, host!]


Above the sky, endless lightning continued to strike!


Then, the lightning within those dark clouds, like Thunder Dragons, attacked Ning Tian on the first step of the Wind Thunder Platform!

Seeing this, Ning Tian operated the Hundred and Ninety-Nine Lightning Tribulation Spirit Veins within his body!

The power of the Lightning Tribulation Spirit Veins could offset some of the lightning.



And then, the audience saw a series of lightning strikes raining down upon Ning Tian.

A dazzling white light instantly illuminated Ning Tian.

“This lightning.”

“Perhaps even the powerful beings at the level of Heavenly Venerate from the lower stars would die under it, right?”

The crowd was astonished.

The white light slowly dissipated.

Ning Tian was still standing on the first step, albeit with some flesh wounds.

And indistinctly visible was a series of small Thunder Dragons moving around him.

That was the protection of the Lightning Tribulation Spirit Veins.

“He didn’t die?”

Seeing this scene, the surrounding people were incredibly astonished.

“Such strong defensive power.” Zhuge Yu narrowed his eyes slightly, a flicker of astonishment passing through them.

[You have shocked the cultivators of God Prefecture City!]

[You have shocked the Saint Son of the Carefree Sacred Land!]

[You have shocked Princess Moon Spirit!]

[Reward: Thunder Avoidance Pill, after taking it, can resist some lightning.]

[Reward: Miracle Healer Pill, after taking it, can quickly recover from injuries.]

The system’s voice echoed in Ning Tian’s mind.

He breathed a sigh of relief.

The injury on his body was somewhat painful.

He thought to himself.

“System, use the Thunder Avoidance Pill, use the Miracle Healer Pill!”

[Using Thunder Avoidance Pill and Miracle Healer Pill!]

[Use successful!]

As the system sound ended,

Ning Tian clearly felt that the damage from the lightning was greatly reduced, and the injuries on his body were continuously healing.



A few more bolts of lightning struck down.

However, they did much less damage to Ning Tian.

[Divine Thunder Path Comprehension Success!]

[Current Comprehension Level: Beginning Stages!]

The system’s voice rang out, and Ning Tian immediately dragged his heavy body to take a step forward!

Successfully stepping onto the second step.

Although it was the second step, for him, it was the opposite.

The hardest step had been crossed, so the following steps couldn’t be difficult, could they?

Then, under the astonished gaze of the crowd, he took seven consecutive steps!

Stepping directly onto the eighth step!


Seeing this scene, the crowd was dumbfounded.

Why did it feel like this guy was getting more relaxed as he went?

When he stepped onto the eighth step, Ning Tian tried to step onto the ninth, but upon reflection, he had already received the understanding of the Path of Wind and Thunder, so why bother with the ninth step?

Moreover, with many eyes watching, stepping onto the ninth step might invite unnecessary trouble.

Stepping onto the eighth step was still explainable, but stepping onto the ninth would be somewhat sensational.

Immediately, he turned around and walked down from the eighth step.

Yet, this had already shocked everyone enough.

After this strange fellow stayed on the first step, the other seven steps seemed as simple as drinking water or taking a stroll!

Although he gave up the ninth step, it was still enough to shock everyone!

“Holy cow!”


There was a cry of surprise from the crowd.

“This guy stepped onto the eighth step! Doesn’t this mean he has to have a meal with Princess Moon Spirit!?”

“It’s over!”

“This guy is so ugly, can Princess Moon Spirit really stomach a meal with him?”

(End of Chapter)

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