Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife Chapter 131


Invincible After Shocking My Empress Wife

Chapter 131: Repairing Martial Arts, Divine Radiance of the Sun!

The Fifth Level.

It was Ning Tian’s second visit here, and his gaze immediately locked onto a martial art at the earthly level.

Unfortunately, the martial arts at the heavenly level were still difficult to execute with his current strength; otherwise, his gaze would have turned towards those few heavenly-level martial arts of the Demon Sect.

Heavenly-level martial arts are not practical for anyone below the ‘Heavenly Venerable’ realm.

Because the power of spiritual qi was simply not enough; even executing them would be weaker than the force of earthly-level martial arts.

“Earthly intermediate-level, Demon God Fist.”

“Earthly low-level, Rock Earth Fist.”

“Earthly-level, Celestial Horse Meteor Fist~~~”

Looking at these fist martial arts, although Ning Tian saw some that he was interested in, the attributes of these martial arts were completely different from the Fist Dao he comprehended.

The Fist Dao of the Three Holy Emperors is vigorous and powerful!

However, he had comprehended another layer of it, which was a kind of domineering and violent fist intent!

He must find a compatible fist martial art; otherwise, it wouldn’t be effective.

Ning Tian’s gaze kept scanning over the martial arts.


His gaze stopped at one place.

It was a martial arts scroll.

A subtle pause of consciousness.

The details of that martial arts scroll then appeared in Ning Tian’s mind.

“Earthly intermediate-level martial art, Tyrant Flame Fist!”

Domineering and passionate!

This matched perfectly with the Fist Dao comprehended by Ning Tian!

“This is it!”

A hint of brilliance flashed in Ning Tian’s eyes, and then, he took out the scroll of the Tyrant Flame Fist, sat down cross-legged.

He began to comprehend.

[Host detected absorbing the comprehension method for “Tyrant Flame Fist”!]

[Currently comprehending at ten times speed!]

Instantly, the comprehension of the Tyrant Flame Fist appeared in Ning Tian’s mind.

Tyrant Flame Fist.

Dominating the world with its might, and with flames that scorch all, that is the essence of the Tyrant Flame Fist!

Halfway through the comprehension.

Ning Tian frowned; the comprehension method for Tyrant Flame Fist was actually incomplete!

There was only the comprehension of dominance, but no enlightenment of divine flame.


[Detected “Tyrant Flame Fist” is not a complete version; able to fully repair according to the host’s comprehension of Fist Dao!]

[Would you like to repair it?]

The system’s voice rang out in his mind.

“Repair,” Ning Tian said without hesitation.

[Repairing in progress]

[Repair successful!]

[The complete version of “Tyrant Flame Fist” is being re-comprehended!]

Half an hour later.

[“Tyrant Flame Fist” comprehension successful!]


From Ning Tian’s body, a terrifying domineering presence burst out, instantly sweeping across the entire Scripture Pavilion!

“Holy shit!”

“The Scripture Pavilion isn’t going to collapse again, is it?”

Elders Gu Han and Gu Yan were scared witless and hurriedly ran out, as the surrounding disciples also changed their expressions.

However, when they felt that the domineering pressure just shook for a moment and then vanished, they all breathed a sigh of relief.

“Good thing it wasn’t the ancestor destroying the house.”

Elder Gu Han breathed a sigh of relief and then looked towards the fifth level; at this moment, Ning Tian was surrounded by an aura of dominance, which made him stunned.

“That is…”

“Isn’t the ancestor practising that incomplete Tyrant Flame Fist?”

Seeing this scene, Elder Gu Han was shocked.

“Tyrant Flame Fist?!”

Elder Gu Yan was startled, a look of astonishment flashing in his eyes. That martial art was incomplete to the extent that it was utterly untrainable.

“Can the ancestor even practise this?”

Both of them were shocked in their hearts.

On the fifth floor.

The Tyrant Flame Fist had its dominance, but the divine flame was still lacking.

At this moment, Ning Tian was also pondering what to choose as this divine flame.

[You have shocked Elders Gu Yan and Gu Han; reward: absorption of sunlight spiritual qi.]

“Absorption of sunlight spiritual qi?”


Ning Tian was momentarily stunned, then his eyes brightened with a bold idea. What effect could be achieved if this sunlight spiritual qi was used as the energy for the divine flame of the Tyrant Flame Fist?

“System, you’re really a godsend!”

Ning Tian exclaimed with excitement in his mind.

System: “Host, I have always been like this, but please don’t fall in love with me. I’m afraid the empress will take me out of your mind!”


Ning Tian’s mouth twitched. Could this thing really be taken out?

Immediately after, he took a deep breath.

Ning Tian looked towards the sky.

Beholding the blazing sun, a thrill passed through his eyes.

“Then let’s begin!”

Ning Tian murmured to himself and then started absorbing the sunlight spiritual qi!

[Beginning to absorb sunlight spiritual qi!]

As the system’s voice sounded.

Above the firmament, as if divine radiance was pouring down, illuminating Ning Tian.

The sunlight spiritual qi began to be absorbed.

This scene was also witnessed by the disciples.

“What is this? What’s happening?”

“Divine radiance is descending! Is the ancestor ascending to heaven?”

“Could it be that the ancestor is being roasted?”

The surrounding disciples were all somewhat surprised.

“What is the ancestor doing? Could it be that he intends to tan himself so that he can become invisible in the night and thus sneak attack Empress?”

One disciple analyzed seriously.

Surrounding disciples: “…”

“Although I don’t know what’s happening, in any case, the ancestor is awesome, and that’s that.”

Some seasoned disciples had long since become accustomed to this.

When the ancestor did something out of the ordinary, there was no need to know why; they just needed to shout that the ancestor was awesome, and that would be enough.

(End of Chapter)

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