Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 143


Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife

Chapter 143: A Seven-Step Advance, Two Oddities!

Instantly, everyone’s hearts leapt.

Just now, not a single person could cross the fifth step.

Could Zhuge Yu make it?

Everyone saw Zhuge Yu wearing a confident smile on his face as he took a step forward.


As expected, the power of the fifth step erupted!

However, Zhuge Yu was unaffected.

He took another steady step forward.

As his foot landed, the pressure of the fifth step dissipated in an instant.

“He’s not affected at all!”

“That’s not right!”

“Master Zhuge is at the Holy Emperor realm, I am also at the Holy Emperor realm; why is there such a big difference?”

The cultivators who had just failed were all puzzled.

In the same realm, why could Zhuge Yu effortlessly traverse five steps?

Nearby, a cultivator from the Divine State explained: “This Wind and Thunder Nine Steps Platform doesn’t only test strength, but even more so, talent and aptitude!”

“Master Zhuge’s talent and aptitude far surpass yours; naturally, he can go much further.”

Hearing this, the group of failing cultivators scratched their heads in embarrassment.

“I see.”

The gaze returned to Zhuge Yu.

He stopped at the fifth step, his eyes flashing with a sharp light.

Then, he took a deep breath.

Next, he took a step.


“The sixth step!”

Seeing this scene, everyone around him gasped, their eyes filled with profound shock.

“I wonder if Master Zhuge can reach the seventh step?”

Just then, Zhuge Yu slowly lifted his foot, and beads of sweat formed on his forehead.

At this moment, he also felt the pressure.

However, this pressure was not enough to stop him.

He took a step out.

His foot landed on the seventh step.

Following that, Zhuge Yu’s body was trembling slightly.

“This Wind and Thunder Nine Steps Platform indeed has some substance, but hmph, it’s not enough to stop me.”

A slight smile crossed Zhuge Yu’s lips as he stepped down.


Suddenly, he felt an infinite pressure!

Electric currents kept flashing over his body.

“As expected, it’s the Divine Thunder Path.”

Zhuge Yu’s eyes fell on the highest point of the Wind and Thunder Nine Steps Platform.

It was said that on the ninth layer, one could gain insights into the Divine Thunder Path.

“It’s just a pity that this ninth layer isn’t so easy to reach.”

Zhuge Yu sighed softly, although he greatly desired the insight from the ninth step of the Wind and Thunder Nine Steps Platform, he was also aware of his limits.

He couldn’t reach the ninth step.


With a sigh, Zhuge Yu stepped onto the seventh step.

“The seventh step!”

“Master Zhuge has reached the seventh step!”

Seeing this scene, everyone around was wide-eyed, filled with incredulity!

Inside the small building.

Princess Moon Spirit narrowed her eyes as she watched this scene.

“Princess, perhaps, Zhuge Yu can.”

At this moment, an old, frosty voice came from beside her.

In the small building, an old woman with white hair was sitting cross-legged with her eyes closed.


Princess Moon Spirit was stunned for a moment, “Perhaps.”

On the Wind and Thunder Plaza, there were now even more people gathered than before. Having heard that someone stepped onto the seventh step, everyone was excited.

Seeing that it was Zhuge Yu, they also understood.

After all, being the Holy Son of the Carefree Holy Land, stepping onto the seventh step wasn’t too much.

But the eighth and ninth steps that followed were the most difficult.

On the seventh step, Zhuge Yu had already lifted his foot, ready to step onto the eighth step.

Everyone held their breath, eagerly anticipating.

But on the seventh step, Zhuge Yu only slightly lifted it and frowned before setting it down.

Shaking his head, he turned around, dissipating his energy as he picked up his folding fan and walked down the steps leisurely.


Did Zhuge Yu give up?

Seeing this scene, everyone was stunned, all puzzled.

Seeing Zhuge Yu step onto the seventh step looked so simple; why not step onto the eighth step?

Could it be that the eighth step is really that terrifying?

Inside the small building.

Both Princess Moon Spirit and the old woman were taken aback.

“Princess, it seems Zhuge Yu can’t do it either,” the old woman sighed.


Princess Moon Spirit sighed deeply, a trace of worry on her pretty face.

Zhuge Yu was descending the steps of the Wind and Thunder Nine Steps Platform one by one, fanning himself gently with the folding fan in his hand, and smiling towards the small building: “It seems that my talent and aptitude are insufficient, disappointing the princess.”

He had attempted the Wind and Thunder Nine Steps Platform solely because of the platform itself.

Not because of Princess Moon Spirit.

“It’s fine, the Carefree Holy Son is already very strong; it’s just a slight pity.” The voice of Princess Moon Spirit chimed from the small building like the ringing of silver bells.

Zhuge Yu smiled.

Seeing that even Zhuge Yu was not successful, this left some people on the Wind and Thunder Plaza who wanted to attempt it somewhat hesitant.

Just then, a commotion arose from within the crowd.

“Let me through; I want to try!”

“No way, you two look so strange; for the princess’s safety, I cannot let you past.”

The crowd looked over.

They saw a group of soldiers blocking two people.

One was incredibly ugly beyond description; the other was so fat he seemed to seep oil.

The fat man was trying to shove the soldiers aside to squeeze through.

“Oh my God!”

“How can there be such an ugly person in this world!?”

“This is a far cry from Master Zhuge.”

“But, why does this fat man look somewhat familiar to me?”

Seeing these two, everyone around had peculiar expressions.

Zhuge Yu also looked over, and when he saw the loudly shouting fat man, his brows raised slightly: “Hmm? The Holy Son of Tianbao?”

These two were naturally Ning Tian and Zhu Yuanbao.

When Zhuge Yu saw Zhu Yuanbao, Zhu Yuanbao also saw him!

“Master, I have found reinforcements.”

Zhu Yuanbao snickered.


“What reinforcements?”

Ning Tian raised his eyebrows curiously.

Suddenly, Zhu Yuanbao took a deep breath and then shouted: “Zhuge Yu, come and save me! Otherwise, I’ll reveal what you bought from me half a month ago, the big…”

His voice was thunderous, and the entire plaza could hear him clearly.

However, Zhu Yuanbao hadn’t finished speaking.

A blur of blue flashed by, instantly appearing next to Zhu Yuanbao!

Then, with a fierce glare, he covered Zhu Yuanbao’s mouth!

“Holy Son Tianbao, you can eat food recklessly, but you can’t speak recklessly!” said Zhuge Yu, looking at Zhu Yuanbao.

“Heh heh.”

Zhu Yuanbao smirked, giving Ning Tian a complacent look.

As if to say, look, reinforcements have arrived.

Ning Tian was a bit surprised, looking at Zhuge Yu with a hint of depth. This Holy Son of Carefree didn’t seem as simple as he appeared on the surface.

Buying something from this guy Zhu Yuanbao, what good could it be?

Zhuge Yu breathed a sigh of relief, then looked at the soldiers beside him and said: “This gentleman is the Holy Son of the Heavenly Jewel Holy Land; there shouldn’t be a need to stop him, right?”

“Holy Son of the Heavenly Jewel Holy Land?”

Hearing this, a group of soldiers were surprised and promptly saluted Zhu Yuanbao, “We apologize for not recognizing the Holy Son’s status.”

“It’s alright, just step aside,” Zhu Yuanbao said, waving his hand, and then, with Ning Tian, he walked towards the Wind and Thunder Nine Steps Platform.

(End of chapter)

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