Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 136


Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife

Chapter 136: Envy to the Extreme, An Invitation to the Grandmaster!

Fengyu Tower.

Zhu Yuanbao arrived almost holding his butt, after all, being kicked there really hurt!


Inside the Fengyu Tower, two young maids saw Ning Tian coming in and quickly paid their respects.

Their faces flushed, their hearts filled with excitement.

“Mm, go and brew some tea to entertain the guests,” Ning Tian nodded and instructed the two small maids.

“At your command, Grandmaster~”

The two maids nodded, casting a sprightly glance at Ning Tian before they slowly departed.

“The Grandmaster is really handsome.”

“Oh my, don’t say that, I’m going to be shy!”

The discussion between the two maids continued to be heard from afar.

Hearing their conversation, Zhu Yuanbao was truly green with envy!

Along the way, all of Ning Tian’s disciples who saw him were full of respect. There were many female disciples who looked at him fondly, showering him with amorous glances, making Zhu Yuanbao jealous to the core.

Although he was the Holy Son of Tianbao Holy Land and was treated well,

his status seemed to be worlds apart when compared to the Grandmaster.

The most significant difference was the liberty the Grandmaster enjoyed within the Tianmo Sect, with everyone seeing him in a reverent light.

Whereas Zhu Yuanbao was bound by various rules of Tianbao Holy Land.

Not long before, he was disciplined by the council of elders in Tianbao Holy Land for taking a junior sister out for some fun.

How miserable he had been!

“Grandmaster, how about I join your Tianmo Sect?” Zhu Yuanbao couldn’t help but suggest, feeling aggrieved.


Ning Tian paused, looking oddly at Zhu Yuanbao. What was this guy up to now?

“Forget it. I’m afraid your Saint Lord would come after my life.”

Ning Tian shook his head, speaking indifferently.

At this moment, the two young maids came over, carrying two cups of hot tea, “Grandmaster, we have placed the tea on the table.”

Ning Tian waved his hand, “Alright, you may leave.”


The two maids nodded and then, after another glance at Ning Tian and blushing, they left.

It was inevitable that young girls would be moved by seeing the Grandmaster.

“All set.”

Ning Tian pulled out two chairs to sit down and looked at Zhu Yuanbao indifferently: “Whatever it is, sit down and take your time.”


Zhu Yuanbao nodded and while speaking, he plopped down onto a seat.

“Grandmaster, I came here today mainly to invite you to…”

Before he could finish!

Zhu Yuanbao gasped sharply, his expression one of pain as he clutched his butt and suddenly rose from his seat.

“What’s wrong with you?” Ning Tian looked at him quizzically.

“Cough cough, my… my butt hurts.”

Zhu Yuanbao scratched his head, then took out a small jade bottle filled with pale yellow powder, “This is the pain relief powder that our Tianbao Holy Land bought at a high price.”

With that, he turned around and stuck his butt out towards Ning Tian.

“Grandmaster, could you help me apply it?”


Ning Tian looked at Zhu Yuanbao impassively, “I think you’re asking to die in the Tianmo Sect. But rest assured, I’ll find you the best hilltop, with the best scenery for your final rest.”


Zhu Yuanbao was stunned for a moment and then chuckled awkwardly, “Cough cough, never mind. Don’t trouble the Grandmaster, I’ll do it myself.”

“Alright then, what did you really come to Tianmo Sect for?” Ning Tian moved his stool a bit farther away from him.

“Ah, what fine tea.”

Zhu Yuanbao firstly took a sip of the hot tea, and then continued, “Grandmaster, today I primarily wish to invite you to Shen Zhou City.”

“Shen Zhou City?”

Ning Tian was surprised for a moment, he seemed to remember that it was within the sphere of influence of the Supreme God Kingdom.

“Hehe, Grandmaster, the girls in Shen Zhou City are really charming, hehe,” Zhu Yuanbao chuckled and cast a knowing glance at Ning Tian.


Ning Tian was startled for a moment, then suddenly felt a chill on his back as if a familiar presence was approaching.

He hurriedly coughed, “If that’s the case, then I must refuse you, because I only love my wife!”

“Oh, I see. I was being thoughtless,” Zhu Yuanbao scratched his head, “Hehe, actually, I wanted to invite the Grandmaster to attend the Tianbao Auction in Shen Zhou City.”

“Tianbao Auction?”

Ning Tian was startled again.

“Yes, the Tianbao Auction,” Zhu Yuanbao nodded.

“The Tianbao Auction? The largest auction within the entire Tianling Realm?”

Just then, a cold voice rang out. Unbeknownst to them, Luo Wuqing had appeared outside Fengyu Tower.

Seeing Luo Wuqing, Ning Tian felt relieved, glad that he hadn’t misspoken just now.

Otherwise, his happiness would be at risk!

“Pa… Pay respects to the Empress!”

Seeing Luo Wuqing appear, Zhu Yuanbao trembled with fear and promptly kneeled on the ground.

Perspiration beaded on his forehead.

The thought crossed his mind: Did the Empress overhear me tempting the Grandmaster to flirt with the girls of Shen Zhou City?

It’s over now!

(End of the chapter)

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