Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 141


Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife

Chapter 141: You misunderstood, the Ninth Stage of Wind and Thunder!

The horse is gone!?

Where is my Shadow Swift Horse!?

Zhu Yuanbao stood frozen in place.

“Damn, my horse is gone, if the elders find out, they will kill me!” Zhu Yuanbao gritted his teeth and then rushed straight into the Wind and Rain Inn.

Ning Tian had no choice but to follow.



As soon as he entered the inn, Zhu Yuanbao started shouting.

“What’s the matter, guest?” The innkeeper hurried over, somewhat puzzled by Zhu Yuanbao’s demeanor, “What do you need, guest? Don’t rush, we can take it slow.”

“How can I not rush? My horse is gone, how can I stay calm?”

Zhu Yuanbao was biting his teeth, his face filled with anger.


Hearing this, the innkeeper was first taken aback.

Then, a sad expression appeared on his face.

“Guest, I truly sympathize with you, but after all, the dead cannot be brought back to life. Please restrain your grief and accept the change.”

“However, rest assured, since you are a customer of this establishment, I know of a good funeral parlor that will ensure your mother a dignified farewell.”

The innkeeper said sincerely.


Zhu Yuanbao was dumbfounded.

Soon, he realized what was happening.


“You misunderstood my meaning, I’m saying my horse is gone, the one that was tied outside!”


The innkeeper was shocked at heart.

In an instant, he looked at Zhu Yuanbao with a peculiar gaze!


This fat guy, is he even human!?

He sleeps in a room, but ties his mother outside?

“Guest, isn’t this a bit inappropriate?” the innkeeper said indignantly, “Your mother gave birth to you and raised you, how can you treat her this way?”

The innkeeper berated him unreservedly!

Although he was just an innkeeper, he also had a heart of justice!


Zhu Yuanbao was speechless.

Ning Tian couldn’t help but smile on the side and explained to the innkeeper, “Innkeeper, the horse he’s speaking about is a mount, not his mother.”


The innkeeper was stunned for a moment and then finally understood, scratching his head sheepishly.

“Ah… so sorry, sorry, it turns out what the guest was talking about a mount. I thought it was… cough, cough.” The innkeeper apologized.

“So, where did my horse go?”

Zhu Yuanbao didn’t mind the mistake; he just wanted to know where his horse had gone.

Just thinking, if those two Blazing Pursuit horses were lost, wouldn’t those old guys from the Holy Land want to play him to death?

Thinking of that scene, Zhu Yuanbao couldn’t help but shiver.

The innkeeper scratched his head awkwardly: “I really don’t know about that. However, recently in Shenzhou City, indeed there has been a bunch of horse thieves and horse hunters.”

“Horse thieves and horse hunters?”

Zhu Yuanbao’s complexion turned somewhat unsightly.

He prayed in his heart.

He hope his horse was only stolen and definitely not fallen into the hands of horse hunters!

If caught by horse hunters, there was only one path left – death!


“To lose a horse even while sleeping…”

Zhu Yuanbao sighed.

“Let’s go.”

Ning Tian glanced at him, “Staying here won’t solve anything; let’s look around Shenzhou City, maybe you can find your horse?”

Zhu Yuanbao nodded helplessly; that was his only option now.

The two left the Wind and Rain Inn and headed inside Shenzhou City.

Walking in the city, their appearances, one ugly and one fat, attracted quite a lot of attention.

In the bustling streets, the noise of merchants selling their goods was incessant.

And while they were searching for the horse, a voice came to their ears.

“Hey, have you heard? The Ninth Stage of Wind and Thunder has opened again!”

“Yes, I’ve heard. This Ninth Stage of Wind and Thunder is said to have only nine steps, but very few have reached the top through the ages.”

“However, it’s said that each step on the Wind and Thunder platform has significant benefits for one’s cultivation. The ninth step, in particular, is said to be related to the mysterious Heavenly Thunder Path among the Three Thousand Great Dao!”

“Heh heh, this time, it’s said that reaching the eighth level can earn you a dinner with the princess!”

“The princess? Could it be Princess Yueling of the Supreme God Nation?”

“Yes, Princess Yueling!”

“Damn! Say no more, I’m off!”

When Ning Tian and Zhu Yuanbao heard this, they both paused.

“The Ninth Stage of Wind and Thunder?”

“The Heavenly Thunder Path of the Three Thousand Great Dao?”

A glint flashed in Ning Tian’s eyes.

According to what the Three Saints Emperor said before, his Heavenly God Body naturally had an affinity for these kinds of heavenly laws and principles.

If he could acquire this Heavenly Thunder Path, it would significantly boost his combat strength!

Most crucially, when combined with the Heavenly God Body, the power of the Heavenly Thunder Path would also double!

With a plan in mind.

Since he had encountered this Heavenly Thunder Path, he naturally could not let it go easily.

“Zhu Yuanbao, this Ninth Stage of Wind and Thunder…” Ning Tian looked at Zhu Yuanbao, about to ask, when he saw Zhu Yuanbao wiping away drool.

“Ancestor, are you asking about Princess Yueling?” Zhu Yuanbao grinned cheekily, “After all, if you climb to the eighth level, you can dine with Princess Yueling! She is one of the three great beauties of Shenzhou!”

“No, not that, I’m not asking about Princess Yueling.”

Ning Tian shook his head and said indifferently, “I was asking about the Ninth Stage of Wind and Thunder.”

“The Ninth Stage of Wind and Thunder?”

Zhu Yuanbao paused, “I’m not very clear on that, I only know it was left behind by a Great Emperor of the Supreme God Nation hundreds of years ago, I don’t know the rest.”

“A Great Emperor’s relic?” Ning Tian muttered to himself.

“Heh heh, Ancestor, if you’re interested in the Ninth Stage of Wind and Thunder, then let’s go check it out,” suggested Zhu Yuanbao.

“Why? Don’t you want to find your horse anymore?” Ning Tian glanced at Zhu Yuanbao.

“Not looking anymore.” Zhu Yuanbao smiled, “The horse can’t compare with Princess Yueling, oh no, Ancestor’s ascension to the Heavenly Thunder Path is more important.”

“Is that so?”

Ning Tian gave him a meaning-laden glance and said calmly, “Then lead the way.”


Zhu Yuanbao grinned.

The two headed towards the Ninth Stage of Wind and Thunder.

Ninth Stage of Wind and Thunder.

Located on a vast square to the east of Shenzhou City.

Wind and Thunder Square.

Known throughout Shenzhou for the Ninth Stage of Wind and Thunder.

At the center of the vast square, nine huge stepping stones of varying heights formed the Wind and Thunder Stage that seemed plain but were filled with a sense of weightiness.

The surroundings were already crowded with people, their gazes not on the Ninth Stage of Wind and Thunder.

But towards a small building in the distance of the square.

Behind the sheer curtains, a shadowy figure could be seen.

Although the face was not visible, the graceful silhouette still stirred the hearts of the crowd.

And that figure was none other than Princess Yueling of the Supreme God Nation!

(End of Chapter)

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