Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 142


Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife

Chapter 142: Princess Ling Yue, the Carefree Holy Son!

Under the gaze of many spectators.

In the small building, there came a pleasing sound, like the tinkling of wind chimes.

“The Wind Thunder Ninth Step Platform is open once again; I hope everyone will strive to reach the top.”

When the voice fell.

It was as if hearing celestial music!

Hearing that voice, the people around were all excited.

In the crowd, an outsider cultivator exclaimed excitedly, “With such a pleasing voice, Princess Ling Yue must be very beautiful, right?”

“Nonsense. One of the three great beauties of our Divine State, how can she not be beautiful?”

A Divine State cultivator next to him rolled his eyes and then sighed, “Alas, the princess’s true face is not something we can see.”

The outsider cultivator looked naive: “If you reach the eighth step, won’t you see it?”

The Divine State cultivator gave him an annoyed look: “Do you really think climbing the Wind Thunder Platform is so easy? With every step, the difficulty doubles, making it as hard as reaching for the heavens!”

“Hard as reaching for the heavens…”

The outsider cultivator gasped.

“Take a look. After all, due to the Tianbao Auction, there are also many strong cultivators from the Heavenly Spirit Domain. Perhaps there’s some chance.”

In the crowd, anticipation began to build.

At this time, in the small building, Princess Ling Yue’s voice rang out.

“I wonder, which friend here is willing to be the first to try the Wind Thunder Ninth Step Platform?”

At first, everyone hesitated.

But when they heard this, they were as if injected with an invigorating force, each eager to try.

“I’ll go!”

Just at this moment, a rough voice sounded.

From the moving crowd, a burly man stepped forward.

“I’m Huang Jiutian, from the Suiyan Gate!”

Huang Jiutian smiled confidently.

The crowd: “…”

“Suiyan Gate? Have you ever heard of it?”

“No, never.”

“Perhaps it’s just a minor Celestial Sovereign force.”

The surrounding people discussed spiritedly.

Huang Jiutian’s expression darkened, he snorted coldly, “Soon, you will know!”

After speaking, Huang Jiutian strode towards the Wind Thunder Ninth Step Platform.

Everyone watched him.

“Hmph, it’s just a mere set of steps, not even possessing half a bit of spiritual energy!”

With a cold snort, as Huang Jiutian moved forward, he said, “Such steps, it’s not just the ninth step, even if it’s a hundred steps, I’ll reach the top for you!”

As his words fell.

His foot landed, successfully reaching the second step.

“Hmph! That’s nothing.”

Huang Jiutian took two more steps.

In just a few seconds, he had reached the fourth step.

Some outsider cultivators could not help but widen their eyes.

So effortlessly?

Could it be that Huang Jiutian really can reach the ninth step?

They beat their chests in regret.

If just now, they had been the ones to take the initiative, wouldn’t they be the ones at the top?


Some knowledgeable Divine State cultivators just curled their lips in a cold smile, ready to watch a good show.

“Only four more steps, and I can have dinner with Princess Ling Yue!”

Excitement flashed through Huang Jiutian’s eyes.

Dinner with a beauty, and moreover, this beauty is the princess of the Supreme God Kingdom!

If he becomes acquainted with her, behind her is the might of the Supreme God Kingdom, who would dare to provoke him recklessly?

Then, he lifted his foot and stepped forward.


Suddenly, Huang Jiutian paused.

This step felt as heavy as a thousand jins (weights).

“This… just a thousand jins.” Huang Jiutian gritted his teeth, as a Land King realm cultivator, he had more strength than a thousand jins!

Immediately, biting his teeth, he stepped down.


Suddenly, at this moment.

A terrifying pressure instantly came from the fifth step of the Wind Thunder Ninth Step Platform!

Instantly, Huang Jiutian’s body shook violently!

“What kind of power is this!?”

Tumultuous waves surged in his heart. Just as he was about to retract his foot, he found that the foot that had landed on the fifth step had become a bloody mess.

Huang Jiutian’s face turned pale.

The sensation of pain emerged.


“My leg!”

Then, losing his balance, he fell from the Wind Thunder Ninth Step Platform.

From start to finish, he never understood when his leg had become mangled.

The defense of a Land King realm cultivator was actually ineffective!


Seeing this scene, outsider cultivators took a breath of cold air, sweat dripping down.

But the cultivators of the Divine State City were used to this.

The Wind Thunder Ninth Step Platform, for hundreds of years, those who reached the ninth floor, if not already Emperor-level powerhouses, at the very least, had now stepped into the Divine Emperor realm!

How could a mere Land King realm cultivator qualify to directly climb to the fifth step?

If you sense power and can’t bear it, then decisively give up.

If one knew the difficulty but still went forward, they would end up like Huang Jiutian!

In the small building, a figure shook her head and whispered an order to the attendants beside her.

Quickly, soldiers came to carry the continuously screaming Huang Jiutian away.

Following Huang Jiutian’s example, many people became fearful and did not dare to step forward.

However, some could not resist the temptation and wanted to try.

But after reaching the fourth step, sensing the powerful aura of the fifth step, they all changed their faces, did not dare to set foot, and could only give up.

Huang Jiutian’s miserable state had been seen by all.

“Are there still friends who dare to try?”

In the small building, Princess Ling Yue looked through the thin veil at the surrounding people.


The people were silent, not daring to try rashly.

Just then, a light laughter sounded.

“Since no one dares to try, I will be bold enough to give it a shot.”

The crowd looked towards the source of the voice.

In the crowd, a graceful son in a blue robe and holding a folding fan approached.

His face always had an approachable smile.

It made him quite affable.

“This is…”

“The Holy Son of the Carefree Sacred Land, Zhuge Yu!”

“Master Zhuge!”

Seeing the coming graceful son, the surrounding people were all shocked!

Zhuge Yu is the Holy Son of the Carefree Sacred Land.

The Carefree Sacred Land is a Divine Emperor force!

Furthermore, it’s a top-tier Divine Emperor force with a true Great Emperor!

“So, it’s the Holy Son of the Carefree Sacred Land.”

In the small building, Princess Ling Yue’s voice came out.

“If that’s the case, then please proceed, Holy Son of the Carefree Sacred Land.”

Zhuge Yu smiled, his folding fan moving slightly, and walked leisurely towards the Wind Thunder Ninth Step Platform.

That affable smile caused many female cultivators to scream.

“So handsome!”

“Is there really a man more handsome than Master Zhuge in this world?”

“There shouldn’t be anymore, right?”

Hearing the words of the female cultivators, Zhuge Yu’s expression remained unchanged, going forward with a smile.

He came to the front of the Wind Thunder Ninth Step Platform and slowly closed his folding fan.

Zhuge Yu’s lips curled into a smile, “I have long heard of the great name of the Wind Thunder Ninth Step Platform in Divine State City. Since I am here today, it would be too much of a pity not to try.”

After speaking, he took a step forward.

Everyone’s gaze was on Zhuge Yu’s body.

Even Princess Ling Yue seemed somewhat expectant.

Zhuge Yu, as the Holy Son of the Carefree Sacred Land, just how many steps could he reach?

Under the watchful eyes of the masses, with a smile on his lips, Zhuge Yu stepped out.

First step.

Second step.

Third step!

With a smile, Zhuge Yu kept taking steps forward!

Soon, he stood on the fourth step, lifted his foot, and aimed for the fifth step.

(End of the Chapter)

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