Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 139


Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife

Chapter 139: The Handsomeness of the Patriarch, I’m Truly Dizzy!

Hearing this.

Ning Tian remembered that the soldier leader had taken out a booklet and had recognized Zhu Yuanbao’s identity through the portraits in it.


“Is my portrait in that little booklet of the Supreme Divine Nation?”

Ning Tian asked.

“Of course,”

Zhu Yuanbao nodded seriously and said, “Although you, Patriarch, have only risen to fame in the past few months, who among the prodigies of the Heavenly Spirit Domain can rival the deeds you’ve done?”


“That is true.”

Ning Tian narrowed his eyes.

If that’s the case.

Then it seems I will still have to put on that Ice Silkworm Face Mask.

“Wait for me.”

Ning Tian said, making the Shadow Wind Horse stop, “Hush~ my good horse, stop.”

Seeing Ning Tian stop, Zhu Yuanbao had no choice but to stop with him.

“Patriarch, what’s the matter?”

He looked at Ning Tian, puzzled.

“You’ll know in a moment.”

Ning Tian didn’t explain much and took out an Ice Silkworm Face Mask from his storage ring, placing it on his face.


To avoid unnecessary trouble.

I can only reluctantly sacrifice my unparalleled handsome face.

As a feeling of coolness and softness caressed him, Ning Tian’s facial features began to change.

Soon, Ning Tian transformed from extraordinarily handsome to a big-faced man with a beard like Ruhua.

“Alright, let’s go.”

His voice also shifted from magnetic to a nasal duck tone, shrill and grating.


Zhu Yuanbao was stunned on the spot.


What is this thing?

“Holy shit!”

“You, who are you!?”

“Where is my Patriarch?”

Where is my extremely handsome Patriarch?

“I am your Patriarch.”

Ning Tian said helplessly.


Zhu Yuanbao seriously said, “The Patriarch is the type that looks mischievous, someone you really want to punch, and also has a violent tendency!”


Hearing this, Ning Tian suddenly felt the urge to demonstrate his “violent tendency.”

But at that moment.

Zhu Yuanbao changed the subject.


“The Patriarch is also very handsome! Of course, he’s only a little bit handsomer than me!”


After that statement, Ning Tian suddenly didn’t feel like hitting him anymore.

This guy was just spouting some grand truths.


Ning Tian sighed, took off the mask, and in an instant, his hideous face vanished, revealing his handsome features once again.

“Now, you should believe me, right?”

“Ugh, I believe.”

Zhu Yuanbao finally nodded.

Ning Tian put the Ice Silkworm Face Mask back on.

Seeing this, Zhu Yuanbao was puzzled and said, “Patriarch, I’ve heard of the Ice Silkworm Face Mask, but it doesn’t seem to work the way you used it.”

“How should it be?”

“The Ice Silkworm Face Mask can change one’s appearance in myriad ways.”


“It’s impossible for it to create an ugly face. The appearance it creates shouldn’t be as handsome as your original face, Patriarch, but it shouldn’t be this ugly…”

“Patriarch, your Ice Silkworm Face Mask, wouldn’t it have been tampered with by the Empress? I’m guessing, she just doesn’t want you flirting with the girls in Shenzhou City.”

Zhu Yuanbao spoke candidly.

Hearing this, Ning Tian reflected for a moment and nodded in agreement.

He muttered, “Although the wife may be jealous, I’ll still have to spank her when I get back!”

Spank… the Empress’s behind!?

Zhu Yuanbao was shocked inside.

He dare not even imagine such a scene!

He looked at Ning Tian with reverent awe and gave a thumbs up.

The Patriarch is awesome!

An absolute role model for our generation!

While Zhu Yuanbao was stunned, the system’s voice rang out in his mind.

[You’ve shocked Zhu Yuanbao and earned a Wind Speed Boost Card!]

[Wind Speed Boost Card: After use, it can speed up your mount, doubling its speed!]

Wind Speed Boost Card?

Ning Tian’s mouth curled into an ugly smile, “Zhu Yuanbao, hold on tight, we’re going to speed up!”


“Speed up?”

Zhu Yuanbao was taken aback.

And at that moment, Ning Tian used the Wind Speed Boost Card!

[Using the Wind Speed Boost Card!]


The Shadow Wind Horse’s eyes flashed with a green light.

Following that.

Like a slingshot,

It began to take off!

Immediately, it turned into a shadow and disappeared from view!

Soon, Zhu Yuanbao’s screams could be heard.

The next day.

As the sun rose.

Two strange horse riders appeared outside Shenzhou City.

One with a full beard, as beautiful as flowers.

The other pale-faced, as if exhausted.

Instantly, they caught the attention of many civilians and cultivators outside Shenzhou City.

“Mommy, those two weird uncles are so scary.”

“Waa~ Waa~ Waa~”

A child took one look at the two strangers and immediately burst into tears, burying himself in his mother’s embrace.

The woman wanted to scold the two men for scaring her child but thought better of it after taking a closer look.

“Oh my, how could there be such ugly people in this world?”

Outside Shenzhou City, many people were also chattering.

“Did you see those two strangers?”

“One with a full beard looking like a beauty and the other fat and drained, with a pale face. They clearly don’t look like good people.”

“That’s right, I hope the officials coming later will arrest these two!”

These two strange horse riders were none other than Ning Tian and Zhu Yuanbao.

The reason Ning Tian had become a bearded stranger looking like a beauty was all due to the Ice Silkworm Face Mask.

As for Zhu Yuanbao.

Ning Tian didn’t expect that this guy would really get dizzy from riding.

And specifically, from riding too fast!

Throughout the journey, he was essentially throwing up rainbow-colored vomit while riding turbulently. How could he not be exhausted?

“Patri… Patriarch, where are we?”

Zhu Yuanbao was still a bit dazed.

“We’re at Shenzhou City.”

Ning Tian looked up at the massive city gate and the words “Shenzhou City” written with dragons and phoenixes dancing in the air!

Shenzhou City was enormous!

Moreover, there was a faint hint of imperial might enveloping the whole city!

Above in the sky, there was an enormous barrier covering everything.

This forced anyone who wanted to enter Shenzhou City to go through the main gate.

“We’ve reached Shenzhou City so soon? That was fast.”

Upon hearing this, Zhu Yuanbao suddenly recovered some spirit, rubbed his slightly greasy face, and took a good look indeed it was Shenzhou City.

At this point.

The commotion finally caught the attention of the patrolling soldiers.

“Who are you?”

A middle-aged man approached and asked sternly.

His name was Lin Chen, and he was the chief of patrol for Shenzhou City.

Seeing these two very peculiar strangers, he couldn’t help but frown.

Tomorrow was the day of the Heavenly Treasure Auction, and nothing unexpected could happen at this time.

“Actually a peak Holy Emperor Realm strength.”

Feeling the robust aura of Lin Chen, Ning Tian was amazed; Shenzhou City truly was no simple place.


“Here we go again.”

Seeing Lin Chen approaching, Zhu Yuanbao sighed and spoke wearily, “The Holy Son of the Heavenly Treasure Sacred Land, Zhu Yuanbao.”

(End of Chapter)

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