Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 132


Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife

Chapter 132: Absorption Complete, Dao Law Body!

In the Scripture Pavilion.

On the fifth floor.

Ning Tian sits cross-legged.

Above him, rays of sunlight shine down from the heavens.

Like a holy light, they descend from the sky and become spiritual qi imbued with sparkling golden light, constantly entering Ning Tian’s body.

Seeing this scene, the Elders Gu Yan and Gu Han both widened their eyes in shock.

“Is the ancestor cultivating using spiritual qi formed from sunlight?”

“Can he do that?”

“That’s natural heavenly spiritual qi, not something ordinary spiritual qi can compare with!”

The two felt astonished.

The sun and the moon possess spirit and contain spiritual qi.

But this kind of solar and lunar spiritual qi is not like ordinary qi; it’s extremely difficult to absorb. Even if absorbed, it’s challenging to utilize, and it may even backlash against the user!

But looking at the ancestor’s way of absorbing, the two were puzzled.

Does the ancestor not worry about the solar spiritual qi backfiring?

Looking up at the sky, continual holy brilliance cascading down and shining upon Ning Tian’s body, the surrounding disciples were all shocked.

When have they ever seen such a spectacle?

In their astonishment, they also began to discuss fervently.

“Is the ancestor trying to ascend to heaven?”

“How is that possible! The ancestor is indeed formidable, but he is only at the peak of the Earth King realm now. Can someone from the Earth King realm ascend?”

“It’s too amazing.”

Soon, the scene in the sky alarmed the entire Devil Sect.

Divine radiance descending from the heavens, this was something they had never heard of, let alone seen before.

Quickly, numerous disciples gathered around the Scripture Pavilion. When they saw Ning Tian on the fifth floor, enveloped in holy radiance, they were instantly astounded.


“What is this?!”

The disciples who had just arrived were all shocked and in heated discussion.

“Keep your voices down! If you disturb the ancestor’s cultivation, you bunch of brats can wait to get your hides tanned!”

Elder Gu Yan glared at the group of disciples.

Hearing this, the disciples all smiled sheepishly, quickly shut up, and watched Ning Tian with fervent eyes, feeling a vague sense of pride.

Worthy of being the legendary ancestor of our Devil Sect.

Just casually comprehending a martial art could trigger such an awe-inspiring sign of divine radiance from the heavens!

Quite soon, many Elders and disciples gathered on the surrounding peaks of the Scripture Pavilion.

The entire Devil Sect’s Elders and disciples rushed to witness this scene.


Suddenly, an imperial might enveloped the sky.

Everyone was startled; even the Empress has been alarmed?

Countless pairs of eyes fell on Ning Tian.

All of a sudden, traces of sparks could be faintly seen on Ning Tian’s body.

“That is, the ancestor’s clothing has caught fire!”

Quickly, some sharp-eyed disciples noticed this scene, followed by more and more.

The flames were fierce, and in almost the blink of an eye, Ning Tian’s upper clothing was burned clean.

His eight-pack abs, chiseled, robust, and powerful!

Who would have thought that underneath that seemingly slender figure lay such a fabulous physique!


Seeing this scene, a group of female disciples’ eyes lit up, their cheeks flushed, and their hearts pounded with excitement.

And the flames continued to burn.

The fire appeared entirely because the solar spiritual qi was too rich.

After dozens of minutes.


[Solar Spiritual Qi Absorption Complete!]

Above the sky, the holy radiance of sunlight dissipated, and around Ning Tian, clusters of solar spiritual qi that resembled flames emerged.

In his mind, the system voice rang out.

[You have shocked the disciples, reward skill: Dao Extrapolation!]

[Dao Extrapolation: When extrapolating the Dao, it can form a Dao Law Body, which can bring one’s understanding of the Dao to the ultimate level!]

“Dao Law Body?”

After a brief stupefaction, a glint flashed in Ning Tian’s eyes, and since it could be extrapolated, then it’s time to activate it!

[Dao Extrapolation is now activating!]

[Dao Extrapolation, activated!]

Immediately, Ning Tian absorbed the solar spiritual qi and started extrapolating fist martial arts with the operation of the Three Saints Technique.

[Running the Three Saints Technique, beginning extrapolation of the Fist Dao martial arts!]

“Is it over?”

When the holy radiance of sunlight on the firmament began to fade, everyone from the Devil Sect was taken aback.

The half-hour-long celestial phenomenon had finally ended.

“Phew! It’s finally over.”

Elder Gu Han took a long breath, grinned, and exclaimed, “This time the ancestor finally didn’t demolish my Scripture Pavilion. Damn it!”

As Elder Gu Han hadn’t finished speaking.


Suddenly, a terrifying intent of a fist swept across the entire Scripture Pavilion!

Then, a colossal golden figure emerged behind Ning Tian!

At least a hundred zhang tall!

With one step!

Instantly, the entire Scripture Pavilion quivered violently.



In just a moment, a large portion of the Scripture Pavilion collapsed!

“The ancestor is demolishing the house again!”

Witnessing this scene, Elders Gu Han and Gu Yan’s faces darkened.

However, many more disciples directed their attention to the golden giant a hundred zhang tall.

“That is…”

“A hundred-zhang tall giant of light!?”

A group of disciples widened their eyes, looking at the hundred-zhang tall golden figure behind Ning Tian, filled with shock and confusion.


“What kind of spectacle is the ancestor creating this time?”

In the sky, Luo Wuqing looked at the gigantic golden figure, squinting slightly.

“Is this an Emperor’s phantom?”

“No, that’s not right. There’s no emperor’s aura in that golden figure, but there’s another kind of aura.”

(End of chapter)

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